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Cemetery spell refers to black magic

The art of love spells in our time is simultaneously experiencing both its heyday and fall. Ancient magic, which has been in the underground for centuries, is now becoming available to everyone, and a very large number of them are so many in the world of unrequited love. But the quality of the proposed love spells does not always justify itself.

Therefore, in search of really effective love spells, many willingly resort to black magic, in the arsenal of which a cemetery love spell is included.

The ominous energy of the cemetery, the inexhaustible power of the other world, with proper skill, self-confidence and sufficient abilities, can be used for their own purposes, for example, to bewitch a loved one. There are several options for such love spells.

Cemetery spell refers to black magic

One of the strongest and most popular is the spell, which has the name «It is worth the old cemetery.» To commit it, you must come to an abandoned cemetery at night, where no one is buried.

Standing in the middle of the graves need to pronounce the following words:

When uttering the last words, a small drop of one’s own blood must be shed on the ground.

Another famous cemetery love spell called «I will come to a big city.» For its execution, an unburned candle taken from the grave is used.

You need to take a candle on the grave and bring it to your home.

At home, ignite and read this plot:

The rite must be repeated on the ninth night after the first performance, and then on the fortieth.

Cemetery spell refers to black magic

The magical effect on another person using his photo, which belongs to the black cemetery rites, is very powerful. It should be carried out only if you are confident in the sincerity of your own feelings and are ready to live all your life with a bewitched man. In addition, you should know that if something goes wrong, the consequences of a rollback of this rite can be very dangerous and scary.

To conduct a graveyard love spell you need to take a previously prepared photo of a loved one, and go with him to the cemetery. There it must be burned at midnight near one of the graves, where your chosen one’s namesake is buried.

The ashes should be collected and buried next to the grave, pronouncing the following words:

Such a conspiracy is repeated nine times. After the cemetery spell is held, you need to quickly and without turning around to leave the cemetery.

On the way home you cannot talk to anyone, otherwise the result of the love spell will decrease significantly.

This rite begins to operate almost immediately, and the first visible result will manifest itself after 9 days. It is very important not to tell anyone about the conduct of the love spell, this secret should remain only yours for life.

Even if the ceremony was conducted in strict accordance with the rules, it causes some negative consequences for the bewitched person.

The following signs indicate that the cemetery love spell reached its goal and began to act:

  • The emergence of malaise against the background of developing acute respiratory viral infections;
  • Bad sleep with nightmare elements.

It should be remembered that the cemetery rites have very great power. And this force can not only help in the fulfillment of cherished desires, but also cause harm — as a loved one, and you.

Therefore, the cemetery rites should be treated with great caution.

Always follow all the recommendations provided in the ritual. If you are not confident in your abilities, then contact a professional magician for help, or at least get competent advice. It is very important to behave properly in the cemetery, namely it is impossible to make noise, attract attention and disturb the souls of the departed.

If the rite is intended to appeal to otherworldly forces or to the dead, then you should definitely leave something at the cemetery.

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