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Bow rassorka — 2 powerful ways

Rassorka onions

Razorka onions — a ritual that aims to embroil two people, fill their relationships with conflicts and scandals, and thereby spoil them and lead to destruction. Since the goal of the ritual is negative, it is part of black magic and is fraught with negative consequences for the victim and for the customer (or performer).

In order to reduce this probability, it is recommended that protection be put in front of the disassembly, and after execution it be given over to dark forces.

Bow rassorka - 2 powerful ways

Rassorka onions is one of the most popular and successful. Onions are often used in magic — as a props for rites of a negative nature.

This is due to the fact that this vegetable is considered a symbol of tears, bitterness, grief. The object of the ritual can be a couple in love, and a husband and wife who have lived with each other for years.

The ritual helps and discord among themselves those whose relations are at the initial stage and are only being formed — in this case, the ritual makes further love relationship impossible.

Recommendations for the proper conduct of the ritual

Magic rites of this kind have their own characteristics of performance, on which their success directly depends:

  • the best period for the ceremony is a decreasing month. The suitable time of day is night (from midnight to 3 am);
  • onions must be purchased. You cannot take it from your own garden — you risk lashing out the misfortune on yourself and your loved ones;
  • to perform the ritual, you must carefully prepare in advance: find all the necessary details, choose the right day;
  • you need to prepare yourself: wash, put on clothes of dark tones, dissolve hair, remove jewelry and cross;
  • an indispensable condition is the exact following of instructions.

Rassorka — a ritual of dark magic, and therefore very dangerous. I do not recommend it for self-execution if you do not have experience in magical practice.

The best solution in this case would be to contact a professional. If you take up the work of the rite yourself, be sure to put up a defense before the ritual, and at the end of it, do something.

Possible consequences

Rassorka — a kind of damage, aimed at the relationship of people. Its most important negative manifestation is regular quarrels and conflicts that make life together unbearable.

Bow rassorka - 2 powerful ways

Also, on the part of the victim, the ritual often leads to the following consequences:

  • health problems as a result of the rite’s impact on the protective function of the energy field;
  • development of complexes and psychological problems;
  • dispersion, concentration problems;
  • anxiety, regular headaches;
  • irritability and aggressiveness.

Do not do rassorku, if you have at least a modicum of doubt about the need for a ritual. Use it only as a last resort and remember that magic can go against you at any moment.

How to embroil people with onions?

On dried onions on a photo

First of all, prepare all the attributes: bulb (bought in advance and spent the day in a dark place), photos of the victims of the ceremony (men and women), 2 saucers, black candle, sharp knife with a dark handle. Procedure:

  1. Place a lit candle in the center of the table. On either side of it, place the saucers on which you place the photos face up.
  2. Take the onion and cut it in half. Put the halves on the photo, cut down, but before these, say a plot, looking at the person in the photo directly in the eye: “As bitter onions, so shall your bitterness(name), meeting with (name). As the tears from the bow flow, just the tears and sorrows will be from yours, (name), dating (name). As the onion dries, so does yours, (name), feeling to (name), to him (her) hatred fills you. Let it be so».That is, it turns out that you read the plot 2 times, but only by replacing the names.
  3. Hide the saucers with the photographs and the halves of the onions in a dark place so that the onions begin to dry. In the period of decreasing month every night, go to the saucers and read the conspiracy plot above. At the same time you cannot touch the photo and the bow.
  4. When the onion dries completely, burn the contents of the saucers in the fire flame. It’s best to do it outside.
  5. While the dried onions and photographs will burn, utter a conspiracy: “By hate, cruel to you,(name), burn to (name), anger blaze more than ever, do not know peace. Let it be so».

Cemetery method

Only for experienced ones — cemetery rituals are very unpredictable and dangerous!

Bow rassorka - 2 powerful ways

One of the most powerful rites rassorki, held at midnight. To perform the required: bulb, photos of ritual victims, sharp knife with a dark handle, salt, black pepper, black candles, black thread, a bottle of good vodka (to pay off the deceased). Procedure:

  1. Arriving at the cemetery, wander around and find the grave of the deceased with the same name as the one you wish to embroil.
  2. Install the candles, light them and refer to the deceased: «You,(name of the dead man), you lie in the ground, do not eat or drink, do not take vodka with your hands. And I brought you a present. You take him away, give me what I want. ”Pour vodka on the grave (the whole bottle).
  3. Use a knife to divide the onion in half, on the halves with a knife, scrape the names of the victims of the ceremony.
  4. Mix the salt with pepper, sprinkle the mixture with plenty of slices of onion halves. At the same time say: “As salty salt and bitter pepper, life is just as salty and bitter(names of victims of the ceremony)«.
  5. Fold the photographs back to each other, press them with the halves of the onion so that the cut and the faces of the people touch. The composition is tied crosswise with a black thread.
  6. Dig a small hole in the grave with a knife, fold the tied photos and half of the onion with the words: «You,(name of the dead man), serve me, take something away and (names of the victims) dissolve. As the bow decays in the ground, their love will wither as well, turn into quarrels, turn into terrible discord. Waiting for their misfortune — to never be together. Let it be so!». Dig a hole, put out the candles. All manipulations with cemetery land is best done with rubber gloves.
  7. Leave the cemetery without looking back. The roads to and from the cemetery should not be the same — go different ways.

Never use rassorku for no apparent reason, do not make it out of curiosity. Take magic very seriously — lightheadedness can cost you dearly.

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