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How to charm a guy for sex?

As a rule, the question of how to charm a guy for sex, arises in the case when all other ways to attract the attention of the beloved were used. With this method you can wake up the sexual passion in your beloved, and against this background you will need to start building harmonious relationships.

How to charm a guy for sex?

There are two types of love spells for sex. And before making a decision on the use of this type of magic, it is necessary to understand the nuances of bewitching rites.


  • Sexual attachment is an impact that allows you to induce a boy’s sexual desire to himself, but at the same time such a love spell does not limit contact with other women.
  • Egillet is a strong sexual love spell that will not allow a beloved boy to have sex with other women.

It is considered safer sexual binding, which can not lead to the development of impotence in men.

To charm a guy for sex, you can use a very effective ceremony with candles.

In the ritual, you must use the following attributes:

  • Two wax candles in red;
  • Photo guy;
  • Personal thing guy.

You need to retire in a quiet clean room and install one of the candles on the table. Next to her should put a photo of your favorite guy and his thing, prepared in advance.

After that, the second candle should be taken in hand and ignite. From it you need to set fire to the second candle mounted on the table.

After that, looking at the picture of your beloved, you should utter very clearly and expressively the following words:

How to charm a guy for sex?

The spell should be pronounced with deep feeling until the candle burns out. During this, you need to gently stroke the thing of a loved one, associating it with your chosen one.

It is very good to visualize love scenes with your beloved during the bewitching process.

After the bewitching ritual, it is imperative to find a moment and be alone with the chosen one, even if it is just a friendly gathering. After a while, you will notice that your lover dreams of intimacy with you.

It is this moment that will become the starting point for starting to build a serious relationship.

Love spell through a kiss can be conditionally attributed to sexual love spells. But to use such a rite is possible only if you and your chosen one had sexual intimacy.

In addition, with the help of a love spell through a kiss, you can build relationships with your beloved, if there are constant quarrels and conflicts between you.

To bewitch a guy through a kiss, you need to hug a guy to mentally speak these words:

This sexual binding must be used as many times as you like, until you feel that your beloved has become genuinely interested in you. This love spell is completely safe and can not harm either you or your lover.

This is a very effective ritual and can be used even if there was no intimate connection with you and your chosen one.

In the ceremony you will need to use the following attributes:

  • A photograph of a loved one;
  • Zhmenyu salt;
  • Seven drops of water.

How to charm a guy for sex?

In the selected picture, the lover should be depicted alone in close-up so that his eyes are clearly visible.

Having retired in a quiet and tidy room, you need to take a white saucer. It should drip seven drops of pure water.

There you also need to put the salt of salt and at the same time speak the following spell:

This spell is pronounced three times very clearly without hesitation. Further, the conspired salt must be scattered around the photo and distributed evenly.

All attributes should be left untouched until your wish is fulfilled.

Strong sexual spell can be carried out directly during sexual contact with a loved one. But for this you need to have a strong energy and a developed imagination. In moments of closeness, you should submit a web that braids you with your chosen one.

It should be remembered that any sexual rite is allowed to apply only when you are confident in your own feelings. If you break this rule, you will not be able to build a harmonious relationship.

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