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Black love spell that can not be removed — two ways to

Two variants of black love spells, whose action cannot be removed

Love is a very complex strong feeling that does not always bring joy. She can make people suffer, and against the background of this often leads a person in love to commit rash acts, which will be regretted in the future.

Very many people of the modern world are trying to solve love problems with the help of love magic. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is dangerous.

And sometimes it can lead to serious consequences that will manifest itself over many generations.

Any black love spell depends on the strength of the energy sent. Few can at home perform such a powerful magical effect.

As a rule, a black spell that cannot be removed is performed by professional magicians.

Black love spell that can not be removed - two ways to

Before starting the black ritual, you need to be convinced of the strength of your feelings towards the person you are planning to bewitch. It is very important to have a strong energy by nature for a successful ceremony.

The most effective at home are rituals that involve the use of a photo of a loved one. Additional attributes can be a variety of things through which the effectiveness of the ceremony is enhanced.

It is very important in this case to strictly comply with all recommendations of the rites, any non-compliance with the rules threatens to have serious negative consequences both for the victim and for the performer.

Most often, a black spell is performed at home using a photo of the chosen one. According to the photo, the sorcerer absolutely accurately visualizes the victim of the spell and thereby enhances the magical effect.

Black love spell, which can not be removed, the girls can perform on their own. If you feel the power to concentrate as much as possible on the image of a loved one.

That is, it is necessary to create a complete illusion that in the whole world, except for you two, no one else exists.

During the ritual, these additional attributes will be used:

  • Blank sheet of paper;
  • Black wax candle;
  • A fresh and clear shot of a loved one.

The ritual is performed during the growing moon. The optimal time is midnight, but it is allowed to perform magical actions and just in the late evening hours.

In a secluded, absolutely quiet place, a black candle is lit. The name of the person being bewitched is written on the sheet, and a photo is pasted under it.

Then the prepared attribute is placed on the floor and it should be right foot in the shoe, so that the picture is under the heel, and the left one goes down on the knee next to the sheet. Next, it is necessary with a full concentration of thoughts on the image of a loved one with a deep feeling to utter a conspiracy.

His words are:

After the plot, the candle should be lowered onto the floor and placed next to the photo. You should wait until it completely burns out and at the same time you need to continue to think only about your beloved.

Any distraction from directed thoughts greatly reduces the effectiveness of the rite.

After the candle burns out the sheet with the photo should be folded in half and put under the left side on the bed and you should immediately try to sleep with thoughts of your beloved.

For this ritual, you must first take a picture of the victim. It is very important to have a photo that will be used exclusively in the ritual; pictures cannot be used from existing photo albums.

Similarly, you need to take a picture of yourself.

In addition, in the rite will need three mirrors of medium size. They need to be installed on the table, so that they display an infinite number of repetitions of the used photo.

Also for the ceremony should be prepared:

  • Needle with a sharp end;
  • Scotch;
  • Church candle;
  • Casket

Late at night, in the period of the growing moon, an installation made of mirrors and photos should light a church candle. After that, looking into one of the mirrors, you should utter a love spell.

Black love spell that can not be removed - two ways to

After these words, you need to take your own picture and a photo of a loved one and combine them with images of each other.

Then you need to continue speaking the magic words:

The photo must be glued together with adhesive tape and put between the mirrors, after which it is necessary to pronounce the final words of the plot.

They sound like this:

After pronouncing the words, you should pierce your index finger with a sharp needle and write your own full name on the glued pictures on both sides with blood.

Conspired pictures should be hidden in a cooked box, which is put in a secluded place where no one ever finds it. It is believed that such a love spell can be removed only in case of detection of the box.

Do not forget that performing a black spell, which can not be removed, it is also necessary to carry out the ritual of buying off dark forces.

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