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Dough on an apple at home

Dough on an apple

One of the most common rituals, designed to catch up on a man of love longing, is prisushka. In immemorial times, she helped to capture the attention of a loved one, to achieve his disposition and response feelings.

Interest in the drylands has not been squandered today.

Dough on an apple at home

Perhaps the most popular variety of this love ritual is prisushka on an apple. I am often asked to teach me how to do prisuha on an apple at home, and such requests mainly come from women and girls. For this reason, I decided to voice this particular topic in this article.

Prisushka on an apple is one of the most simple and affordable, but no less effective, magical rituals, and this is due to its fame. This love ceremony has its own technique, its own characteristics, and before you do it yourself, you should at least have a general idea of ​​the ritual.

Dough on an apple: features of the rite

I am sure that not everyone will be able to answer the question of why in this love ritual preference is given to an apple, and not to any other fruit. The answer is very simple: an apple is considered a fruit of love, a symbol of temptation (remember Adam and Eve).

Love ceremonies with the participation of this fruit known to mankind since ancient times.

The task, which is assigned to the mowing with the apple, is to cause a love longing from the chosen one or the chosen one. The rite affects the energy field of the victim, affects the mind and will, leads to changes in behavior. You can find out that a person is under the influence of prisuha on an apple by the following features:

  • Strong anguish: the victim begins to feel mortal melancholy, he is very bored, nothing pleases him;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • The desire to be with only one person — customer prisukhi;
  • Detachment from the outside world: the victim builds on the pedestal only the rite’s customer, everything and everything that surrounds him or her ceases to have any meaning.
  • Impairment of well-being: the ritual begins to act, affecting, first of all, the health of its victim. People with strong immunity may experience lethargy and fatigue.

Dough on an apple at home

A prisushka on an apple has several varieties: some of them are appropriate for those cases when the victim and the customer are already in a relationship, others when the relationship is only planned by the customer. The choice of the desired rite should be considered carefully and be sure to follow the instructions of the prisukha carefully.

How to choose an apple for the ritual?

Choose wisely not only the rite itself, but also its main attribute — the apple.

  • For each ritual, an apple from a tree, picked by itself, will be suitable — it is saturated with lively energy, which means that the result from prisushka will be faster and more pronounced.
  • Some of the prisuh on the apple and allow the fruit to be bought on the market, a fruit stand or a store. Usually this is all prescribed in the instructions.
  • Choose the fruit that you yourself will like and make you want to eat it. Apple should be the most juicy, ruddy and beautiful. Give preference to large fruits — it is easier to work with them.
  • In no case do not make cuts and do not remove the core, unless it is a condition of the very dry.
  • If it turned out that the apple is wormy or rotten, put off the ritual for a week or two. I got a damaged apple 3 times in a row — this is a sign that it’s time to finish with the attempts, the higher forces are opposed.

There is nothing beyond. Proceed to perform the rite only when you are morally ready for it, think about all the pros and cons — you cannot turn to magic for nothing, it does not tolerate frivolous attitude.

Use a duster only in vital cases.

How do you make a drying on an apple?

Method number 1 — a simple drying on an apple

This method is one of the simplest. To conduct it you will need ruddy apple, moreover, not necessarily from the garden — you can buy it in the store.

A ritual is held at midnight, preferably on the growing moon.

Look at the apple and try to present the features of your chosen one. After you succeed in your imagination to recreate a portrait of a loved one, read the following plot:

«As the apple will dry, so will you, God’s servant (name of the chosen one) you will miss me. Amen».

Read the spell 7 times, then place the apple on a saucer or plate and place it in a place where it will be exposed to direct sunlight (for example, on a window sill). It is not desirable that someone saw him.

The effect of the ritual will appear in a few weeks.

Method number 2 — prisushka on red apple

Dough on an apple at home

The task of this prisushka — cause melancholy and attraction from the victim. This rite is carried out using exactly red apple (color of passion).

He must break his own hand in the garden at dawn. Also prepare 2 candles and 2 toothpicks.

Make it dry at midnight, turning off all sources of artificial light.

Sit at the table, light the candles, look at the apple and imagine the image of your chosen one. Unleash your dreams and fantasies: you are with your beloved, you are filled with feelings of happiness (visualization enhances the action of the duster). Then pierce the apple with toothpicks in two places (opposite sides), while reading the plot:

“As this ripe red apple dries, so does God’s servant (name of the chosen one) grieve and dry will be for me, God’s servant (own name). So be it! Amen!»

After making the prisushka, go to sleep, and leave the apple in the place where the direct rays of the sun fall. The effect of the ceremony will be noticeable almost immediately, to get a stronger result — it will take time.

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