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Lapel from rival: read at home on a decreasing moon

Lapel from rival — read at home

The cuffs from the opponent are popular magic ritual among modern girls and women. And this is not surprising, because love triangles are a fairly common phenomenon, and they are often born just because of a male representative.

Reading a strong lapel in the strength to serve well in the struggle for women’s happiness. And how to read a love cuff from a rival — I will tell you in this article.

Lapel from rival: read at home on a decreasing moon

Features of the cuff of the opponent and the consequences

The goal of any lapel of a female wedlock is the destruction of interpersonal relationships and heart ties that have arisen between your lover (spouse) and an alien woman who has built a love triangle.

The cuffs are white and black. In independent (home) practice, I advise you to use only rites from the arsenal of white magic.

So you significantly reduce the risk of negative consequences for all participants of the magical effect. If you have conceived to use a powerful black lapel from a woman who has become your rival in the field of love, contact a professional black witch or witch.

Otherwise, you can break such firewood that you will not pay for your whole life.

The lapel of the opponent (especially white) differs relatively easy execution and does not require any complex components and attributes. Before a personal execution of this rite I recommend prepare well, study all available information — This will increase the guarantee that you will do everything right.

Any lapel is carried out on a waning moon. It was conceived so that the feelings of your chosen one to the opponent fade with the decrease in the night light, as a result of which you will be able to open your beloved from the ruler forever.

The principle of operation of the cuff of a rival is based on the gradual build-up of the negative towards the separation from your chosen one. The magical effect begins with indifference, hostility, anger and ends with constant quarrels and hatred, which ultimately leads to a rupture of relations.

Repeatedly enhance the effect of the lapel, you can also putting in his committing all his hatred for the wilderness.

Types of lapel rivals

All the available rituals can be divided into three large groups:

  1. Lapel to return the spouse to the family. It can be done by unhappy wives, whose husbands preferred the family to a mistress. At the same time, the turnover does not give a 100% guarantee of returning the previous relationship — in any case, they will have to work hard and without magic, so that the spouse in the future does not even have a desire to leave the cozy family nest.
    Lapel from rival: read at home on a decreasing moon
  2. Lapel for protection. The ritual helps to remove any magical effect from a person and to maintain relationships that are on the verge of breaking due to someone else’s woman.
  3. Lapel with a mercenary end. Rite involves the destruction of someone else’s family. His positive action will manifest itself only when a man in marriage is unhappy, and the break with his wife will be useful both to him and to his spouse. If the task is to break a strong and happy family, then the consequences of such a step may be the most tragic (the law of karma has not been canceled).

How to make a cuff from his rival at home?

Method number 1 — for food

The rite is suitable for married women whose husband has got a mistress on the side. For 3 days, the wife should cook her husband only the most delicious and favorite dishes.

It is desirable to give preference to meat food. The key condition is to put more pepper and salt in the dish than usual. Before serving your favorite man, this cuff of the opponent must be read 40 times:

“Like hot peppers and salt salt, they eat you up, let it grow, hostility and hatred for God’s slave grows (name of rival). So that you hated and despised her, and only ran to me — to the home, to the woman he loved.


The dish should be attractive and juicy, but not too hot. A man should eat it with an appetite.

The flap acts almost instantly, and the first results can be seen within 5-7 days.

Method number 2 — on the water and fire

For the lapel you will need fresh photos of the chosen one and the opponent, a mirror, a candle and a glass filled with water. Fire is a symbol of masculinity, water is feminine.

The rite is done at night.

Lapel from rival: read at home on a decreasing moon

Remove all light sources, sit in front of the mirror, put a lit candle to your right, a glass of water to the left. Before the candle put a photo of a man, before the water — women.

Then take the candle with your left (!) Hand and put it out in a glass of water. In the process of committing an action, read the plot:

“As fire keeps water away, as fire avoids water, so does God’s servant (name of man) eschews God’s slaves (name of rival), God’s servants (name of rival) avoids. ”

Wipe the candle well with a napkin to dry the wick, then light it again (even if not from the first attempt) and put it out again in water with the words:

“As the water is afraid of fire, as the water escapes from the fire, so is God’s servant (name of rival) God’s servant (name of man) afraid, running away from God’s servant (name of man)«.

Dry the wick again, light a candle and put it out in water with the words:

“Just as water and fire do not converge with one another and never will be together, so does God’s servant (name of man) together with God’s slave (name of rival) do not come together and never be together ”.

Wipe the candle and remove all items used in the ritual until the next day. Repeat the ceremony for 2 consecutive nights (only 3 times), or only 5 times if you suspect a magical effect on your loved one (for example, a love spell). When finished with the rite, go out into the courtyard and pour water from the glass over your left shoulder.

Let the candle burn out to the end, discard the remains or bury. Destroy pictures: female — with the help of water (to let the river, for example), male — fire (burn).

Another way to turn the lapel can be seen in the following video:

The lapel of the opponent refers to a very strong and ancient magic. Use it only when all other ways to keep or return your loved one were ineffective.

If you doubt your abilities, better use the help of the wizard.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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