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How to remove a love spell yourself — a selection of the easiest and most effective ways

Very often, unrequited love pushes girls to commit rash acts. They seek to bewitch a man at any cost, not thinking about the consequences.

Therefore, it is important to know how to remove a love spell in order to save a loved one from an energetic attack that can seriously damage his aura.

Here you will find several techniques and ways to remove the spell. They are not professional and are only suitable for removing not a strong love spell, since for more serious cases, besides the knowledge of technology, you must have special magical abilities.

How to remove a love spell yourself - a selection of the easiest and most effective ways

The first version of how to remove the spell, based on the diagnosis of the egg, which is very common and in demand.

To perform the ritual, you must first prepare:

  • Fresh chicken eggs that need to be purchased on the market, an incubator product from the store will not work;
  • Spring water;
  • Capacity to pour water.

Lovely negative rolls out the egg from the whole body. All zones of the chakras should be treated especially carefully.

In this case, the egg plays the role of an energy sponge, it pulls out, absorbs all the negative foreign energy and information about a person. After rolling out is completed, you need to take a container, pour spring water there and break the used egg.

If there are no flaws on the egg, and in a broken form it retains its natural form and structure, this indicates that there is no negative. After this, the procedure for rolling out a love spell with an egg can be stopped.

Usually, if you have a love spell, you have to use at least 7 eggs to completely get rid of the negative. If it is not possible to clear the aura within 10 procedures, then the love spell was induced by a professional and even knowing how to remove the spell, it is very difficult to get rid of the negative.

Therefore, about the need to contact a practicing mage.

How to remove a love spell yourself - a selection of the easiest and most effective ways

The second option of removing the love spell involves casting a negative wax. It must be prepared from church candles by melting them in a water bath.

By analogy with rolling a love spell by an egg, melted wax must be led over the body of the bewitched person, allowing the natural attribute to absorb all the negative energy. Used wax is poured into a previously prepared container filled with clean water.

When there are no blotches in the poured wax, and it will have a pure natural color, this will be evidence that the procedure for removing the love spell was successful. The aura cleansing procedure cannot be performed more than three times, since the wax can absorb not only negative, but also positive energy, and, therefore, such a ritual can harm the energy industry.

Important! If the wax is not cleaned and there are clear flaws in the water after it hardens, you should contact a professional to remove external exposure.

You can also remove the spell with the help of silver and blood. This option is more serious, and belong to the semi-professional category. For this ceremony you will need a water tank, a silver product, which is worn for at least seven days before the ceremony.

Also need a needle and spring water. Water should be with a reserve, because on the day of the ceremony you must observe strict fasting, you can not eat anything and you should only drink spring water, and by the time of the ceremony there should be about half a liter of water.

Pour water into the container and say the following plot:

Next you need to take a needle and pierce the little finger of his left hand. Then you should drop a few drops of blood into the water and pronounce the plot a second time.

After that, put the silver jewelry in the water and pronounce the plot for the third time. And only after these actions can you get a silver jewelry and wear it on yourself, it will perform protective ritual functions.

Water with energy from the removed exposure must be poured onto the ground.

How to remove a love spell yourself - a selection of the easiest and most effective ways

If you suspect that a loved one has undergone an energetic attack, then knowing how to remove the spell, you can do it at home with the help of salt. This natural substance has amazing properties to absorb negative energy and restore the natural biofield of a person.

For the ceremony, which must be started in the morning, you need:

  • Pure washed pan;
  • A little salt from the new pack;
  • A fresh photo of the bewitched object.

Salt must be poured into a frying pan, put on the fire and while it is heated, it is necessary to read the following magic words 7 times over it:

After that, the heated hot salt is poured on a white saucer, which must be put on a photo of the bewitched object. In the evening on the same day, the above plot is again read on the photo, after which it must be put on a saucer with salt and sprinkled on top of it with the same salt. This procedure is repeated for seven days.

On the eighth day, early in the morning, the used salt is thrown into the toilet and flushed with plenty of water. The picture should be removed to a secluded place and will take care that no one has ever found it, but you cannot throw it away.

It is important to remember that a person needs to be rehabilitated after removing the love spell. It is advisable to try after the ceremony is next to the person who got rid of the alien effects.

Visiting the temple will help to recover faster, where you need to put candles for your own health. Professional magicians recommend to take during the rehabilitation period fortifying baths with medicinal plants.

In addition, you should maximize vitaminization of the diet in accordance with the season. Walking in the open air will relieve nervous tension and quickly get rid of the consequences of a negative external program.

The recovery period for each person goes differently, so the main thing is to show patience and endurance.

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