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Lapel on the salt from the opponent

Lapel on the salt of a man — read at home

Salt is a frequent element of all sorts of magical rituals. It is used when performing cuffs.

Lapel rites with salt are simple and effective. This material will be devoted to exactly how to read the top for salt.

Lapel on the salt from the opponent

Features lapel on the salt

In magic, salt acts as a powerful absorbent that absorbs energy (first of all, negative). It is associated with the elements of the Earth and is credited with great potential.

Lapel on the salt is part of the village of black magic. At first glance, it seems rather innocuous, but caution and accuracy of adherence to instructions when it is followed will never be superfluous.

Do not undertake to conduct it impulsively, and if you completely doubt your abilities and magical abilities, it is better to entrust the ritual to a professional.

In village magic, the term “rassorka” is often used instead of the term “lapel” — these two words are interchangeable. In this title, the connection with the familiar to everyone folk sign slips, which says that spilled salt leads to a quarrel.

The lapel with salt can be applied to return the spouse who left to the rival or to embroil the husband with his wife.

Lapel on the salt from the opponent

The principle of operation of all types of the rite with the use of salt is the same: the salt is first pronounced slander, and then it is secretly added to those whom it is necessary to separate, embroil, turn away from each other.

Salt Preparation for Turnout Ritual

To turn the lapel turned out to be qualitative and effective, its main attribute — salt — must first be thoroughly prepared for the ritual. Preparation includes some simple conditions:

  • clean the salt from all unnecessary information by calcining it in a frying pan;
  • after calcining, sprinkle salt with water from a spray bottle — this technique will enhance the effect of white crystals, since water is characterized by the ability to memorize information;
  • plot to recite on wet salt;
  • It is necessary to pour already dried salt.

Some lapel rites with salt require repurchase. If this condition is specified in the instructions, in no case do not ignore it, otherwise you risk getting a strong rollback.

How to make a lapel on the salt?

Method number 1 — embroil the spouses

The ritual described is very simple. His goal — to turn away from each other husband and wife.

Besides salt, for the ceremony will need more ground black pepper and thick cloth bag.

Pour salt and pepper into a bag (it is not advisable to sprinkle the mixture in your house). Then on both components draw 2 crosses — they act as a symbol of separation of loving spouses. In the process of drawing them, utter a conspiracy:

“As this salt is salty, and the pepper is bitter, so let life (names of spouses) will be salty and bitter. ”

Headed a mixture of seasonings should be gradually poured in front of the door of the spouses. This should be done in the form of a cross, so that the husband and wife would not notice and suspect anything.

Do not forget to read the spell in the process of pouring.

Method number 2 — embroil lovers

The purpose of the ceremony — forever embroil people in love with each other. A ritual is held in the phase of the full moon, at midnight. Salt is poured into a small bag of fabric and slandered using the following spell:

“Do not become an angel devil, do not crawl to an eagle, do not fly a snake, do not be (male name) with (female name). I wake up the salt, erect a wall. To be my mind! ”

Sagging salt to salt the food intended for victims of the ritual.

Method number 3 — on the photo and salt

For the ceremony will need fresh pair photo of the couple, to be torn apart needle, black thread and salt.

Lapel on the salt from the opponent

The photo is cut in half — so that the man and the woman were on different halves. Then the halves of the photo need to be folded back, sew them along the contour with black threads, leaving one side unsewn. Speak salt (for the greatest effect, repeat 9-12 times):

“A black wilderness, an old swamp, on a damp grass, on a thorn ant would have gone a gray she-wolf, behind her is an angry dog, behind the dog is an old cat. All would have stopped, but in one ball svili.

Wool would fly with them, I would look at them. So that a slave (a male name) and a slave (a female name) swear, fight, coil, they would love each other just as a wolf loved a dog, and a dog a cat.


Conspired salt is poured into an envelope of photographs, which is then completely sewn. The envelope with salt is buried under the drying tree.

Method number 4 — turn away from her husband’s rival

For the top you need to buy salt in the store, which is located on the opposite end of the village where you live. It is advisable to take a cardboard box. Packages of salt should be on the counter closer to the exit.

After the purchase, go back home and do not start conversations with anyone.

At home, tear up a pack of salt in half over the table, no conspiracy is needed. What is left in your right hand will be yours, what’s in your left — your husband.

Remove and discard the salt that woke up on the table — you will not need it.

Salt any dish with magic salt before serving: serving the husband with your salt, your serving with the salt of the husband. After a few days of such a ritual, the rival should disappear.

Another way to turn the lapel, see the video:

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