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Discharge to the decreasing moon

Discharge to the decreasing moon

Love triangles in the relationship between the sexes — is quite common. The classic version — a husband, wife and lover. Moreover, the competition for a man is not always conducted by honest methods: many mistresses take the husband out of the family with the help of various magic rituals.

Any action has a reaction. Magic can also be used by deceived wives in the struggle to preserve their families.

For example, rassorka on a decreasing moon, will help her to bring discord in the relationship between the unfaithful husband and his mistress. These ceremonies are distinguished by simple execution.

Discharge to the decreasing moon

The concept of rassorke and prerequisites for the use of ritual

Rassorka is one of the techniques of turning magic. This is a rite that aims to bring discord between people through regular quarrels and conflicts. Argued that rassorka certainly leads to separation.

In fact, this is a little wrong: the rite makes the relationship unbearable, and the partners themselves decide to tear them apart or survive this difficult period. In the case, for example, that the razorka was performed by the mistress in order to take the husband away from his wife, the ritual may not work if the family is strong and happy, and there are strong feelings between the spouses.

In such a situation, the rite is more likely to roll back toward the performer.

Most rasorochny rituals are directly related to black magic, so turning to them requires caution from the performer. Boldly rasorka on a decreasing moon can use wives who want to turn away her spouse from his mistress and return to his family.

In this case, the likelihood of any negative consequences is minimal, since the performer has a good goal — to save her family. Quite differently, the situation will be, if the rassorka is used deliberately — to destroy someone else’s family, out of revenge or out of envy.

The goal here is initially set negative, so the consequences may be the most severe.

When performing rassorka on a waning moon on your own, you must follow the instructions exactly and not engage in independent activities, especially if the performer does not have any witch experience at all. Although rassorka is considered a rite that has a relatively weak negative impact on its victims, it is necessary to take the ritual as seriously as possible, not to abuse it and to apply it only when absolutely necessary.

Hazing on the decreasing moon by yourself

Midnight Rasorka on a rising or waning moon

Rassorka is a conspiracy that reads on a flawed or growing moon at exactly midnight. Words are pronounced, looking at the night light, 40 times, without pauses between times. Text:

«The moon in the sky, the fish in the water, the worms in the apple, the serpent in the slave (name of rival). Snake, go around her white body so that there is no happiness with the slave (name of man).

To quarrel and not put up, hated each other and despised. Servant of god (name of man), look — only you, God’s servant, are near you (own name).

And my rival (name of rival) — Wicked witch, dead fly, wicked pike. I have her — an ax, a broom. by fire. With the slave of God (name of man) she should not be, do not swing children, do not sit at the table, do not spend the nights.

Water and salt in her eyes, an infection and hostility for God’s servant (name of man). Only I him — happiness and love. Amen!»

After the plot has been pronounced the required number of times, the performer should silently go to bed. If a loved one has left and lives with a rival, this plot must be read 9 days in a row.

In this case, it is desirable to still engage in visualization, imagining how the lover returns, and the relationship with him becomes strong, happy and long.

Salt management on a waning moon

Discharge to the decreasing moon

This rassorka is intended for use by a mistress who wants to take her husband out of the family. Having decided to apply it, remember that the destruction of someone else’s family is a sin, for which you will have to pay dearly someday.

After all, someone else’s grief after this rassorka work, will be entirely on your conscience.

The consortium conspiracy is read on a handful of table salt, exactly at midnight, in a decreasing month. Text:

“White salt, servant of God (name of man) help me to separate from the servant of God (wife’s name). So that they do not live together, so that they have only sorrow and grief, fights and quarrels. To chill the heart of God’s servant (name of man) to the servant of God (wife’s name).

May he forget her, not be bored and not grieve. Let him be good without her, and with her — bad.

Word, language, lock ”.

Conspired salt should “spend the night” under your bed, and the next day you need to pour it onto the threshold of the dwelling where the husband and wife live whom you want to embroil. This ritual must be repeated 9 days in a row.

Spreading on the needle on a waning moon

Discharge to the decreasing moon

The ritual should be done by the wife, whose husband left the family and lives with his mistress. For the ceremony will need 12 new sewing needles, new spool of black thread, black candle. It is desirable that was still husband’s mistress photo — this will enhance the effect of the ritual.

The time of the rassorka is a waning moon, midnight.

Exactly at midnight, you need to put a black candle on the table and light it, next to put a photograph of the opponent. Then, at least 10 minutes to visualize, presenting how the husband leaves his mistress, how they quarrel and quarrel, to focus on their goal. After that, you should count the needles and, attaching them to each other, tie the bundle with black thread, reading the plot:

“I knit 12 needles into one, fasten it with a black thread and right in the heart of a different competitor (name of mistress) send a nasty connection with my husband (husband’s name) I’m killing forever! Needles, needles, tear and prick her heart to pain and to the blood. So that they have neither understanding, nor love, nor the desire of the lustful — neither today, nor tomorrow, never!

And only quarrels, abuse and suffering — from now and forever. As said, so be it! ”

A bundle of needles must be thrown into the house where the unfaithful spouse and his mistress live. The action rassorki begins immediately after the lining will be in their home.

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