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Charm from love spell — a reliable way to protect

Love magic was in demand at all times. And in the modern world, people often use special rituals to bewitch the person they like.

In this regard, the question of how to protect against foreign exposure is very relevant.

Special protective tricks have great protective power. They may be ordinary household items that are pre-spelled with special magic words.

Charm from love spell - a reliable way to protect

You can talk to any object, but the protective ceremony should be conducted in strict accordance with the recommendations. The main thing subsequently never to part with the talisman from conspiracy.

The hairbrush is an obligatory personal hygiene item for a person, it is always kept to itself. Therefore, such a charm from love spell always works reliably.

For the ritual besides the comb you will need to use:

  • Four white candles;
  • One red candle;
  • A flap of white new fabric.

If you live with a man, then it is better to carry out such a rite to speak from a love spell of two combs. In this case, you would like to protect your relationship from the destructive alien impact.

Charm from love spell starts talking magic words at midnight, while the moon phase does not matter. In a separate room you need to lay out a piece of white cloth on the table and place candles on it.

At the same time, white candles are set in the corners, and the red one is placed in the center and combs are placed next to it.

After this, the candles light up and spell out the following magic words:

The candles should then be put out and hidden in a secluded place. You can not throw them away.

A conspiratorial comb can be used for its intended purpose and at the same time they should always be with you.

Charm from love spell - a reliable way to protect

To protect against love spells, you can create a special protective doll, which during the energy attack will take the whole blow upon itself. For this you need to hold a ceremony during the full moon with a lit candle.

Having retired in a separate room, start the ritual by making the doll directly using various natural materials.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Birch twigs are used to make the basis for the doll, they must be joined together, tying together with a thread;
  • The acorn is set in place of the head;
  • From the shreds of your clothes you can sew spacious clothes for the doll with a new needle;
  • A piece of birch bark is taken and a pentagram is drawn on it, which is sewn to the doll’s clothes in the heart region;
  • Next, clothes are worn on the frame and filled with various herbs: eucalyptus, sage, parsley;
  • Your hair and oak leaves are attached to clothes;
  • The created doll is smeared with pine oil.

After that, mentally the doll should be revived and give it its own name. Then you need to talk with the doll in your own words, explaining to her, one hundred from now on, she is your amulet from love spell.

Next, bring the doll over the flame of the candle and sprinkle it with holy water. In conclusion, the doll is smeared with pine oil.

This amulet from charm should be put in a canvas bag and always carried with you in your bag or pocket.

Charm from love spell - a reliable way to protect

In order to save a loved one from bewitching, in principle, you can start talking about any object that he carries with him, and thus turn him into a guardian.

So, you need to borrow a personal object for a while and, retiring in a separate room, speak it with these words:

After that, the plotted object can be returned to the owner. And it is necessary to do this unnoticed.

It will be better if your beloved will not know anything about the rite.

In addition to amulets and magical rituals, they will reliably protect against the bewitching effects of prayer. It is not necessary to pray to attend the temple, you can do it at home.

The main thing is that the protective prayers should be sincere, and not become a routine procedure.

In addition, protects against love spells elementary caution in behavior. For example, men should remember that they are often fascinated through food or drink.

Therefore, it is hardly worth responding to the offer of an unfamiliar woman to have dinner or dine with her. Better to just invite her to a restaurant.

And if she refuses under any pretext, then you really planned to bewitch.

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