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Lapel on the photo, which can not be removed

The lapel on the photo, which can not be removed

The love-leaf love magic has been in demand at all times, especially among the female half of humanity. Both offended, abandoned wives, and mistresses who poked at other people’s husbands, and all who needed to stop an unwanted love affair between people, used the cuffs.

Lapel on the photo, which can not be removed

What is the essence of the lapel on the photo?

Perhaps one of the most popular rites of this group is the lapel on the photo. The minimum of efforts, the relatively easy accessibility of the desired photo (especially with regard to the development of modern Internet technologies and social networks), a quick and effective result are features that determine the relevance of this rite.

The action of the lapel on the photo is aimed at weakening the energy ties between people, as a result of which the relationship is cooling feelings and discord, which ultimately lead to their complete rupture. The result of the ritual is usually manifested within a few days after its completion.

Like all rites with a devastating effect, a lapel is performed, most often in the period of the waning moon. The photo used for the ritual must be fresh (not older than 1 year) and clear, without any other people or animals.

In the extreme case, if there is no necessary photograph, you can draw an image of the people being deflected on a blank sheet of paper and sign their names. Of course, the result in this case will be much weaker, the lapel may not even work at all.

Depending on the purpose of the magical effect, there are three main types of ritual:

  • the lapel on the photo from the opponent (rival);
  • the lapel of her husband’s wife (wife’s husband) on the photo;
  • lapel away from the man (woman) from the photo.

The most dangerous and risky (due to the manifestation of negative consequences) is considered the second type of rituals, when the lapel is placed on a married couple, especially if the family is strong and happy. The probability of a rollback for the performer (or customer) of the ritual in this case is almost one hundred percent.

I also do not recommend you to make a cuff, proceeding from their revenge, greed and hatred — believe that you will have to greatly regret this step in your future and, perhaps, pay your whole life. The law of karma for mercy does not know and will surely get back to you in full.

How to make a lapel on the photos?

Lapel rival for joint photos

Performing a ritual requires joint photography the men and women to be separated, and also — black candle. Procedure:

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Rip the photo in half with one motion — so as to separate the man and the woman depicted in it. When you break, say the plot: “Just as you are no longer together in a photo, you will never be near you in life. Do not live under the roof of one, do not eat at the table, do not drink, do not lie in bed alone, do not love and do not happen together. Forever and ever».
  3. Put the two halves of the photo together and start tearing them into small pieces. In the process, put all your negative emotions, all accumulated anger and hatred on your opponent.
  4. When only small pieces of the photograph remain, fill them with wax from the candle, reading the plot: “I pour it with wax, break your love into fragments, fix fragments. Again you do not connect, again you do not love. As with a cat a mouse, as with a cat a dog, you will bite, you will only fight, you will not love forever and will not be pardoned. Let it be so».
  5. Extinguish the candle, wait until the wax hardens. Take the impression of wax and pieces of the photograph into the forest and bury it in the damp earth.

Lapel on the photo, which can not be removed

Lapel on the photo for the return of her husband to the family

For this rite, get the fresh photo of your opponent. Prepare also sharp scissors. Procedure:

  1. Take a photo of an opponent and cut it with scissors in several places, but so that the photo does not fall apart into pieces. Think at this time only about the return of the spouse and his hatred of his mistress.
  2. After completing the manipulation with scissors, immediately cut the rugged photo into the trash can and go to the nearest garbage container. Pour the contents of the trash can into the container (along with the photo, of course) and say: “As this litter leaves the house and sweeps out, so does your image(name of rival), will disappear forever from the head of my man (husband’s name) and dissolve. «

The first results of this turnout rite will appear within a few weeks.

Lapel on the photo on yourself

Used when you need to stop your own feelings for a man — undivided, bringing misfortune and bitterness. The rite is used if feelings to a person arise naturally, without magical intervention.

To perform required prior preparation of water. Water should be taken from a natural source (spring), pour it into a crystal vessel and charge it with lunar energy during the full moon, 3 days in a row — on the 14th, 15th and 16th lunar days.

To do this, a vessel with water is exposed to the moonlight, after the moon has risen, and is removed after the night light comes in (specify the exact time on the calendar) — and so it’s all 3 days. It is necessary that you yourself set up these days properly — try to feel cold and alienation to your lover, get rid of all the gifts presented to them and his personal belongings.

Proceed to the ritual after the lunar water is ready.

Lapel on the photo, which can not be removed

For the ritual, take charged water, a photo of a former loved one, a black or blue candle, a patch of black cloth. Undress naked.

Wrap the photo with a black cloth, place it on the table, place a vessel with water and a candle next to it. Light a candle and ask your own words for help from the moon. Expand the photo and spit on it several times with contempt.

Speak the plot: “Out of my heart, (name of man)! Get out of my life (name of man)!

Away from my thoughts (name of man)«. Repeat the words as many times as you see fit (listen to the inner voice).

Then burn the photo in the flame of the candle. The resulting ash rub your forehead and heart zone. Collect residues and wrap in a piece of cloth.

Bend over the water, moisten the tips of your fingers in it, wash the places smeared with ashes with the words: “Wash the moon, sadness and longing from me!”. After completing the ceremony, extinguish the candle with your breath, wipe yourself with a clean towel, put on clean (or new) clothes and go to bed.

The rite is considered very strong. If the effect seems weak to you, you can repeat it for another month.

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