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How to find out if there is a spell — special techniques in order to determine the spell

How to find out if there is a love spell on a husband, on you, or a loved one

Very often in life there are situations when the strong feelings of two people for inexplicable reasons disappear, as if dissolving in the air, and stable trusting relationships collapse overnight. In this case, it is important to find out if this is a consequence of an external energetic attack by the detractor or the envious.

Such a negative impact is popularly known as the love spell. It is quite common, and therefore quite relevant is the question of how to find out if there is a love spell.

How to find out if there is a spell - special techniques in order to determine the spell

The easiest option to check whether I was bewitched or not — this is a diagnosis using an egg. To do this, you will need a photograph of the person (if his personal presence is not possible) and a container into which water will be poured.

The water used should be clean, preferably spring water; good for these purposes use holy water. It is also necessary to first prepare a fresh egg, which must be purchased on the market.

You should know that to determine the presence of a love spell egg from the incubator is not suitable.

Before making a diagnosis, hold the egg in your hands for a few minutes to warm it and transfer a certain energy to the attribute through the warmth of your hands. If you carry out diagnostics on a photo of a person, then it is necessary to place an egg over the photo and move it around the photo for one or two minutes.

After the egg collects information about a person, it must be broken and poured into a container with water. The first thing you need to pay attention to the integrity of the yolk. Next, you need to look at the state of the whole egg.

If a person had a magical effect, then an egg will be surrounded by bundles that indicate the presence of negative energy in your biofield or aura of another person. It is she who breaks the egg white.

The presence of an external negative is indicated by damage to the egg structure in the form of:

  • Harnesses resembling thick filaments;
  • Scatters like knots;
  • Pronounced heterogeneity of structure.

If you see such changes, it is necessary to conduct a control check, namely, to leave the egg in the form in which it is for a day in a dark place. If the state of the egg deteriorates during this time, then this will be a clear sign that a negative magical effect has been exerted on the person.

How to find out if there is a spell - special techniques in order to determine the spell

If you are interested in how to find out if there is a love spell only about yourself, then you can use another method of self-diagnosis. This technique involves the use of church candles.

For the ceremony, which determines the presence of a love spell, you will need a silver product (for example, a chain) and a candle.

During the ritual should do the following:

  • Light a candle.
  • Take a burning candle in your right hand and place it at the heart level, which corresponds to the location of the heart chakra.
  • Take the prepared silver item in your left hand.
  • Close your eyes, and detached from all extraneous thoughts, without being distracted by anything, you must sit in absolute silence for 10 minutes.

If all this time the candle burns calmly, and no extraneous effects will be observed, it can be concluded that there is no third-party negative on you. If there are any magical effects, the candle flame will not behave calmly, shoot, drip, and black drops will appear on the candle.

This will be a clear sign of a love spell.

There is also a third way, which relates to professional influences. With it, you can find out if there is a love spell.

The technique involves the use of wax.

To conduct the ceremony need:

  • The tank in which you will need to pour spring water and add a little salt to it.
  • A scoop in which the chopped candle wax is placed.

Candles for the ceremony can be used any, both church and ordinary from the store. Candle wax should be cut with a knife, it should be quite a lot in order to get a clear and understandable picture as a result.

The presence of the love spell is diagnosed both in the photo and in the presence of the person himself. It should be remembered that since the melted wax is hot, a person can be nervous and anxious, and this in turn can distort the result. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and balanced during the ritual.

In the process of cutting wax you need to think about the magical process that you plan to perform, and the information you are going to receive.

When the wax will be in the scoop in a water bath, you should put the photo next to him. It is desirable that the photograph be in full growth, in this case the information will be more complete. Look at the photo, concentrate on the person and the information that you are going to receive.

It should be remembered that the wax can be used only once, after which it must be thrown away. When the wax has completely melted, you need to hold it over the photo three times in a clockwise direction and, having placed the scoop in the middle of the vessel with water, in one sure motion, pour the wax into the water. After that, you need to wait a few minutes until the wax hardens.

At the time when the wax hardens, you can already get some information on the casting. If the water that surrounds the wax remains clean and the surface of the wax is clean, this means that no magical effects on the person have been made.

How to find out if there is a spell - special techniques in order to determine the spell

After the wax hardens, you need to take the casting and turn it over:

  • If on the other hand there are no strong irregularities, then everything is fine;
  • If the reverse side has significant growths that can sometimes reach the bottom of the tank, the negative is present and urgent measures need to be taken to eliminate it.

Also, the presence of the love spell on a loved one can be determined visually. An open and sincere partner goes into himself and becomes thoughtful, without explaining changes in his behavior. A man constantly wrinkles his forehead, as if trying to remember something.

He often withdraws into himself so much that he does not hear when he is addressed by name. At work, people under the influence of magic become scattered and inattentive, which causes dissatisfaction with the leadership.

A person under the influence of a love spell becomes indifferent to the whole world and can be helped only if you conduct a magical rite aimed at removing the negative.

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