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Lapel of the guy from the girl — read by yourself

How to read the guy’s lapel from the girl?

Youth is a great time in the life of every person. This is the time when the blood boils, the time of first love is the most touching and unforgettable.

However, in matters of the heart, things often do not turn out the way we would like.

That feeling is unrequited, then one young man becomes an apple of discord between friends, something else. That’s just in such cases, you may need magic, and many young ladies turn for her.

Sometimes the only way out of an unhappy and exhausting relationship is reading the boy’s lapel from a girl or a man from a woman. How to read it yourself — about it below.

Lapel of the guy from the girl - read by yourself

Features of the guy’s top from the girl

The opening in magic is a ritual, the purpose of which is to cool the feelings of one person to another and negate their relationship.

The cuffs are white and black. However, in this article I will focus only on the whites, because youth is reckless, and in their actions young girls and boys are guided more by emotions and feelings than by reason.

And if in this explosive cocktail to mix more black magic, the consequences may be the most terrible.

When can I use a cuff? The cordial relationships in each young couple add up according to their own individual scenario, but I can single out two key conditions for using the turn-away ritual:

  • love triangle, when your relationship is attempted from the side and you want to get rid of your rival (most often) so that you can keep your beloved boy next to you;
  • lapel away from annoying suitor — a fairly common case when a girl needs to save herself from the attention of a cavalier, annoying and heartless, because both of them suffer from such relationships, they do not bring happiness.

Lapel of the guy from the girl - read by yourself

The decision to make a turnout rite should not be spontaneous: you need to think about it, look for all the alternative options that can help in this situation.

A few more of my recommendations:

  • a lapel is held on the waning moon, so that love feelings will die away faster;
  • the rite cannot be performed on Thursday and Sunday: Thursday in magic is the day of family love rituals, and on Sunday any magical effect loses its effectiveness;
  • you can not make a lapel of curiosity, to approach the ritual lightly — magic, even white, will not forgive you for this, and you will certainly get a rollback;
  • be sure to carefully follow the instructions of the magical effect and choose the most simple rites — the slightest mistake can turn against you;
  • if you are overcome by doubts and fear, then it is better not to touch the cuff (otherwise you risk to get something completely different from what you originally wanted), or entrust this matter to the master.

If you are firmly confident in your intentions and are determined to fight for your love or get rid of unnecessary feelings, the “recipes” given by the girl’s lapel from the guy are given below — especially for you. I chose the most simple rituals.

How to make a white lapel guy from a girl?

Method # 1 — on a safety pin

This lapel helps the girl to otvorazhit himself from the annoying suitor, from the former lover, or from the guy, the relationship with which does not deliver joy and positive emotions.

Lapel of the guy from the girl - read by yourself

To commit will require only safety pin, which the girl must imperceptibly pin to the guy’s clothes. After the pin takes its place, the plot reads:

“Let the pin hit, hurt you and put you off, relieve you forever. Let the heat of his love cool, love for me from his heart flows away. As soon as he removes this pin, let them cool for me forever! ”

The key condition is that the pin should be pinned so that the guy sees it and removes it with his own hands. If someone else does this, the effectiveness of the ceremony will be very poor.

Method number 2 — on an apple

For the implementation of the love spell of a man from a woman, prepare one apple, two threads (black and white), a candle. The rite is performed at night.

Tie the threads together with three knots, light a candle, and divide the apple with a knife into 2 halves. Set the threads on fire with the help of the flame of a candle, and as soon as the nodules burn out, fold it up between the two halves of the apple. Fold the halves of the fruit and start rubbing them slowly between you, saying the plot:

“Holy is on a candle fire, on earth is water. I will divide in half, I will scout on the meadows. Holy fire.

Water, cool rather that has grown together, tear off faster. Holy fire.


Just read these words 3 times. Then again divide the apple, place the halves separately from each other, in different places.

When morning comes, bury them separately and away from each other. I advise you to do it better in different parts of the village where you live.

The two rituals are very simple and effective, if done correctly, with all the conditions. However very you please think a hundred times before you take them, weigh the pros and cons. And remember, please, that in youth, life is just beginning, and the likelihood that in the future you will find your true love, one and for life, is almost 100% true.

You just have to wait a bit, and magic needs to be addressed in extreme cases. Magic does not serve as a panacea for everything, it only helps you in difficult situations.

See the video for the consequences of the cuffs:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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