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Church spell — three ways to

Church spell is considered very effective, but not very often used. It is based on the use of Christian egregor and religious paraphernalia.

Any church bewitching rite can be successful only if it is conducted by a sincere believer.

During the ritual forces are used:

  • Holy martyrs;
  • The angels of heaven;
  • Icons

Church ministers themselves consider any magical effects a sin and deny the possibility of using prayers for the purpose of a magical effect. But, nevertheless, conditionally, all rituals that use church paraphernalia can be attributed to church rituals.

And there are a lot of them.

Church spell - three ways to

Church spell, often, is timed to a particular religious holiday. One of the most powerful love spells is ritual, which is held at the baptism, which is always celebrated on January 19. But you should know that an important condition for the performance of the ceremony is that this day must coincide with the full moon period.

Of course, such a coincidence does not happen often.

For the ceremony should be prepared in advance:

  • A pair of church candles:
  • Icon of Peter and Fevronia.

In a separate room the table is covered with a light clean tablecloth and an icon is placed on it. Candles need to take in hand, warm them with their warmth and presenting the image of a loved one to start twisting them together.

In the process, the following magic words are pronounced:

After this twisted candles should be put on the table next to the icon and set on fire. The performer of the rite needs to sit in silence, concentrating on thoughts of his beloved, while the candles burn out.

Church spell can also be carried out directly in the temple. One of the strongest rituals can be held on Mondays after the morning service.

The spell in the church begins with the fact that you need to put candles for the health of yourself, your beloved, relatives and close friends. Then you need to go to the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and mentally speak with him, sharing your own feelings for your loved one.

After that you should light a candle and say the words in a whisper:

After the spell was held in the church, one should address the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for seven days before bedtime. In addition, be sure to have in your own home an icon of the Holy Saint.

There are many very effective bewitches with church candles. All of them belong to church rites.

A rite with forty candles is very effective, but it will take a lot of patience. Since the ritual is held for forty days, and breaks can not be done.

First, in the church you need to buy forty candles and on the same day, retiring in a separate room, each of them should be recited the prayer “Our Father”. After that, all the candles you need to take in your right hand and ignite.

Looking at the flame you need to pronounce the following words:

Having spoken such words, the candles need to be blown out and folded into a fabric pouch, which you must first sew from a new flap.

Church spell - three ways to

All the next forty days you need to retire in a separate room at a late night time and get one candle each and place it on a plate, then light it. The candle should burn naturally completely.

While the candle is burning, you should sit side by side in absolute silence and imagine the future happy life with your loved one. Visualized scenes should be filled with positive and bright feelings.

The plate in which the candles are installed cannot be cleaned of wax, it is necessary to put it every time after the candle burns out in a bag with candles. After the last candle burns out, the next day, early in the morning, wax off the plate, wrap it in a clean sheet of white paper, and, going outside, bury it under a young tree.

It is important to carry out this spell in full confidence in its effectiveness. The slightest doubt in the soul or lack of faith in magic will kill the directed energetics of the quivering influence, and the rite will be ineffective.

But apart from this, with this attitude, this ritual can have the opposite effect. That is, a love spell can turn into a cuff and permanently alienate your loved one from you.

In the church can also be performed love spells that are related to black magic. But they can have serious negative consequences, so they should be used only in extreme cases.

And at the same time it is very important when deciding whether to conduct a black spell in the church beforehand to consult with a professional magician.

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