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Gay love spell — magic for gays and lesbians

Same-sex spell — nuances and features

My magical practice shows that there is a certain circle of people who seek help in the commission of a same-sex love spell. Such a love spell in its magical effects is close to the traditional, the only difference is that the bewitching intentions are directed at a person of the same sex as the author of the love spell.

This ritual can be applied in the already established love relationships, and give rise to the emergence of new ones.

Is it easy to conduct a gay love spell? Yes, if it is made by a real sorcerer, in whose practice there were many similar rites.

The most desperate may try to hold it on their own, but I want to immediately warn you that an independent ritual may not work, or cause the opposite or completely negative effect.

Gay love spell - magic for gays and lesbians

The nuances of same-sex love spell

Before embarking on bewitching a man of his own sex at home, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors that can influence the course and outcome of this magical rite.

  • Spending a love spell will be easier if the orientation of his object is unconventional, or he has nothing against same-sex relationships. In this case, the feelings imposed by the ritual to the victim will be completely natural for him and will not be rejected by his psyche and consciousness.
  • If the love spell is directed to a heterosexual man, then a lot of effort will be required from the author of the love spell to achieve the desired.

Consequences of same-sex love spell

A same-sex love spell is considered a manifestation of black magic, and jokes with black magic are not brought to good. Therefore, before starting to conduct a same-sex love spell, think carefully whether this is so important to you.

It is possible that in the future for this ceremony will have to pay a considerable price, because its consequences may be dire. A gay love spell is dangerous in that it can lead to:

  • serious mental problems at his facility, including insanity and imprisonment in a psychiatric clinic. The risk is especially increased if the victim has a traditional orientation;
  • the formation of complexes in the bewitched (contempt for oneself, a sense of depravity and irregularity);
  • a strong emotional shock at his victim;
  • to the deterioration of family relations (quarrels with loved ones, etc.);
  • weakening the health of the bewitched;
  • decrease in success in daily activities (work, study) and much more.

Gay love spell - magic for gays and lesbians

The same-sex spell is insidious because it goes against the programmed nature: any person should leave offspring behind them, and this ritual mercilessly interrupts this family thread.

How to make a gay love spell?

For those who are not afraid of the terrible consequences of a same-sex love spell, who are not afraid of the high price that in the future may have to pay for their actions, I suggest several ways of same-sex love spells to perform the ritual at home. Do not forget, however, that by deciding to resort to this rite, you take a huge responsibility not only for yourself, but also for the person who is necessarily destined to become your victim.

Roman love spell (for gay)

You will need: aromatic oils of rosemary, cloves and jasmine, a photo of the chosen one, alcohol or olive oil, a red candle.

The oils should be mixed together in equal quantities, and then dissolved in the same proportion of olive oil or alcohol. Mix the candle with a mixture, saturate the photo of the victim, then apply it on your forehead, stomach and pubis.

Light a candle and set in front of you. A photograph of the bewitched one must be taken in his left hand and, looking into his eyes, read the spell 9 times:

«Toren aratov intently folom side amo».

After the spell, put a few drops of the mixture on the candle’s fire, and then say:

Burn the photo on the candle, place the formed ash in a bag, envelope or box and carry it with you. To enhance the effect of a few ash particles can be poured into food or drink chosen, in shoes or pockets.

Same sex spell (female)

You will need: cream suitable for the victim (you need to know in advance) — better for the body, oil of fir, lemon, jasmine and rose (1 drop each) thimble and needle (new).

The oils are mixed in a thimble with the help of the blunt end of a needle, while uttering a spell (at least 15 times):

“Lilith. Hell with zg zdi.

Lilith Gru pre moro goro ju.

Lilith «.

After the ceremony, the needle should be broken in half and buried; a thimble should be stored, not used for any purpose. The mixture of oils is added to the cream, which is presented to the chosen one. The plot is valid while she uses it.

The effectiveness of the love spell is greater, the greater the area that the conspirator means.

Male spell

Attach your photo and photo of the chosen one to each other with your face, drip wax on the perimeter from the red candle with the words:

“I urge you, great Priap, in the love affair help me. A heart (name of the chosen one) turn to me (own name), enslave feelings and soul. Let be (name of the chosen one) only about me (own name) dreams and heart (name of the chosen one) is in love fire.

Embrace you with the power of passion, let (name of the chosen one) loves me, craves my love «.

The spell is read 5 times, after which the photos for the night are placed under the sheet — where the genitals. In the morning, the pictures are buried under the threshold of the entrance or the house where the chosen one lives.

Female love spell

Gay love spell - magic for gays and lesbians

A couple of drops of their menstrual blood is added to the wine with the words:

“Blood merge with blood, soul merge with soul. Connect strong ties, unite, not apart. A bond of blood unites you, slave (name of the chosen one) with myself (own name).

I take away your will, bind your soul, bind your body to myself. As the moon gives way to the sun in the sky, so are you a slave (name of the chosen one) cross me (own name) you will not become, love, carnal passion ignite me. Said at night, said by day, will soon be fulfilled.

Amen (3 times) «.

Conspired wine is given to a love spell victim.

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