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How long does the spell work and how long does it take

How long does the spell work and for how long

How and through how much does the spell work? This question is of concern to many girls who have decided to charm a chosen one and cannot wait until his response feelings flare up.

Let’s talk about the timing of the act of love magic and its features.

How does the spell work?

Love spell is special. Many girls mistakenly believe that with a love spell they can magically create true love in their chosen one.

This is not true.

True, sincere, real and unconditional love is created only by natural means. It is not possible to cause it by any magical manipulations, because it is too solid and bright feeling, full of positive energy of creation.

How long does the spell work and how long does it take

Through the love spell, you can call in the chosen one only such emotions:

  1. Physical attraction He will be irresistibly pulled to you on a sexual level. There can be no spiritual connection and speech, you will only become a desirable object for satisfying lust.
  2. Sick addiction. A strong love spell makes a man really addicted to the bewitching girl. He is not capable of thinking of anything else but her. All his actions and thoughts are directed only at her. Because of this, the bewitched can “score” on work, friends, hobbies and everything else that pleased him earlier

The forecast is disappointing, but this does not stop many girls, they are ready to do anything, just to be close to her lover. And most of all they are interested when the love spell begins to act — how soon the chosen one will feel attraction and craving.

After how much does the spell begin to act?

The “speed” of the love spell depends on many factors. For example, how strong was the rite, what magical attributes were used for it, what words were spoken at the moment of reading the love spell.

Most often, the spell comes into effect within 28 days after the rite. This is a sufficient time for the higher forces to turn all their power on your desire.

How long does the spell work and how long does it take

Thanks to the number 28, you can always check whether you managed to bewitch your chosen one. If within less than a month a man did not show himself in relation to you, it means that the ceremony did not work.

Perhaps you made him wrong or do not have enough energy to bewitch his beloved.

The energy of the moon has a great influence on the speed of the action of the philandering rite. Therefore, pay attention to the phase in which the heavenly body resides:

  • the most effective are the love spells that were made on the growing moon
  • and the greatest power of love magic is gaining at the end of the lunar cycle
  • the slowest spell committed on the waning moon will act

The speed of the love spell will certainly depend on what method of love magic you choose. For example, a love dine on salt or food begins to act almost immediately or within a couple of weeks — right after the bewitched person tastes a dish or drink that you have spoken.

Checking whether the love spell has worked is very simple: pay attention to the signs that the Universe will certainly send you. These may be unexpected, extraordinary events.

You may increasingly come across an accident. And, of course, he will begin to pay you particularly much attention.

How long does the spell work and how long does it take

As soon as the bewitched man begins to look for meetings with you, pays his attention, writes messages and calls, you can assume that the ceremony was successful. Over time, it will only gain its strength.

How much does the spell work?

No less important is the question of how much the spell acts? Of course, I would like the effect of love magic to last forever, but not everything is so simple. Validity of the love spell depends on such factors:

  1. How powerful was the rite. Only a person with a very strong energy, possessing extrasensory abilities and the gift of clairvoyance, is able to make an “eternal” love spell. If you do not possess such skills, the power of love magic will dry out as soon as the energy you put in will end.
  2. What was this rite. For example, reading plots on food and drinks can be constantly, at least throughout their lives. With this action you will constantly maintain feelings in the chosen one
  3. Often the rite is valid until no one finds the items used for the rite. That is why it is recommended to remove all magical paraphernalia and hide in a secluded place
  4. The love spell will instantly weaken, and if you tell someone about the performed ceremony. Keep this fact a secret — it is better for both you and your chosen one

See an interesting video about love spells:

Of course, the power of the love spell will depend on how correctly you observed all the rules of the magical rite.

Rules and Recommendations

Here are the rules to follow if you want the spell to have the desired effect:

  • Perform magical acts late in the evening, after sunset. Possible at night
  • With a man, you must be personally acquainted. It will not be possible to bewitch, for example, a star who has never heard of you
  • Doing a love spell is only with positive thoughts and attitude to the chosen one. If the desire to bewitch is caused by feelings of revenge or resentment, it is better not to risk
  • If you are bewitched — your ex-boyfriend or husband, after the break no more than 12 months should pass
  • The man you want to bewitch is free from addictions. He does not use drugs and alcohol (a glass of wine at dinner once every couple weeks is not considered an addiction), does not suffer from gambling and is not a gambling person
  • The intention to make a love spell must be kept in the strictest confidence.

Follow all these recommendations, and the spell will act quickly and with great force.

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