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Black magic and love spells of particularly strong action

As you know, love spells can have different goals and different actions. With the help of some rituals, you can return a loved one, while others allow you to awaken sexual passion in your chosen one.

Many people are ready to resort to the most powerful and dangerous forces that black magic uses to fulfill their desires. The spell of black magic has a particularly strong effect, but it should be remembered about the danger of such rites.

Black magic and love spells of particularly strong action

In black magic, the power of the World of the Dead is very often used, which are called upon to help by various magic items and spells. The most effective of the rituals in which black magic is used is a love spell using a black candle.

The rite is performed at midnight. Before the ritual, you must remove the pectoral cross.

The process of targeting a person’s love spell involves the following actions:

  • Having retired in a separate room you need to light a black candle;
  • Looking at her, you should repeat the following spell three times:

The spell of black magic with the use of a wax doll is also widely used. During the ritual, two needles are used.

The first needle heats up on the flame of a black candle and pierces the head of the pupa.

The action takes place with these words:

Then the second needle heats up and pierces the heart with the words:

After this, the pupa hides in a secluded place. The needles cannot be removed from it, since in this case the action of magic stops.

Photography always enhances the magic rite, and the black spell is no exception. Thanks to the snapshot, it is possible to visualize the connection with the person being bewitched.

Of course, such a rite will be more effective if it is conducted by a professional magician. But properly concentrating on your feelings, you can bewitch a person yourself.

For the ritual need:

  • Blank white paper;
  • A snapshot of a bewitched person, it is important that he was shown alone in the photo.
  • Wax candle black.

The magic bewitching rite is held at midnight during the rising moon. Previously on a sheet of paper should write the name of the victim and throw off shoes.

After that you need to perform the following steps:

  • Attach a sheet with the name of the person being bewitched to the picture so that the image is exactly under the name;
  • Wear shoes;
  • Light a black candle;
  • Put a sheet of paper with a photo on the floor;
  • Become on his right foot so that the picture was under the heel;
  • Drop the left foot on the knee;
  • Say the following words six times:

Black magic and love spells of particularly strong action

The next morning, a sheet with a picture folded in half, put in the left shoe, which must be put in the left side of the bedroom.

Applying any black spell, remember that in this way you destroy the aura of your chosen one, deprive of peace of mind, and also put your own soul at risk. The use of such a rite is justified only in exceptional cases.

If you need to attract the attention of a person you like, it is better to use one of the rites of white magic. Such rituals, when properly performed, are no less effective, but after them no serious negative effects are observed.

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