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How to read a love spell on cards and its consequences

Love spell on cards — how to read and what the consequences may be

Cards are one of the most popular attributes in the practice of divination. But few people know that they can be used in love rituals, namely — to make a strong love spell. Love spells with maps preferred to read in ancient times, but now they have given way to more modern methods.

More or less actively, they are used in gypsy magic.

How to read a love spell on cards and its consequences

Love spell on maps — how is it different from others?

Before I introduce you to some of the techniques of the bewitching ritual on the cards, I want to warn you that magical interactions with maps are associated with the area of ​​dark forces, so their self-implementation can be a very dangerous occupation, which will lead to negative results. If you are afraid and doubt your abilities, let the ritual be performed by a professional: only he will be able to choose the method that is appropriate for your particular case.

If you are confident in your abilities and have a clear idea of ​​the end result, still be careful. Do not depart from the love spell instructions, follow everything in strict sequence.

Now more about the love affair on the cards. This spell can be performed using standard deck of 36 cards, either using tarot cards. If a regular playing deck is used mainly for its direct purpose or for divination, then the Tarot magic cards can still act as a talisman to protect the relationship from any infringement from the side.

They can also be useful for correcting the negative consequences that have appeared as a result of the rite, which have affected all participants.

If the love spell involves the use of playing cards, then in this case it is necessary to take into account several important factors:

  • deck (if she’s playing) should be completely new, never used before. You should buy it, without bargaining, not taking the change, if any. It is advisable to hide it from prying eyes, not to give anyone hands. I advise you to open it immediately before doing the ritual. The less it absorbs foreign energy, the more effective will be the results of the love spell;
  • the deck must be prepared for the bewitching ritual, set a certain program for it. As a rule, this is done by spelling them or playing solitaire.

How to read a love spell on cards and its consequences

With tarot cards everything is different: the more you used them earlier (for example, for fortune telling), the stronger they will be. An important condition is that they should have only one owner, that is, they should only serve you.

To give them into the hands of strangers can not.

It is also highly undesirable for someone else to use them besides you. For the upcoming magical practice, you can purchase both a ready-made Tarot deck and make them yourself.

The latter is often practiced by experienced magicians, since this technique enhances their power and binds the attribute to the energy of its owner.

Love spell on the cards is held deep at night, in the light of candles or lamps. The phase of the moon is not significant. The end result will pleasantly surprise the performer of the ritual, if the candles are made by him personally.

However, nothing prevents use ready-made.

Another defining condition is to learn how to visualize, to visualize in your head, pictures of the future together.

Simple love spell on cards

For reference, I bring the most simple spell on the cards. The rite is performed on Friday, at about midnight.

The ritual is performed with the use of a playing deck — it is with ordinary cards that I recommend to begin my magical practice. And Tarot is suitable for more experienced magicians.

You will need another thread of red.

Preparing the deck for the ritual

Before you take up the spell, well prepare the cards, check whether they are ready to work with you today. You can do this by decomposing any solitaire.

For my part, I advise you to use Maria Medici solitaire.

If the layout has developed — postpone the ritual until the next times.

That could mean. that the time for the love spell has not yet come, or the chosen one is already experiencing amorous feelings for you (if this was predetermined by fate). Solitaire failed?

Then safely proceed to the rite.

Step by step instruction

How to read a love spell on cards and its consequences

  1. Shuffle the deck, lay it face up.
  2. Choose from it the lady and the king, who will symbolize you and your chosen one. Orient on the following principle: a young girl — a tambourine lady, a young man — a tambourine king, a mature man — a king of hearts, a man with epaulets — a peak king, a rich man — a club king.
  3. Put your favorite cards on the table, between them place the ace of hearts (a symbol of endless love).
  4. Concentrate, read the plot:
  5. “Through the river on the bridge to the wide world I will go. There, in the field, in the open, the Virgin sits, grieves and grieves for her son. As her soul hurts, her gaze flies into the sky, so let God’s servant(name of the chosen one) according to God’s slave (own name) grieves, does not sleep, does not eat, only dreams about it. Flame of the soul of God’s servant (name of the chosen one) glows, dries and grieves. And one medicine — look out the window: pava maiden (own name) swims, relieves from ailments and worries. Amen!»
  6. Fold the cards facing each other, put an ace between them (he should look at the king). Tie the resulting structure with a red thread.
  7. Put a bunch of 3 cards under your pillow (it is important that you sleep on it every night). Do not touch or shift the construction for 7 days.
  8. The remaining cards from the deck will be burned the same night as the bewitching ritual.
  9. After a week to the bundle of cards, remove from under the pillow and hide in a safe place. It is impossible for someone to find and see her.

If there is no visible result from the love spell (it should act immediately), you can repeat the rite in a week. The number of maximum repetitions — 3 times. If after the third time did not work, leave the attempt.

Failure indicates that the person being bewitched is not the one who is destined for you by fate. Wait for your true love.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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