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Church love spell — how to make and what consequences

Love spell in church

Does anyone have the power to make a spell in order to achieve well-being and harmony in love and family affairs? Based on my practice, I can say that the love ritual is successfully obtained even in very ordinary girls, far from magic.

And the representatives of the strong half can achieve attention and reciprocity from the desired woman almost without problems.

Love spells there are countless, and they are divided into white and black. In independent practice, I recommend that you use white stooges. They are carried out with the help of light forces and do not cause negative consequences, and some of them act as effectively as their black counterparts.

For example, one of the most powerful love rituals is the white love spell in the church.

Church love spell - how to make and what consequences

General principles of the white love spell in the church

The spell in the church is remarkable in that the place where it is performed (church, temple) is saturated with the energetics of the Divine forces, which in itself is very powerful. Higher forces willingly help a person to achieve his goal, if his intentions are pure, sincere, come from the very soul.

The most important thing is that the white love spell in the church is safe; it cannot harm the performer or the object of the ceremony. He is not violent, does not require protection. The worst thing that can happen is a love spell will not work.

This happens if the bewitched person is not intended to the performer of the ritual, and their destinies must go in different ways.

What will be required from the artist love spell?

  1. An indispensable condition is faith in God. Without faith in the success of the ritual can not even hope.
  2. The key condition is sincere love and respect for the beloved person. Artist ritual sincerely must be willing to build a harmonious relationship with that, bewitches. His impulse should be deprived of the desire to harm his beloved person, in the intentions should be no selfishness, self-interest, anger, revenge.
  3. The performer must be present firmness and confidence in their desires and aspirations.

In a love spell, performed in the church, you can not use the coercive conspiracy formula. Plotting words should be similar to a prayer for love and happiness in relationships.

And if the Divine forces hear this prayer, the priest and the bewitched will surely be together and be happy.

Signs of success and failure of the church love

About whether or not the love spell worked in the church, the ritual performer will immediately find out:

  • if you felt your warmth, sense of enlightenment, your mood is elevated and you are sure that the ceremony will work and you did right — this is a clear sign that Divine forces are favorable to you;
  • if after doing the love spell, you feel cold, empty, feel overwhelmed and tired, doubts about the correctness of actions performed overcome you, but a heavy and unpleasant aftertaste remains in your soul — this suggests that your desire cannot be fulfilled now. You are not destined to be with the bewitched together, the higher forces have prepared another betrothed for you, and expectation is required of you.

How to make a love spell in the church?

Love spell in church: two-part ritual

The rite is held in 2 stages. First go around all the churches near your house, choose for yourself one where you feel most comfortable. easy and good.

The time suitable for making a love spell is the last third of the growing month.

Church love spell - how to make and what consequences

  1. On the appointed day, go to the selected church, go around all the icons, pray, and ask each of them to assist in your work. It is important that your soul at this moment be cleared of negativity, the desire must be sincere, the thoughts must be pure. Place one candle and awaken in the temple until it is completely burned out. Then take the holy water and 3 consecrated candles to the church.
  2. Proceed to the second part of the love spell the next day, after the sun has disappeared over the horizon (certainly before midnight). Spend a ritual in the room where you sleep. In the center of the table, put holy water tank, on both sides, side by side, install 2 candles and place near them photographs (your and the bewitched person). With the third lit candle go around all 4 corners of your bedroom. When finished, place the 3rd candle next to the container, in the center of the table. Light the 2 remaining candles. Look at the first candle and say the prayer “Our Father”. Look at her flame, turn on the visualization, think about your love, its strength and purity. Do the same with the 2nd candle. Imagine how a loved one reciprocates you, how his feelings for you grow and become stronger. Then put your right hand in a container with water and cross it first with your photo (touching the image) and the photo of your chosen one (chosen one). Fold the two photographs facing each other and cross them again, pronouncing: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Photographs, without separating, put in a clean, without any inscriptions, a white envelope. Hide the envelope in a safe and secure place. Do not throw it away!

Church love spell - how to make and what consequences

If the love spell works, you will notice it in the very near future. Beloved people will gradually change their attitude towards you in a good way, they will have real feelings that are not imposed by magic.

Everything in your life and in his life will help you to be together — fate as if adapts itself to both of you.

You will begin to assist the surrounding people. In the family that you create with him, children will be born very soon.

You are waiting for material well-being, and special efforts will not have to be applied to this. Troubles, misfortunes and sufferings will bypass your relationship.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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