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Easy love spell — short-term action

Magic offers a huge number of a wide variety of bewitching rites, which differ in the strength of the impact on the person. When there is sympathy between people, then an easy spell can be used to anchor feelings. With it, you can push your chosen one to more decisive action.

You should know that any light rite is short-lived, but more importantly, it does not bear negative, because it is not used for the forced awakening of love feelings.

Easy love spell - short-term action

The easiest spell involves the use of two identical mirrors on the stand. They need to be purchased during the growing moon.

During the ritual, you should retire in a separate room and place the mirrors on the table opposite each other, and put a lit candle between them.

Carefully looking at the flame of a candle you need to chant the following ancient magic words:

These words are spoken many times during the burning of a candle, and each time before them the name of the chosen one is pronounced. After the end of the ceremony, the remnants of the candle must be discarded, and the mirrors used in the ceremony should be turned upside down and left for a day, then rinsed the mirror surfaces with cold running water. And in the process this in no case can not look in the mirror.

In the future, they can be used in everyday life. This love spell is the easiest, its action lasts only for a couple of weeks.

A light love effect can be made with the help of two threads of red color. They need to be taken from two identical coils.

Winding the thread on the ring finger of the right hand, you should read the magic plot.

His words are:

The ring of two threads must be carefully removed from your finger and hidden in your bed. If there are no external circumstances preventing your reunion with the elect, then soon you will be together.

Not less popular are light omens, which contain an appeal to nature. One of these rites is held in the warm summer.

Easy love spell - short-term action

Early in the morning you need to walk through the dew and say the following words:

Every person by nature has innate magical abilities. But most of us do not know how to use them.

And it is precisely in the event of the emergence of strong and sincere feelings towards a person that they can be tried to use purposefully. Trying to regularly visualize the image of a loved one, you can fulfill the energy message and awaken the love for yourself of your chosen one.

Light love spells belong to the means of white magic. They do not contain appeals for help to otherworldly forces.

Therefore, such bewitching rituals are not harmful, in this regard, can be used by beginners on their own. On the other hand, it will be more reliable to use the services of a professional magician.

He will completely eliminate any disruptions and negative consequences during the conduct of the easy bewitching rite.

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