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Karmic love spell and its effect

In the broad sense of the word, karma is a collection of actions and events in the past that are reflected in the present and future. And the phrase that many things in life are predetermined by fate is quite natural.

Of course, all meetings in our lives are scheduled in advance. But at the same time, it should be remembered that not only his own fate, but also the fate of descendants depends on how a person manages such meetings.

Any strong spell can change karma, reflecting on future generations. And it is very dangerous, because such changes affect not only the genus of the victim, but also the genus of the artist.

Karmic love spell and its effect

Any karmic love spell is violence at the energy level. It can be equated in its effects to damage.

The following chakras can be suppressed during the bewitching:

  • I chakra — Muladhara. It is located in the genital area and is a kind of channel that conducts the energy of the earth to all other chakras. By suppressing it by man’s love influence, the connection with the earth is broken and he becomes defenseless, therefore he is constantly drawn to the customer’s love spell.
  • II chakra — Svadhistana. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for the emotional and sexual sphere of life. Under the influence of a love spell, the victim may have sexual desire only for the performer of the ceremony.
  • III chakra — Manipura. This chakra is responsible for the confidence and will of the person. Therefore, the violation of its activities with the help of love magic makes a person easily subordinate and manageable, and in severe cases turns the victim into a zombie.
  • IV chakra — Anahata. This chakra is located in the region of the heart and is called the heart. If it is inept to influence it, then you can permanently deprive a person of the feeling of love.
  • V chakra — Vishuddha. This chakra is directly connected with the IV chakra. It is located in the throat area and allows the person to express with words all that is in his heart. Therefore, if a man is bewitched, he can only talk about the object of his passion.
  • VI chakra — Ajna. This chakra is known as the third eye and is located in the center of the head. The love spell on her deprives the victim of the opportunity to soberly assess the current life situation, and at the same time all his thoughts of the victim are occupied by the performer of the ceremony.
  • VII chakra — Sahasrara. This is the upper chakra through which the human purifying energy passes. If the natural state of this chakra is disturbed by the love spell, then the victim can be completely made dependent on the performer of the ceremony.

Make a karmic love spell for all seven chakras (karmic wedding) and at the same time do not harm seriously the health of a person only an experienced magician can. Therefore, it is not recommended to experiment independently with such bewitches.

Karmic love spell and its effect

If you by nature have a strong energy, then at home you can spend your own karmic love spell on three chakras: the second, fourth and sixth.

For the ritual should take a photo of a loved one, in which he is depicted in full growth. If there is no possibility to get such a picture, then you can conditionally draw a human figure, which will symbolize the image of your lover.

On the photo or on the image should be noted and sign the following chakras:

  • In the head area (Ajna chakra) — “Think of me, miss and depress”;
  • In the chest area (Vishudha chakra) — “Love me”;
  • In the groin area (Svadhishthana chakra) — “Desire me”.

After that, at each mark should drop a drop of wax from the church candle and leave it lit near the photo. Then you need to stick in a frozen wax one match gray down.

After that, it is necessary to read each inscription three times at the same time, loosening the inserted matches. Following this, you need to also speak three times the magic words.

After that, you can put out the candle in any way, and the matches and photos used in the ceremony should be hidden in a secluded place where no one will ever find it.

Spending a love spell on the chakras, one should avoid bewitching plots that contain formulas for forcing to love. For example, such phrases as “so that from now on you think only of me” or “so that you have loved only me all your life”. In the magical words of the conspiracy should be a mild wish of mutual love, and it must necessarily be based on their own strong love feelings.

This will prevent negative consequences and eliminate the destruction of the health of the victim love spell.

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