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Enchanting yourself on the photo — quick result

One of the most common ways of love spell among young girls is the love spell from a photo independently. Such a love spell is quite simple and safe to make.

However, we must remember the responsibility for the actions committed, as well as the fact that performing an independent love spell on a photo of a quick result will depend on how much you believe in yourself, in magic, what level of energy you have and in what mood you are.

There is a huge variety of rituals using photos, some even have a result that cannot be removed. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine their rules before following any actions and follow the available recommendations exactly.

Enchanting yourself on the photo - quick result

The ritual is performed after sunset at a young month. For the ritual you need two wax candles, if you can make them yourself, it will be a big plus, the more you invest in the spell, the better result you will achieve.

The main attribute for performing the love spell is, of course, the photograph, it is desirable that it clearly shows all the features of the bewitched one, you can take a portrait. Also, the fresher the photo, the better.

It is desirable that the picture was taken no earlier than six months before the ceremony.

For the ritual, you must first prepare:

  • A flap of red fabric is of such size that it can easily wrap up a photo;
  • Ordinary hemp rope.

So, if you have already prepared everything you need, you can proceed to the following actions:

  • Turn off the lights and sit in the center of the room;
  • Light the candles in front of you;
  • Spread the cooked cloth;
  • Take a photo of a loved one;
  • Look into the eyes of your beloved and try mentally to revive his image as clearly as possible, to hear his voice;
  • After you can visualize the image, you need to imagine that you are with it and that you love each other, while you need to feel how well you are together.
  • Then put the photo on the cloth and start wrapping it, pronouncing these words:

It should be remembered that you can never deploy a bundle. After the ceremony, you need as often as possible to see your chosen one. The result should manifest itself within two to six weeks after the spell on the photo itself was carried out.

Regardless of the result, the love spell cannot be told to anyone, especially to the one who was bewitched, this is very important.

Enchanting yourself on the photo - quick result

Under the condition of strong love, simple love spells are very effective, so it is hardly worth complicating your life by turning to complex rituals. Moreover, any error or inaccuracy in their execution can lead to unpredictable results.

The following love spell is very popular. It does not need to pre-stock any attributes or learn complex conspiracies.

For the ceremony it is very important to retire in a separate room and concentrate on the desire to bewitch the beloved. The ritual is performed with a lit candle. You need to take a photo of your beloved and hold it over the candle flame with the front side of the image.

This should be done very carefully so that the face of your beloved, shown in the picture, will not scorch randomly.

During such an action it is necessary to read the following words:

After saying the words, the picture should be burned in the flame of a candle, and the ashes should be dispelled downwind from the window of the room in which the ritual was performed.

There is another simple rite, which involves the use of a photograph besides a loved one, a red candle and a plain white sheet of paper. You need to retire, light a red candle and in absolute silence write your wishes on a piece of paper related to bringing a loved one into your life.

At the same time it is necessary to set real and specific goals. Optimally wish to fall in love with a beloved man.

For complex tasks it will take a lot of energy, and with independent execution it may not work. The sheet of paper needs to be rolled up in the form of a roll and set it on fire from the flame of a red candle.

After that, it is necessary to put it on the photo and wait until the attributes of the magic rite are burned. To arrange such a mini fire should be on a white porcelain saucer.

While the paper and photo are burning, you should say these magic words:

Any love-taking ritual with a photo at home is very simple. The main thing is to feel self-confidence and to have sincere feelings for a person, and then you will be able to return your loved one or fall in love with him.

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