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Lapel husband from his mistress — to read independently

How to make a lapel of her husband’s mistress at home

For family life to be harmonious, you have to work very hard. And both spouses should invest their efforts.

Unfortunately, quite often it happens that life in the family gives rise to a crack in the form of the appearance of a mistress in her husband. Harder than everyone in this situation, the offended (and sometimes abandoned) wife — betrayal by the beloved and loved one always hurts very much and causes a lot of suffering.

What do wives do in this case? The weak — reconcile with the drama that has arisen in family life and release the husband, the strong — until the end are fighting for their love and happiness.

Many ladies in this fight for their loved one turn to magic and begin to read the husband’s cuff of a mistress on their own.

Lapel of her husband's mistress - to read independently

A cuff from a rival is a magical effect designed to bring discord in the relationship between the spouse and his mistress in order to eliminate the love affair between them and any contact. The principle of the ritual lies in the removal from the energy field of a man of connections that are responsible for feelings towards another woman (rival).

A lapel is held for the decreasing month — this time contributes to the destruction of any attachments and interpersonal relations.

Reading this flap can be used with two main objectives:

  • for the return of the husband to the family, when the rival is real, and the man left the family or intends to leave;
  • to protect the family from the encroachments of an alien woman (a potential rival).

Effective turning ritual is obtained from practicing magicians. The wife can also conduct the ceremony on her own — provided she carefully studies the basic laws and subtleties of magic, and becomes familiar with the rules for performing this kind of rituals. An indispensable requirement is unshakable determination, self-reliance and focus on the final result.

In case of doubts about the success of the cuff, fear and self-doubt, the ritual is best entrusted to a professional.

Holding the cuff at home, by independent efforts, is a risk, especially in the absence of experience in turning to magic. The ritual can behave completely unpredictable, affecting strongly the energy of both the victim (the husband) and the performer (the wife) herself.

Magic is not a harmless phenomenon at all, and the likelihood of negative consequences always exists. Refer to the lapel only as a last resort, when all other ways to discourage her husband from his mistress and return him to the family nest were unsuccessful.

Ways to self-lapel husband of his mistress

Lapel of her husband's mistress - to read independently

Prepare your spouse’s underwear (panties), black threads and a new needle. Turn the laundry inside out and sew with black thread along all the available seams — so that the husband does not notice anything. In the process of work, utter a conspiracy:

“I trim not underwear, but cross out and close all visible and invisible roads — the way my beloved, slave (spouse’s name), to the sub-serpent (name of mistress). It will become for you blacker than the cloud of the blackest, wild animal more dangerous and the reptile of the creeping more disgusting. Only one road is open to you, (spouse’s name), love only me and run only to me.

You should never be with women other, and only with me, a slave (own name), you will love and harmony. My word is strong, my word is indestructible.


Plot repeat 3 times in a row. The more emotion you put into it, the more effective it will be.

Conspired linen throw to her husband — best when he was going to his mistress. The ritual also protects your marriage from all women (potential rivals).

On poppy seeds

Buy in the store poppy. As the month goes down, at midnight, pour the whole poppy from the pack on a plate and read:

“When you, the villain (the name of the mistress), you will find each grain and pack it in the bag, then my beloved, (the name of the spouse), will leave me. Amen».

As the morning comes, develop the poppy grains in the wind.

Lapel of her husband's mistress - to read independently

Cook for your spouse some liquid and hot dish (ideally — soup). In the process of cooking, read the spell:

“Like hot water boiling your mouth burns, your flesh destroys, so does the look (name of mistress) it becomes your hatred for your eyes, it kills everything, it drives you away, to me (own name), your favorite, returns. Only with me (own name), your soul, (spouse’s name), finds peace, is filled with love, returns to a happy life. ”

You can in the words of the conspiracy add a link to sex, which sounds like this:

“In bed with others, trouble, with me — delight, with me — stands, with others — falls.”

For the effectiveness of the ceremony, put all your anger and hatred towards your rival into it, visualize, imagining everything that is involved in the plot. The result will appear very soon.

Powerful lapel of his mistress

The ritual can be applied if you know the husband’s mistress personally. Ask for it under any pretext to visit her and steal some thing belonging to her personally.

On the same day, go with the opponent’s thing to the cemetery, find the old grave and bury the object in it (preferably not to touch the ground with your bare hands, wear rubber gloves). When you bury the thing, say the plot:

“As long as the body has cooled in the grave, so are the feelings (names of husband and his rivals) cool down Be no more their love in power!


Leave the cemetery without turning around. When you go out of the gate, throw a few coins or bills behind your back (as a redemption).

Another way to turn away from his mistress, see the video:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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