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Easter Love Spell — Strong Easter Magic

The love spell at Easter is closely related to the energy and ritual features of this bright holiday. Although the celebration of Easter does not include love and erotic elements, nevertheless, this is the right time for love magic.

Indeed, during the Holy Week, a great many people experience spiritual experiences and are in agitation, and on Holy Sunday they experience a powerful tide of joy and joy. This generates a powerful energy surge. And this is the energy of light and love.

Skillfully using this energy, you can achieve great success in love affairs. This and good Easter love spells.

Easter Love Spell - Strong Easter Magic

If you are confident in your abilities, and you feel that you can bewitch your loved one by yourself, then getting up early on Holy Saturday, look in the mirror.

Then say the following magic words:

On the same day, kneading dough for holiday cakes, take a handful of raisins in your hand and say:

Put the raisins in the dough, bake the cake and treat them to your chosen one. The more he eats with the conspiratorial raisin cake, the stronger will be your love spell.

Another popular Easter love spell is associated with the use of traditional Easter eggs. In order to make such a love spell on Easter Sunday, take two colored and consecrated eggs.

Put a consecrated church candle in front of you, light it.

Easter Love Spell - Strong Easter Magic

Take the eggs in your hands and say:

Treat one of these eggs to your beloved, and eat the other yourself. From now on, a strong spiritual bond will be established between your hearts.

It is important to understand that this spell affects not only him, but also you.

In any of the Easter days you can spend a strong spell that will allow you to bewitch your loved one forever. Moreover, the light energy of the holy holiday will fill the relationship with light feelings, mutual trust and strong affection for each other.

The main thing to remember is that it is impossible to separate two loving people with the help of such a rite. The rite will be truly successful and effective if your desires are not self-serving.

For the ceremony, you must first prepare:

  • New towel;
  • Photo favorite;
  • Easter egg;
  • Fresh leaves of plantain, 7 sheets.

It is very important that the leaves of the plantain were torn with their own hands and the following words should be sentenced when harvesting grass:

Despite the fact that the ceremony can be held on any day of Easter week, the most effective is the ceremony that is held on Holy Sunday. The day before it is necessary to carry out the usual preparations for the holiday, in terms of thorough cleaning of the house.

At night, from Saturday to Sunday, you should retire in a separate room and lay a new unused towel on the table. Next to the towel is placed a snapshot of your beloved, and to him a track is laid out from the plantain leaves towards you.

An Easter egg rolls along the created path and the following words are pronounced:

Easter Love Spell - Strong Easter Magic

Speaking the words, you need to point specifically to each leaf of the plantain. After pronouncing the words, plantain grass must be collected and dried. Then hide in a secluded place.

It is impossible to throw out this plotted attribute, but one should take care that the dried leaves do not fall into the hands of a loved one, otherwise misfortunes cannot be avoided.

In the morning, directly on a holiday, you must meet with the chosen one, and treat him with an Easter egg, which was used as an attribute in the rite. The towel should be left at home, it will serve as a kind of magnet and attract a loved one to you on a subconscious level.

When the chosen one comes into your house, and this will happen soon, you should give this towel to wipe his hands.

You can also use another spell on Easter night. For this you need to light a candle, put in front of her a photo of a loved one.

Looking at the picture with a feeling to utter the following Easter spell:

After the words, you need to wait for the candle to burn out, after which the wax should be thrown into the toilet.

Any love spell at Easter is very strong, however, in order to be successful, full concentration and a passionate desire to achieve your goal are required. At the same time, it is important to have exceptionally good intentions with regard to whom you are going to bewitch.

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