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Drying from a rival at home

Drying — a way to «remove a competitor» in a love battle

Drying is another popular rite of love magic. Refers to the arsenal of so-called «village» magic.

The “drying” ritual was popular in Ancient Russia — women practiced them, regardless of the degree of their knowledge of witchcraft.

This ritual is distinguished by simplicity of execution, does not require any unreal paraphernalia, and therefore even a person who is far from magic can cope with it on his own. My task at this time is to tell what the drying is like and how it can be done personally.

Drying and cooling

Drying is called the light method of energy impact, used to get rid of feelings unnecessary to the heart. The task of this ritual is to “dry”, that is, excommunicate, one person from another.

Drying from a rival at home

Often the drying is confused with another magical rite, close in action, purpose and task, cool.

  • Drying is a way weaker in its effects. She directed the removal of physical binding.
  • Ostuda — a ritual with a stronger effect. Its main goal is to cool the feelings between two people and destroy love.

Drying takes place in a decreasing month and is often a short conspiracy, which is read on the drink or on the photo of the victim. Sometimes you may need candles (it is better to buy them in the church), a knife (new, not used).

Who can help drying?

Of course, otsushka loses ostude by the fact that its result is less strong and cannot boast of durability. However, the negative consequences of this rite (and they are always) are extremely small and not very dangerous. Otsuka can even play positively, if, for example, the wife conducts her, in order to protect the marriage from the encroachments of another woman (rival, mistress).

In this case, the rite will have a qualitative effect on the marital relationship.

Drying can be carried out in order to get rid of the advances of the annoying cavalier, or from the attention of the pristavuchey girls. You can also apply the ritual to your address if you don’t want to suffer from unrequited love or ruin someone else’s relationship — in this case, the rite will help calm the storm of emotions and find harmony.

Drying from a rival at home

It is not recommended to apply the drying in relation to two loving people, if you want to achieve the location of one of them. Separating, for example, a young man from his beloved girlfriend or husband from his wife, you risk getting a powerful pullback and disastrous consequences.

Are you ready for the victim of the ceremony to hate you, become aggressive and irritable, indifferent and apathetic, addicted to alcohol and become suicidal? Scary, is not it?

Then do not interfere, proceeding from your own egoism, into the relations of two loving people, do not disturb the natural course of things created by nature. Otherwise, you will have to pay for everything in this life (and your descendants will also pay for your deeds).

Drying: what to consider when performing a rite?

All drying, regardless of the type, are subject to the same rules. The difference can only be in artifacts and instructions.

  • Do a drying in the period of the waning moon (so that the feelings also decrease).
  • Do the ritual alone. Nobody should know about the ceremony, nobody can tell about it too.
  • Drying is done at night, when the victim is asleep and cannot resist the actions of the witch forces.
  • Correctly select the plot — the result directly depends on it. Spell text by heart.

In general, everything is very simple. However, I want to immediately warn you: if you want to return to your husband’s family, using a drying room from your mistress, and at the same time suspect that your opponent stole your spouse with a love spell, then this will not help, alas.

It is powerless in this case, since the spell has a more powerful effect.

It will be possible to achieve the desired only after doing the lapel, which is better to entrust to the professional. Independently with the task of this you are unlikely to cope — only risk harming even more.

How to make a ritual yourself?

Method number 1 — drying on the photo

For the rite will need joint photo. It needs to be broken in half, “separating” the people depicted, and then burning white candles on the flame (the female half is burned first). In the process of burning repeat the plot:

“Together they walked the same way, but reached a fork in the road — they separated. Amen — 3 times«.

Method number 2 — on the potato

The rite is performed with the help of potatoes — untreated (required), it must be thrown into boiling water, but undercooked. Then take a piece of cloth blue or white, put a vegetable on it and wrap tightly. Roll up, sentence:

“Love is a carrot, and dislike is a potato. As potatoes rot and decompose, so does the union falls apart. «

The resulting bundle with potatoes inside must be buried in the woods or in the garden. It is necessary to do this in the full moon.

Method number 3 — on the wine

Drying from a rival at home

Talk wine using the spell given below, cross it and give a drink to the one you want to “dry”.

“I will become without blessing. I will go, not crossing.

I will not leave these doors — I will leave the basement log, I will leave the mouse path, I will go far to the east. Tõn stands there, the house in it stands, the furnace in the house stands, the fire burns in the oven, the century does not subside. A cat and a dog are sitting on this stove.

They fight, gnaw and scratch, wash with blood, do not meet the century — as much as (name the names of those you want to separate from each other)«.

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