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Love Black Wedding — Life Effect

Love black wedding is rooted in the deep past and belongs to a group of magical love rituals. This rite appeared thanks to the Christian egregor.

There are several pagan types of this rite, but they all belong to late paganism, which was preserved in the initial period of Christianity.

The spell black wedding has several options, and they are all highly effective. The peculiarity of this bewitching rite is that it can be used to forcibly connect the fate of two people without their consent. It should be remembered that the love spell black wedding refers to the means of black magic.

In this regard, it should be used very carefully. And in the case of a decision on its application, it is necessary to follow the instructions strictly.

Love Black Wedding - Life Effect

A love ritual black wedding in the classic version is held at the cemetery. For this, a satanic black bible is used, the prayers of which are recited during the ceremony backwards.

The ritual is performed on the grave of the deceased spouses. Independently conduct such a rite is almost impossible.

In addition to the fact that the person performing the rite must have special knowledge and power, he must also be able to establish contact with the other world.

It is very important to choose the grave of the deceased spouses. In earthly life they had to live a happy life. Otherwise, they will pass their misfortunes on to the pair that was created by magic.

In addition, during the ceremony, there is a high probability that demons will be introduced into the person who conducts the ceremony. Therefore, professional magicians have been learning for many years to put reliable protection against cemetery spirits and demons.

There is an opinion that sorcerers unite in pairs with the help of a black wedding love spell in order to unite their forces and organize powerful clans.

For the ceremony you will need to prepare a photo of your beloved, in which he is depicted alone and in full growth. It is not recommended to use a general photo and cut out the image of a loved one from it. You will also need to use your own photo, selected according to the same principle.

The rite should be held at the cemetery at midnight during the full moon, but it is allowed to perform a magical act and with the growing moon.

The grave of the spouses is chosen for the venue of the ceremony, their names must coincide with the names of those people who are planned to be married with the help of magic. At the grave you need to behave very quietly, in no case can not laugh, look around or speak loudly.

First, cooked photos are put on the grave, and zirconia candles are set around them. These are special candles with the addition of miniature fianitikov. On the left of the photo there are three red candles, on the right side — three black candles.

After that, first red candles are lit, and then black.

Next, read the text of the love plot conspiracy black wedding, which you need to take from a special source and at the same time you need to say the words in strict accordance with it. After that, you need to sprinkle pictures with illuminated leaves of Chilibuch. To do this, it is enough to purchase 30-40 g of leaves in one of the exoteric stores in advance.

Their cost is about 100 dollars.

After that, the pictures are poured over with lamp oil, which should be poured in the center of the photo in an amount not less than half a liter. After the action, the magic plot is read the second time. Then a black candle is taken in the left hand, and a red candle in the right.

They lit the attributes of the rite, folded on the grave, after which the candles are again set in place. While the candles are burning, the plot should be read a third time.

On this plot is considered complete and you can leave the cemetery very quickly, and not looking back.

The impact of the rite is very tough, but does not manifest itself immediately. There are variants of love spell, which are gaining momentum for a long time, up to several years. But in any case, the rite has a lifelong effect.

Ritual exposure guarantees complete control over human life. Moreover, the victim and the customer always fall under the influence, this explains the name of the ceremony.

The rite removes all external disturbances that may interfere with the union of two, and attracts life circumstances that contribute to the strengthening of their union.

The magical effect affects all areas of life, so people married with black magic can not live without each other. They are ready to give up everything in the surrounding world, including the closest people, just to be together.

But at the same time the rite does not add passion and love, so outwardly such people look like an ordinary couple.

This ceremony is based on the Christian egregore, so there is an option that is held in the church. The ritual developed at the time of the formation of the Christian religion, when church priests tried to tie people together in marriage and write such laws into church books.

During the ritual, a ring is used, which is worn on the finger of the couple being crowned; it is through it that the energy channel of communication passes, which can be destroyed only after the death of one of the participants in the ceremony. As a rule, this rite of the couple goes consciously.

The peculiarities of this rite are the following:

  • Ritual victims lose the ability of sexual attraction to other people of the opposite sex;
  • The fate of the couple is formed in such a way that they will always be together;
  • There is no way to remove the impact;
  • The presence of external influence is difficult to determine in simple magical ways.

Love Black Wedding - Life Effect

The ceremony should be held in an old church, and better in a convent at the time of the wedding of people who get married for the first time. For the ceremony, it is necessary to bring the hair of those people whom you plan to join forever and be sure to wear a cross. Before entering the temple one should read in a whisper the well-known “Our Father” prayer, but vice versa.

And you need to prepare for this. Also imperceptibly, you need to turn the pectoral cross on your back.

Before the ceremony, two church candles should be purchased and wrapped with hair brought along the entire length. The candles are held in the left hand during the ceremony; this opens the receiving channel of external force. The spell must be uttered in a whisper, it should be memorized in advance.

It should be pronounced without failures and it must be done nine times in a row. After that, the candles must be extinguished with the fingers, as proof of their strength and will.

Immediately after this, you need to quickly leave the temple. At home, again you need to light the candles and let them burn out.

All the rites of black magic, and the love spell of the black wedding is no exception, very dangerous. Therefore, it can be used in the event that you truly love another person.

Remember that with this ritual you will not only bind your loved one forever to you, but you yourself will not be able to live without it. In addition, any mistake during the rite, and even the most experienced magician is not immune from this, can lead to unpredictable negative consequences.

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