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How to remove the spell and remove the negative program

The question of how to remove a spell is always of interest to the bewitched person and his relatives. Such knowledge will help get rid of external influence and restore the natural energy field. In addition, the question of how to remove the spell is often interested customers, who suddenly realized that they can not be really happy with the bewitched person.

Love spells are induced in different ways, so it is quite difficult to unequivocally answer the question of how to remove a love spell.

How to remove the spell and remove the negative program

Conventionally, love spells can be divided into the following types:

  • Magical, in which external forces are invoked, often from the other world;
  • Psychological, in which the prompting of the quivering energy is performed with the help of hypnosis;
  • Energy, while running the binding on the chakras.

Before contacting a professional about removing a love spell, you need to make sure that the person is really under external influence. As a rule, it is not difficult, because under the influence of the bewitching rite, the behavior of a loved one changes dramatically.

The main signs of a love spell are the following:

  • Loss of appetite due to the development of alcohol dependence;
  • The manifestation of aggressiveness and irritability on any occasion;
  • Loss of interest in the world;
  • Distraction and inattention to their own health and appearance;
  • Unreasonable departure from the family.

How to remove the spell and remove the negative program

If the magician found out that a love spell was induced on a person close to you using a photo, then he will also take a negative impact using a snapshot. Therefore, it will be important to bring him the most recent photo, it is desirable that it be made no earlier than six months before the ceremony.

The removal of the negative impact is carried out by casting wax and reading prayers. Independently perform the correct procedure for removing a love spell, almost impossible.

Therefore, if you really want to help a loved one, you need to contact a professional magician.

The rite itself consists of the following actions:

  • A photograph of the man in which he is depicted in full growth is placed on the table;
  • Next to the picture is put a cross, charged with positive energy;
  • Under the photo are black pebbles or nettle leaves that will absorb the negative;
  • A cleansing prayer is said.
  • A cast of a love spell is being cast directly above the photo.

As a rule, such a rite is held throughout the week, but it can end even earlier if the magician determines that the love spell has been removed.

But if the love spell was carried out on the lining, then another cleansing rite is held. So, if you find an object of unknown origin near your own threshold, in no case can it be taken with bare hands.

You need to use tweezers to place the pad in a plastic bag that needs to be tightly tied. If you want to know who made the spell, then you should take a lining and bring it to a professional magician. But if this question does not interest you, then you can remove the love spell by yourself.

For this you need to find a wasteland in a deserted place and there to bury the pad.

After that you need to say the following prayers:

  • Psalm 90;
  • Prayer to Jesus Christ from the evil eye and defacement;
  • Prayer to the Life-giving Cross.
  • The above-mentioned prayers should be preliminarily learned, and their sequence during the reading cannot be changed.

After that, you need to clean up the dwelling, bypassing all the rooms with a church candle in your hand and sprinkling everything in your way with holy water. The corners, in which the negative is usually accumulated, should be especially carefully cleaned.

In addition, the victim must be cleaned by rolling out the negative with an egg. This procedure can take up to 9 days.

How to remove the spell and remove the negative program

If a person who has realized that he is under the influence of a love spell has a strong character, then he can remove the negative alien influence on his own. To do this, you need to use the ceremony, with which you can remove a negative program. It is very important to properly prepare for the ritual.

Preliminary training is to observe strict fasting for several days. It is necessary to completely abandon meat dishes and alcoholic beverages. It should be included in the diet only fruit and vegetable dishes.

Also need to refrain from intimate relationships. Turn-away ritual alone need to be carried out only on the decreasing moon.

As additional attributes you will need to use the following items:

  • Black and white threads about 20 cm long;
  • Church candle;
  • Arched bone from chicken breast.

Having retired in a separate room in the evening in complete peace and tranquility, you should wind the ends of the chicken breast slingshot with black and white thread, respectively. Next, the prepared attribute should be put on the table and between the ends of the stones set the church candle.

After that, the candle should be lit with matches.

Then with a confident voice say these words:

After the last sentence, the conspiracy chicken bone needs to be broken down and pronounced:

In order to remove the spell, you need to bury parts of the bone forever at opposite ends of the city where you live, while pronouncing the following words:

You should know that if the love spell was induced by an experienced professional, then it is unlikely that you will be able to remove the alien effect yourself. But you need to understand that the love spell must be removed necessarily otherwise it can cause serious damage to the protective energy field.

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