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Consequences of love spell — you need to know about them before the ritual

The desire to find love in life is quite natural for every person. She is able to fill life with bright colors and make it full. But, it should be remembered that very often in the modern world there is also unrequited love.

Such love does not bring joy, it torments a person cruelly and for a long time, ruins his life and makes him mad. The inability to connect with your loved one brings to despair, and many agree to use any means to attract him to him.

And there is such a tool — the use of a love spell.

When used properly, magic turns out to be very effective in love affairs. With the help of a love spell, you can attract your loved one and keep him, if not forever, then, in any case, for a long time.

However, it should be remembered that the consequences of a love spell can be very unpleasant, and even dangerous, for both the bewitched person and for you. It should be borne in mind that although with the help of a love spell you will be able to attract a loved one and constantly keep him near you, it will not be true love.

The bewitched will not be able to throw you, however in relations there will be no romance and real warmth.

The usual consequences of a love spell for a bewitched person are depression, irritability, frequent insomnia, unreasonable anger or tears. After all, through a love spell you rudely intrude into the aura of another person.

For some people, the consequences of love spells turn out to be completely tragic.

Consequences of love spell - you need to know about them before the ritual

Love spell can seriously harm a person with a strong will, who at a subconscious level will necessarily resist the alien effects.

Disruption of energy metabolism during an external energy attack often leads to poor health in general. Initially, there may be a general feeling of weakness, and against this background, exacerbation of chronic diseases occurs. Moreover, failures can be in various organs of the human body from the cardiovascular system to the musculoskeletal system.

The most frequently mentioned references are that bewitched people suffer from heart attacks, they are subject to frequent injury. In addition, love spells for men threaten the emergence of problems with potency, and infertility often develops in women.

On the basis of the energy changes in the aura, a change in the consciousness of the bewitched person occurs. Moreover, this process is absolutely unpredictable. A person almost always begins to show problems in business at work.

Constantly thinking about the woman who bewitches him, he loses touch with the real world and cannot keep track of everything he did before. All business life is crumbling down to complete ruin.

A person under the influence of a love spell disappears a sense of self-preservation, and he can get into very dangerous situations, sometimes even life-threatening. People under the influence of a love spell can not analyze everything that happens and, seeing how life around them is falling apart, are prone to suicide.

As the character of the bewitched person undergoes noticeable changes, he begins to have difficulties with friends and close people. They simply cease to recognize and understand him.

Moreover, if someone from the family realizes that a friend, lover or husband is under the influence of a love spell, then this arouses the aggressiveness of the bewitched person.

If too much love spell is used in relation to a person with a sensitive psyche, this can lead to his severe physical or mental illness. Unable to withstand the mental violence perpetrated on him, the bewitched may even lay hands on himself or vice versa, direct his aggression on the one who bewitched him, subconsciously guessing the originator of his suffering.

Tip! Minimal consequences have white love spells. Especially since most of the unpleasant symptoms disappear over time.

Therefore, if the decision on the use of magic is made, then preference should be given to white love spells.

Consequences of love spell - you need to know about them before the ritual

It should be understood that not only the love spells as a whole are dangerous, but troubles can arise even if an oversight was made during the conduct of the most harmless ritual or some kind of failure occurred. That is why, when conducting ceremonies on your own, you must follow the rules and follow all instructions.

The main unpredictable consequences of a love spell may be as follows:

  • Manifestations of strong aggressiveness and nervousness;
  • The development of alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as addiction to other harmful hobbies;
  • Zombies and complete loss of interest in life.

Sometimes a love object develops a deep hostility, to the point of hating a person who has tried to bewitch him. The consequences of the love spell for the person who conducted the ceremony, under adverse conditions, can also be the most deplorable.

The so-called backward wave, which is distinguished by a special force when performing a black love spell, can act. It can lead to poor health and the development of dangerous diseases.

But besides this, it will be very difficult to see a broken person next to him, and not the one whose love he so wanted to win. But it is even worse to see how a person turns into an aggressive creature that can offend not only you, but also your children, and sometimes people close to you.

When deciding to bewitch a loved one, it is very important to realize that a love spell is a sin from the point of view of the Orthodox Church. So, you should think very well before using bewitching magic, can you really not do without it?

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