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Distributing to a rival at home

Strong razorka on a rival at home

In life sometimes there are situations when the relationship of two or more people is not desirable, and they need to stop. Magic offers its own solution to this problem — a ritual for bargaining.

Strong razorka on an opponent will help to quickly reduce any interpersonal contacts to zero.

Distributing to a rival at home

Characteristic features of the rite

Distributing to a rival is a magical effect, the purpose of which is to bring quarrels and conflicts into the relations of people, discord and discord and thereby bring their union (love, friendship, kindred) to a break. Ritual is considered a rite of negative nature, and therefore refers to the methods of black magic.

Like any ritual with a destructive effect, the rassorka is traditionally performed in the phase of decreasing moon, but for some methods a full moon is more suitable. The most effective rite is obtained if it was performed from midnight to 3 am (“witch hour”).

The days of the week suitable for magic are Tuesday and Saturday. You can not dedicate the rite of Friday (the day of magic love and family).

People can perform strong razorka out of envy, hatred or desire for revenge. Sometimes rassorku apply and with the good purpose:

  • to save the family — to embroil the spouse with his mistress and return him to his wife and children,
  • to stop a person from communicating with unwanted people.

A ritual performed for these purposes is the safest and least fraught with a pullback. In all other cases, the performer risks to feel the negative effects of the rite.

For the correct work of rassorki it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the magical effect. I advise you to apply the rite only in case of urgent need, for the benefit of family and close people.

Do not do the ritual, if you are driven by revenge, anger or hatred — you risk turning the dark forces around you and afterwards you will surely regret your deed.

Also, do not apply to rassorke, if you have doubts about their strength and the final result — in this case, ask for help from a practicing magician.

Examples rassorok

On fighting animals

Distributing to a rival at home

The ritual is suitable for bringing discord in the relationship of her husband and his mistress. If you suddenly see cats or dogs fighting each other on the street, say the following plot:

“As these beasts fight and bite, then they flee as the worst enemies, and let God’s servant also (husband’s name) with God’s slave (name of mistress) quarrel and fight, and then scatter. Let it be exactly what I said.


Plot need to read to the maximum proximity to animals. After speaking it, leave the place as quickly as possible.

To graveyard land or salt

A handful of salt or cemetery land should be quietly thrown at the threshold of those who need to embroil, while uttering a conspiracy:

“Like salt (land) This is not to bring together, and you will never be together. Quarrel, swear and fight!


To confuse your child with an undesirable group of friends

The ritual can be used by a mother who wishes to separate her son or daughter from a group of friends who have a bad influence on the child. For the rite, take knife with wooden handle.

You need to hold the knife by the blade and tap on all the corners in the house (apartment) with a pen. When tapping to utter a conspiracy plot:

“The angle was whether it was morning or morning. On the gray ashes of the old sits scottish. Sits and yawns, reads his prayer.

Condemns, speaks slaves (the names of the children and his friends), breaks down. In the corners of different, native corners accelerates.

As in heaven, he will not happen, as in hell he ages, so the slaves (names) Do not be together and not forever. In the house alone do not sleep, do not drink, do not eat, do not live in peace and fret. Strong ash, sharp knife.

Locks and keys — feature work and my care. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


From the mistress to the new needles

Distributing to a rival at home

The ritual will help embroil the fornicating spouse with his mistress. To implement it, purchase a new spool of black thread and a new set of needles, 2 wax candles.

Sit at midnight at the table, place the candles to the left and right of yourself, light them from one match. Concentrate on your goal, turn on the visualization, imagine how your husband moves away from his mistress.

Collect 6 needles, collect them in a bunch and squeeze with your fingers. Wrap the needles with black thread, reading the plot:

“I knock 6 arrows into one, send it to a rival (the name of the opponent), kill the connection with my husband (the name of the spouse). Needles, her heart painfully colitis, cool her soul from love, turn your back to (spouse’s name) so that there is no understanding, attention and love between them forever and ever — neither today, nor tomorrow, ever!

From now and forever! So be it!»

Wait until the candles burn out to the end. A bunch of needles to throw on the threshold of a rival, with a tip to the door.

The result will appear in 2 weeks.

Another way to look in the video:


Strong razorka — ritual is very powerful. Eliminate the effect of some of its varieties can not be any experienced specialist. That is why the decision to apply a ritual to specific people should be well thought out.

This ceremony starts a strong negative program, which, in the case of all, can turn against the performer himself.

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