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Gray magic — love spells to the wind

In addition to the rites of traditional white and black magic, there are gray magic rituals. These effects are based on the goal, but the person does not know good or evil will bring him in the future to achieve it.

Conventionally, you can simply explain the effect of gray magic rites by the following example: you have lost your wallet — for you this is a misfortune, and for those who find it — good luck.

Gray magic - love spells to the wind

In gray magic, love spells are very popular. Gray magic uses them to remotely affect a person.

Love spells to the wind are always performed in the open air, but at the same time necessarily in complete solitude. The ceremony can be held at any time of the day, as long as there are no witnesses to your action. It should also be borne in mind that the stronger the wind gusts, the more effective will be the philtre.

The ideal place for the ritual is a clear field or hill without trees. In calm, calm weather, the fascinating rite to the wind is not recommended.

But at the same time there are rituals that can be performed at home by opening a window. Sometimes allowed to appeal to the wind to carry out on the roof of the house.

In this case, the phase of the moon does not matter for the effectiveness of the rite. It is much more important to concentrate all your feelings towards your beloved in order to provide a powerful directional energy message.

The fact that the flow of air has powerful energy is used in the bewitching rites to the wind, and if it is properly charged, the rite will necessarily be productive.

Gray magic offers a strong spell to the wind, which must be carried out at dawn. Previously for the ritual you need to choose the place of performance.

It should be open and become necessary, so that when reading the plot to see the sunrise.

If it is not possible to go under the open sky, you can hold this ceremony on the balcony, but in this case, its effectiveness can be greatly reduced. The ritual should be performed in loose clothing with loose hair.

During the ceremony, you can use one of the following plots.

The first plot sounds like this:

Gray magic - love spells to the wind

The second conspiracy, which can be used in the bewitching ritual, is as follows:

You must put all your soul into the spoken words and you should say them very loudly. After reading the plot, you should not immediately leave the ritual site.

You must close your eyes and enjoy the silence of the early morning hour. If the ritual was carried out correctly, then a slight fatigue and sometimes even slight dizziness will be felt throughout the body.

This state is evidence that the spell to the wind began to act.

There is a strong plot of gray magic, which is pronounced during a hurricane wind. The peculiarity of the rite in this case is that the magic words should be heard by the element of nature, and, therefore, they should be shouted.

The plot sounds like this:

It should be remembered that any ritual of gray magic, including a love spell to the wind will have consequences, but which ones cannot be predicted. You do not need to worry because of a slightly shaken state of health — this is not a retribution for the magical effect.

Such a manifestation is associated with the loss of energy when performing the love spell. As a rule, within a few hours the state of health is fully restored.

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