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Consequences of love for the victim and the customer

What could be the consequences of love affecting

Unrequited love sometimes pushes people to the most rash actions. The desire to be with your loved one is so much in a state of love that many, without hesitation, turn to magic.

At the same time, they completely forget that the compulsory influence on a person and the suppression of his will and feelings can lead to unpredictable and very serious consequences.

Love spells, if improperly performed, can be dangerous, both for a person who is bewitched, and for the customer or performer in the case of an independent ceremony. It should be remembered that even the rituals of white magic, so that magicians do not assert there, are not completely harmless.

Violence over the will of another person is always punishable. Therefore, even if the rite acted as it should and led to the creation of a strong union, in the future partners may face serious tests that threaten separation.

And only having stood in a difficult moment and having experienced difficulties together, you can look to the future with confidence, not remembering that it was not fate that brought them together, but magic.

Consequences of love for the victim and the customer

Any privet ceremony carries a certain threat to the customer. And this must be taken into account when deciding to charm a loved one with magic. It should be understood that the spell is a specific magic program of enslavement.

And, as you know, in the world around us there is a balance, that is, you have to pay for all evil. Of course, there are ceremonies that seem to give a respite, so you, as a customer, will not feel the negative consequences of your deed.

But in this case, future generations will have to pay for your deed.

For any privet ceremony, a concentration of energy. A person who by nature has a weak energy to perform a directional impact, in order to attract a loved one against his will, simply cannot. Therefore, always after the ceremony comes a slight indisposition.

If a potent black magic ritual was used, the customer’s condition may deteriorate to a large extent and a long period will be needed to restore health.

More serious consequences of the love spell for the customer manifest themselves as follows:

  • The emergence of sudden diseases that are poorly diagnosed and difficult to treat in traditional ways.
  • The emergence of serious financial difficulties that cannot be solved.
  • Violation of the general mental state, which manifests itself as insomnia and nervous disorders.

But, of course, the most difficult consequence for the customer should be considered that after the love spell he loses the opportunity to meet with the fate of a loved one intended for him in real life. Also very dangerous in the case of self-fulfillment may be cemetery rituals. They are known to involve the attraction of otherworldly forces.

And with the slightest mistake or inaccuracy, an entity can be accidentally called out from the world of the dead. Having become attached to the person who performed the rite, she will begin to draw strength from him and feed on his life energy.

This is manifested, as a rule, in the fact that an absolutely healthy person begins to languish without any explainable reason.

You should be aware that the philttering should not be aimed at the destruction of a strong union of two people. In this case, the negative consequences will turn into a real tsunami, consisting of serious problems and experiences affecting all spheres of life without exception.

Since a love spell is violence against a person, the result of such an impact entirely depends on the power of the energy of the bewitched person. At the subconscious level, any one of us is more or less able to resist external influence, even if it turns out to be at the energy level. This leads to the fact that the customer, seeking to attract a loved one to him with the help of magic, gets a completely opposite result.

Next to him is a broken man who hates him, but who does not have the strength to leave him.

The consequences of the love spell for a man, who by nature has a strong energy, are manifested in the following:

  • Impotence;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Addiction to other addictions;
  • Aggressiveness.

The consequences of a love spell for a bewitched person are always associated with depression and loss of interest in life. The victim loses his peace of mind and lives with a constant feeling of anxiety in anticipation of something terrible. A bewitched person always develops insomnia, and nightmares exhaust him.

Over time, the life of the victim becomes unbearable, even short tides of love for the partner do not give pleasure, and the euphoria is always replaced by deep sadness. Intimate life does not bring joy, but rather is the fulfillment of certain obligations.

Conditionally classified by category the consequences of a love spell for the victim can be as follows:

    Deterioration of health. Opposition to the love quirk at the energy level disrupts the work of all internal organs and systems.

    Such an imbalance of the body can lead to the development of serious chronic diseases that are difficult to treat.

The destruction of the psyche. Insomnia for a long time and the inability to organize a complete rest cause serious damage to the human nervous system.

  • Losses in the social sphere. Love spell leads to the fact that a person’s character changes and, as a result, his life habits also change. This leads to the loss of friends and the separation of close people. Thus, social ties are crumbling. And due to changes in the mental state there are problems at work.
  • Consequences of love for the victim and the customer

    Love spell must be removed — this statement is beyond doubt. Moreover, this should be done as quickly as possible after the discovery of the first signs of alien influence.

