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How to read a love spell on a married man alone — proven rituals

To charm a married man — read the rites of white and black magic

Very often in the lives of many women it happens that suddenly there is a feeling towards a married man. It is in such cases that the majority of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity strive to attract his attention and arouse love by magic means, that is, love spells.

Therefore, it is often asked how to read a love spell for a married man.

But before making a decision on the use of a love spell, it should be understood that it is recommended to do it only with full confidence that the feelings between the spouses have cooled and they live together under the same roof rather from obligations to each other. Read the love spell for a married man who loves his wife can not.

This will lead to negative consequences for all participants in the ceremony and nothing good will end.

How to read a love spell on a married man alone - proven rituals

Time-tested rituals prefer the presence in the soul of a sincere feeling towards their chosen one. You should not destroy someone else’s family, if for you a married man is only a passing hobby.

It is important to remember, it is impossible to conduct magical love spells in a state of illness or intoxication.

They will not be effective, but what is more dangerous can greatly harm the health of both the victim and the perpetrator. A married man is better to be bewitched in the first days of the new moon, because along with the increase in the night light, his feelings for you will increase.

One of the time-tested rituals involves the use of the following additional attributes:

  • Stainless steel teaspoon;
  • A piece of linen cloth;
  • A set of dry herbs.

The set of herbs includes one tablespoon of such components:

  • Clover;
  • Lovage;
  • Cuff;
  • Angelica Root

How to read a love spell on a married man alone - proven rituals

You must first prepare for the ceremony, preparing a special broth as follows:

  • Herbs are placed in a ceramic or silver container;
  • Pour boiling water and stirred;
  • Infused for 9 days;
  • A stainless steel spoon is wrapped in a linen flap and lowered into a decoction for 6 hours.

The rite of engaging the love of a married man is in simple actions, namely:

  • After a time the spoon is taken out of the decoction;
  • The flap is pressed out and the spoon is wrapped again;
  • Then for three nights she should be under the pillow;
  • At the same time every night before going to bed you need to pronounce magic words:

You can also conduct a ceremony by yourself using two church candles. They need to be preheated and intertwined.

After that, you need to light them and read a strong spell on the love of a married man.

If a man loves his wife to separate him from her is not easy, even with the help of a magical effect. In addition, it should be understood that in this case one can hardly count on a cloudless relationship with a loved one.

The destruction of someone else’s family is a great sin, so the consequences of such an act can be the most unpredictable.

But, if, for certain reasons, it is still decided to take a married man out of the family, then it’s better for effectiveness to use one of the rites of black magic.

One of the most effective rites is the fastidious effect on the blood. In the ritual will need to use:

  • Salt;
  • Sharp knife;
  • Five church candles;
  • Piece of chalk;
  • Sandalwood incense;
  • Beads with round beads of the same length and color;
  • Personal item or photo of a beloved man;
  • A flap of black natural very dense fabric;
  • Sharp needle.

Before the ceremony, you must remove all jewelry, including the cross-stitch. Having retired in a separate room at night, you should cover the table with a tablecloth and light the cooked incense. At exactly one o’clock in the morning on the table it is necessary to spread a patch of black cloth and draw on it the usual well-known five-pointed pentagram, that is, a star.

At the top of it should be installed on a candle and light.

How to read a love spell on a married man alone - proven rituals

After that, you need to sit down at the table and sprinkle salt around the pentagram. The improvised circle is the protection for you from the creature of the dark world, which you plan to call for help in love affairs.

Natural salt limits the movement of dark disembodied creatures in the real world, so it is very important that there are no gaps in the salt line. The next step is exactly the challenge of the dark spirit.

To do this, take the beads, stretch them in front of you and say:

The field of this beads should be put in the center of the pentagram. Then you need to pierce yourself with a sharp sterile needle and drop a drop of blood on the tip of the knife.

It needs to be rubbed over the blade and then smoked over the blade. Next picture of a loved one also needs to be put in the center of the pentagram. Then the candles must be extinguished with fingers and rolled into a knot a flap of cloth with a pentagram and all the attributes used.

It is important not to touch objects with your hands.

At the last stage of the ritual it is necessary to go outside and dig a hole in a deserted place, where to throw the knot. After that, it must be set on fire and when it burns out, the pit must be covered with earth. This ritual is very strong, so the next day you will feel very bad.

You will experience severe dizziness and headaches. But this is exactly what will be evidence that the ritual was successful.

Read a strong spell on the love of a married man is always necessary in full concentration of thoughts. If for some reason you cannot reach the desired state, the ritual should be postponed for another time.

Also, the reason for the transfer of the ceremony to another time is any external interference, it should be treated as a warning from above.

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