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Drying from a rival to the moon and a candle at home

Otsuski from a rival at home: on the moon or a black candle

Representatives of the weaker sex are by their nature terrible property owners, especially when it comes to the sphere of amorous feelings and a beloved man. None of the women and girls would agree to share their chosen one with another of their own kind.

However, the appearance of a rival is a rather frequent phenomenon. What do women do in this case?

Drying from a rival to the moon and a candle at home

The weak ones give up and give away their beloved man to an alien lady, the strong ones fight for their relationships with the beloved to the end, sometimes turning to unconventional methods. The latter includes magic, offering a variety of rituals for the elimination of separation.

One of these rituals is drying out from a rival, which girls often read at home.

What you need to know when performing drying from your opponent at home?

By its popularity, drying out from a rival is inferior to a cuff, since it is characterized by a weaker effect. But even the strongest cuff is good only for experienced craftsmen. Drying is more suitable for home use.

The purpose of this ceremony is to cause a man’s disgust and negative feelings towards the woman in separation.

Drying from the opponent is a simple ritual, under the power of each woman. However, it cannot be considered completely harmless — the likelihood of negative consequences should never be ruled out. Comparatively safe from the opponent can be in two cases:

  • when the ritual is performed to discourage her husband from his mistress — in a couple, legally married, for the benefit of the family;
  • when the rite is used to preserve and protect the relationship from interfering with a potential separation.

If you want to dry out your wife from her husband in order to destroy a strong family, or to stop using this rite the relationship between a man and a woman, the love between which is real and strong, then repeatedly and carefully consider this step. In such cases, the risk of negative consequences for the object of the ritual and for the performer is very high. Having made your decision, you will change the natural course of things, outlined by nature, and it will definitely resist it.

The standoff will be reflected back to you.

Drying from a rival to the moon and a candle at home

Do not do a drying out of your opponent, if you suspect that she has applied a love spell to your beloved man. In this case, the magical effect will not be effective, or will roll back in the form of deteriorating health and development of diseases.

The best way out of such a situation would be to call on the help of a practicing magician.

Drying from a rival, like all lapel love rituals, is done, most often, in a decreasing month. Requirements for performing the rite are standard:

  • silence and solitude
  • night time (when the object of the ceremony is sleeping),
  • knowing the plot of the drying by heart,
  • following the instructions and keeping your actions secret from other people.

There are quite a number of options for performing an extract from a rival. I will give the most famous and effective methods.

Drying from a rival at home: ways for self-application

Drying from a rival to a black candle

Drying from a rival to the moon and a candle at home

For the ritual will need black candle, black handle knife and picture of the opponent. Instead of a photo, you can use personal difference or a bit of land from her footprint.

The necessary condition is decisiveness and confidence in one’s own strengths and capabilities, faith in the final result. The procedure is as follows:

  1. At midnight, place a photograph of your opponent in the center of the table, put a candle on it. If you are using a personal thing or land from the track — put a candle nearby.
  2. Light a candle and let the time inflame the flame so that the melted wax starts to drain from the candle. Immediately after this, utter a conspiracy: “Like a black candle it burns brightly, it smokes the sky with its flame, and you, the wicked devil (the name of a rival) with your beloved one, live under the same roof, you have a meal with him, you take away my happiness.”
  3. Then take a knife and chop the candle flame with it, say another plot: “I, sent by the fate of my beloved (the name of the beloved), say — no more to this. I will not give you a derelict (rival name) with my favorite days to spend and nights to sleep. With a sharp blade of communication, your soul-soul is cut off from my beloved (the name of the beloved) — after that you will become a stranger from you. I send you two not longing, not boredom, but eternal irrevocable separation. I make it so that you never go after him and his mind does not stir up. And my beloved will not look at you again, will not wish, only you will experience disgust from meeting you. Words will not change and will not change, and they will come true. ”
  4. Allow the candle to burn out, while the wax must flow to a photograph, a personal thing of a divorcee, or the ground.
  5. When the ceremony is over, collect all that remains after it, and bury it next to the house of your opponent. If you do not know where she lives, bury at the intersection.

This removal from a rival is characterized by an almost instantaneous action.

Drying from a rival in the full moon

This separation from a rival is suitable for use by married women, if their spouse has got a mistress on the side. To perform the rite will need Holy water.

On a full moon, in the dead of night, pour 3 tablespoons of holy water into a saucer or plate. Put on the windowsill so that the moonlight reflected in the water. Then read the plot:

“Krugolitsa, young woman, on the water to a penny give a power. May God’s servant (husband’s name) without his wife, God’s servant (own name), does not sleep, does not sleep and is not put to sleep.

Let him shift from side to side, until on the bed of marriage with affection and passion will not return. ”

Sprinkled with water sprinkle the pillow of your spouse by cruciform movements on both sides. In the process, say:

“Do not sleep or rest you without me, but rush and roll on the down pillow. With me is the life-giving cross! Amen!»

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