    It is very important to remove the spell correctly, only in this case it will be possible to minimize the negative consequences of removing the spell. In most cases, the negative is removed using wax castings or chicken eggs.

    Rites do not differ in complexity and can be held at home on their own. But you need to carefully study the rules of the ceremonies, if possible, consult with a professional magician and be sure to monitor the victim of the love spell during the procedure.

    If the ceremony of removing the love spell will be conducted incorrectly, then all the negative from the energy envelope will not be removed. And this means that even if the victim manages to get rid of the love inclination to the customer, he will not be able to fully recover.

    And all his life will show health problems and nervous disorders.

    The love spell is a very strong emotional load for the victim, because in this case, a steady relationship with the customer is broken, which was imposed by a strong rite. That is, in a short time, a person at the emotional level is immediately subjected to two ordeals.

    Therefore, it is very important to plan a rehabilitation period for the victim after removing the love spell. A person must be surrounded by attention and care. For a close person who helped the victim to get rid of the bewitching effect, it is important to realize that the cause of the betrayal was the strong external circumstances associated with the use of magic, which is almost impossible to resist.

    Therefore, after removing the love spell, it is necessary to abandon any reproaches and trials. It is necessary to give an opportunity to the person who has visited the puppet in the wrong hands to adapt to real life.

    It should be understood that a person, having got rid of an alien impact, is always in a state of shock.

    This may be manifested in the fact that:

    • The victim will refuse to communicate with loved ones for several days after removing the negative;
    • The person will try to explain why he did such an act, but there will be no clear explanation for this.

    In order not to disperse with the person after removing the love spell, you will need to exercise great patience, it is important to remember the following:

    • You can not stoop to revenge and arrange demonstrative acts of retribution;
    • Under no circumstances should a person be reminded of treason;
    • You can not accelerate events and force your loved one to swear in eternal love for you.

    In view of the foregoing, the question of whether a spell can be made without consequences is very relevant. It is very important before making the decision to use the bewitching magic in relation to a loved one, to do the following — to give honest answers to your questions.

    They sound like this:

    • Do you want to build a serious relationship with a beloved person and create a strong family with him in the future?
    • Do you feel afraid of strengthening your own love feeling, which happens quite often after a philtreating rite?
    • Can you save your love for the chosen one if his character changes?
    • Are you sure that your elect has no sincere feelings for another woman?

    Only in the case of all positive answers can a bewitching rite be conducted. If there is the slightest doubt, then the use of love magic should be abandoned, bearing in mind that it is not a toy and can lead to serious negative consequences.

    Simple rituals of white magic, which call for help from the elements of nature, are considered to be very effective, with minimal consequences. Conspired water is very effective. To do this, you can use any conspiracies, but most importantly, that they did not sound wishes of suffering and torment.

    To speak should be living water, recruited from a natural spring or well. In this case, the ceremony should be held only in the period of the rising moon.

    The moonlight can strengthen the love love spell of water, so it is advisable to choose the moon night for the ritual, and in this case you can start talking water on the window sill with the window or window open.

    Consequences of love for the victim and the customer

    You can use conspiracy water in different ways, namely:

    • To give her the chosen one;
    • To wash her loved one;
    • Throw out at the threshold of the bewitched.

    The main thing that needs to be remembered is that it is impossible to mix the conspiratorial living water with dead water from the tap; it will immediately lose its magical properties.

    It is widely used in love magic and the wind, which, after pronouncing magic words, can transfer your feelings to your beloved and awaken reciprocal love in it. Such ceremonies are effective even at considerable distances.

    In addition, you can use love magic in the event that you are sure that your chosen one sincerely sympathizes with you, but at the same time does not dare to take a more serious step. Moreover, in this case, it is quite enough to visit the temple and put a candle for the health of your loved one near one of the icons. After that, you need to pray, and turn to God or the Holy Mother of God for help.

    You must first tell about your strong love and how much you strive to build a happy life together with your loved one. You should know that this method is suitable only for sincere believers.

    From the foregoing, it can be understood that love magic without negative consequences is a rather complicated matter. Therefore, you should first try to attract the attention of the man to himself in the usual ways of life.

    If you really sincerely love a person, then you will be able to surround him with such care and attention that it will be impossible to not respond with love.

    But if you still cannot manage to cope with your own feelings and at the same time you cannot awaken the response feelings of your chosen one, then it is better to turn to a professional magician for help. In this case, random errors and inaccuracies can be eliminated.

    In addition, the professional will provide the necessary protection that minimizes the negative effects of the rite.

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