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Energy bindings between a man and a woman

Energy bindings between a man and a woman

The love between two people is a wonderful and beautiful feeling when it is mutual. Well, if a loved one does not reciprocate, the whole world fades, becomes gloomy and inhospitable.

What to do in this case?

Give up, you will always have time to despair. I am sure that the location of the desired person and reciprocal feelings can always be achieved, it is worthwhile only to competently use all the huge arsenal of tools that practical magic gives us.

And today I want to talk with you about such a magical effect on a desired person as energy binding.

Types and features of bindings

Energy bindings between a man and a woman

Energy binding is a kind of love spell acting at the energy level. Performing energy binding implies an impact on the heart and sex chakras (individually or simultaneously).

As a result of this rite, the energy of the victim is not willingly reconfigured and changed in such a way that a person begins to feel the need for the constant presence of the bewitched.

According to the validity period, there are 3 types of bindings:

  1. Short term: last several days — several months;
  2. Long: last several months — several years;
  3. Lifelong: are the whole life of the victim.

The advantage of this magical ritual lies in the fact that with the help of it it is quite easy to achieve sincere interest from a loved one without laying a negative program in his biofield.

The rite helps to deal well with their feelings for the chosen one or the chosen one. During the ceremony, a person begins to see his own experiences in a completely different way, assesses their depth, thanks to which he manages to realize what the hidden motives of his feelings are.

It often happens that the supposedly “unrequited love”, from which the customer of energy binding suffers, turns out to be not a strong feeling at all, but a banal enthusiasm or love. This helps to release all worries to him and to breathe again with a full breast, in anticipation of a new love — bright, real, mutual.

What to consider in ritual to avoid consequences

Energy binding is a rather complicated ritual. The person who conducts it should:

  • be able to visualize;
  • be able to concentrate on the desired result;
  • have generation skills;
  • be able to direct a huge amount of energy.

Energy bindings between a man and a woman

If you want to achieve a 100% result, it is better to ask for help from a master who knows how to work with energy. Energy is a rather unpredictable substance. Having ordered it incorrectly, you can generate negative energy that does not lead to the desired result.

Moreover, it can give a pullback, negatively affecting both you and your chosen one, causing serious consequences. To prevent this, the rite must be done with all instructions.

I will give a list of important conditions for those who personally decided to perform this ceremony:

  • Spend a ritual in a secluded place — you do not need to be disturbed, someone distracts.
  • Take the most comfortable position, try to relax and begin to meditate.
  • Make sure that you have a photograph of the person whom you intend to bewitch: it will help you to clearly and clearly present the image of the chosen one, will allow you to tune in to the same wave with him.
  • Perform a ritual on the growing moon, so that the result was maximum.
  • Do the rite late in the evening, ideally after midnight, when the victim is asleep and relaxed. This will help to reconfigure it much more efficiently and reduce the possibility of resistance on his part.
  • For effectiveness, conduct the rite several days in a row (from 3 to 7), at the same time.
  • Do not forget to visualize a mentally ready result, to draw in your head happy pictures of living together. The positive outcome of the energetic binding directly depends on this.

Now that you have a general idea of ​​the ritual, I want to give an example of the energetic binding that you can do yourself.

How to make a binding binding

I recommend doing this binding before bedtime, preferably after 11 hours. The best result is achieved from the ritual conducted on the third lunar day (this day has a powerful energy).

Energy bindings between a man and a woman

Lie down on the bed and relax as much as possible. In order to achieve this faster, you can turn on relaxing music and light aroma candles.

As soon as you manage to get rid of thoughts about the day lived, feel lightness in the body, start working with your imagination.

  1. Clearly imagine a loved one (you can use his photo).
  2. Imagine your soul separating from your body and settling into the body of your chosen one.
  3. You are now he. Feel in a new body of yourself. Feelings should give you joy, comfort, warmth and love.
  4. Once the sensations have reached the highest point, and you get used to the new body, try to influence it mentally. You should be able to influence the mood of the chosen one, inspire your will and desires.
  5. After working with the thoughts of the chosen one, go to your body. Imagine your soul returning back, while your body is enveloped in a golden ball.

I recommend doing this binding for 3 nights in a row. The first fruits may already appear the next day.

The speed of achieving the desired depends entirely on the correctness of this exercise.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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