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How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

In life, there can be many situations when a question may arise how to bewitch a guy at home. Usually, those who encounter unrequited love tend to take advantage of various magical rites.

But it should always be remembered that the love spell, with careless conduct, can harm not only the bewitched guy, but also the girl.

How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

To bewitch a guy, reading at home is a love spell you need with confidence that you are right. You should not have the slightest doubt in your soul.

By the spell you need to prepare in advance. It is necessary for several days to abandon the reception of alcoholic beverages and try to conserve their own energy.

This means you should try to be in a balanced state and not waste energy on negative emotions.

To bewitch a guy, read at home a love spell needed in a separate room. It is necessary to create a special magical atmosphere.

Of course, you should remove it first and remove unnecessary things from it, since the clutter can greatly reduce the energy message. It is also important to pay attention to your appearance: you must remove the jewelry and dissolve the hair.

It is advisable to conduct the ceremony in the clothing of free cover of light shades.

Before you choose the most suitable bewitching ritual, you must first understand yourself. To do this, retire, focusing on the image of the person you are planning to bewitch.

Then honestly answer the following questions:

  • You want to build a serious relationship with your chosen one and maybe even a family in the future.
  • You are not afraid that the love spell will strengthen your own feelings.
  • Whether your attitude to your beloved will change, if his character changes, because it often happens after using magic.
  • You are absolutely sure that you are not destroying other people’s relationships with your action.

If you unequivocally answer all the “Yes” questions, then you may well proceed to the choice of the bewitching rite. Otherwise, it is better not to use magic, but try to attract the attention of the person you liked in other ways.

How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

Of course, a love spell is best pronounced from memory. But if it happens that the text is too long, then it is allowed to read it from a sheet, which must be neatly decorated and look like an additional attribute of the ceremony. It is better to write the love words on a white sheet of paper in a beautiful clear handwriting.

Before the start of the ceremony it is necessary to read the magic words several times, this will allow you not to stray during the ritual, which is very important.

The voice during the spelling of magic words should sound imperative. Intonation should not be any asking or pleading notes.

All regulations of a particular rite must be observed. During the ritual, you need to think only about the goal, there should not be any extraneous thoughts in your head.

Any negative thoughts can reduce the energy message, and sometimes harm the participants of the magical action.

To bewitch a guy without consequences at home, you must have the confidence that your love for him is sincere and strong. The use of love magic for personal gain is strictly prohibited. A girl should understand that if she is going to charm a guy at home, then you must first carefully study all the conditions of the ceremony.

If a mistake is made, the love spell can harm not only the elect, but also himself.

Often the question of how to bewitch a guy at home arises in people who have no experience or have not used magic at all to solve certain tasks in real life. In such cases, preference should be given to simple rites.

Despite their simplicity, such rituals are very effective, but you must always believe in yourself, in your natural abilities, by virtue of magic.

A feature of this ceremony is the simplicity of execution. Unfortunately, the results of such a ceremony will need to wait a longer time, but its important advantage is that this love spell can not harm either the bewitching guy or the performer.

For the bewitching rite you need to have:

  • Orthodox icon;
  • Church candle;
  • A little incense.

Having retired in the evening in a separate room, place an icon on the table, light a candle in front of it and focus on the image of your loved one. Once this is done, light the incense from the flame of the candle.

Next, say the spell:

How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

This bewitching rite is very simple in execution, but it requires an increased concentration of the performer. It is safe to say that a positive result from the impact depends on the power of the performer’s energy message.

For the ceremony you need to have a photo of your favorite guy, a sheet of white paper, a pen and a red wax candle. It is desirable that the picture of the bewitched person was fresh and the eyes of the chosen one were clearly visible on it.

Having retired in a quiet room in the late evening hours, you need to put on the table a photograph of the person to be bewitched, and set and light a candle next to him.

On a piece of paper you must clearly write the conspiracy words:

Further, the note is set on fire by the flame of a candle and the picture of the beloved guy is smoked with smoke.

With this action, other magical words are spoken:

The ashes must be carefully collected and the photo must be hidden. Soon the bewitched guy will start to give you signs of attention.

How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

This love spell can be very powerful, but only if you can correctly pronounce the magic words and concentrate to perform a strong energy send. The photo used in the rite must be fresh. But at the same time it can be printed in any way, for example, on a computer.

It is desirable that the favorite was printed in full height. In the ritual can not be used blurred photo.

Before saying the magic words you need to organize an energy channel with your chosen one. For this you need to sit for a while in silence, peering into the photo of your chosen one. It is necessary to include all your imagination and present happy pictures of living together with your chosen one.

Very well, if you remember the phrases that your elect and his witty jokes use in his speech. Thus, you will establish an energy channel through which you will influence your lover, that is, you will be able to charm a guy without consequences at home.

When you feel a complete distance from the outside world, say the following words:

The words of this conspiracy must be pronounced clearly, without hesitation, aware of each phrase. All the love spell must be imbued with your confidence that the magical act will reach the goal.

Various love spells at home

The question of how to charm a guy at home can be answered differently. You can use a variety of ways.

For example, to influence at a distance on your chosen one by reinforcing your energetic love message by various methods.

So, you can use a glass of strong wine for this. Above him should first whisper with a deep feeling magic spell.

Next, you need to gently but carefully shake the wine in a glass, and then drink it with your eyes closed in small sips. After that, you should immediately go to bed with thoughts of your beloved.

It is very good, if you dream of your elect this night, it will be evidence that the impact was successful.

Milk can be used instead of wine. You need to drink it for several days in a row before you go to bed, until you notice the first signs of attention from a loved one.

Milk must be poured into a very beautiful glass and speak with these words:

How to charm a guy at home at no extra cost

To bewitch a guy, you can scatter sunflower seeds on the windowsill of your own room outside. After the pigeons arrive and the seeds begin to peck, you should postpone household chores.

And quickly say these words:

You need to do this love act every day. It will take a little time and the guy who you like, will begin to give you signs of attention.

After that, you should stop using magic, as it would be better if the relationship develops naturally.

If the guy that you really like is very far away, then do not despair. After all, with the help of magic you can awaken love in the soul of the chosen one at a distance, the main thing is to want it very much.

To do this, split the walnut into two halves. It should make a hole in which a thread of scarlet thread. After that, it is necessary to take water in a basin and lower the improvised boat into it.

Winding the thread on the finger follows, representing the image of a loved one.

At the same time, utter these words:

It is important, choosing a rite, to approach this from a rational position. It should not be complicated and confusing, as this will prevent concentrating on the goal.

It is important, before starting the ritual, carefully study its rules and realize the finest subtlety.

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