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How much is a love spell: calculating the cost of magical services

How much does it cost to make a spell from a professional magician?

Love magic in the modern world is very popular. But not everyone decides to use it independently at home. Therefore, the services of magicians are very popular and many ask the question of how much is the love spell?

Calculating the cost of magical services depends on many factors.

Namely from:

  • Power exposure;
  • Ritual conditions;
  • Duration of exposure;
  • The timing of the results.

Answering the question about how much a love spell costs, you can only note that each specific order has its own value.

How much is a love spell: calculating the cost of magical services

The lowest price level of the bewitching ritual is 10 thousand rubles. It should be understood that if you offer services at a lower price, it means that you turned to a newcomer who cannot give you any guarantees in the quality of the rite.

And this is very dangerous, because, as you know, any inaccuracy associated with non-professionalism can lead to serious negative consequences.

Experienced magicians guarantee high quality magical effects and are fully proficient in protection methods that minimize negative effects, even in the case of using black mania. Such ceremonies require very high energy costs, and therefore cannot be cheap.

The cheapest rites are the rituals of white magic, with which you can push the young man to the girl. The price of such an impact, which is rather short-term and has no negative consequences, rarely exceeds $ 200.

When ordering such a rite, you need to understand that the development of relationships will continue to depend solely on the partners.

The cost of a stronger love spell, which, for example, will keep a bewitched man next to a woman for a long time, is in the range from $ 100 to $ 300. Well, the price of dangerous black rituals is negotiated in each particular case and can never be less than $ 1,000.

It should be understood that no magician who respects his profession will tell you remotely how much a spell costs. In order to calculate the cost of the bewitching rite, he must talk with the client and clarify all the nuances of the specific situation.

After that, the specialist will be able to offer several variants of the rites with an indication of their price to solve your problem.

Today, the services of village magicians who live in the outback are very popular and consider magic and healing to be their main occupation. Such people do not advertise their activities and they do not need advertising, popular rumors carry information about their successful practice. Due to financial difficulties, they offer quality services at a lower price.

The question of how much a spell costs a village mage is also difficult to answer. This is due to the fact that, due to certain circumstances, folk healers and healers quite accept even barter, therefore, they have individual agreements with each client.

Today, a huge number of magical services offered on the Internet. In this case, you can order them at an affordable price. It should be understood that a bewitching rite may be effective if an individual approach is applied to it.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the Internet in this case is a platform for fraudsters.

Be careful and choose professional magicians who can confirm their high level. Not only the future of your chosen one or chosen one depends on this, but also yours as a customer.

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