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Black love spell: strong magic of the dead

Black love spell — one of the most powerful, but at the same time, and dangerous, means of love magic. To accomplish such a love spell, the forces of darkness, the souls of the dead, and sometimes Satan himself are called to help.

These are extremely powerful, but also very dangerous forces. Handling them incorrectly can not only help your business, but also seriously harm yourself and your loved one, so you should resort to such a love spell only in the most difficult case.

Unfortunately, in love such situations when there is no strength to endure the pain of loneliness is not uncommon. It is in such situations and use black love spells.

Black love spell: strong magic of the dead

A very strong black spell uses an appeal to the souls of the dead. The souls of people who after death did not find rest and continue their infinite sorrowful existence on earth.

They do not know the rest themselves and do not give it alive. Their greatest desire is to finally find eternal peace.

This is used in the love spell.

To draw them to your side, on a dark, moonless night, contact them with these words:

If the love spell succeeds, you must firmly keep the promise, otherwise the souls of the dead can revenge cruelly.

The black spell, which is called the black wedding, is considered to be very strong and dangerous. This ritual is performed at the cemetery at midnight.

In the ceremony you need to use six candles. All magical actions are carried out between the graves of spouses located nearby.

First you need to install the candles around the graves in a semicircle.

After which you should sit between the graves of the departed spouses and read the following plot:

After reading the plot, you need to put out the candles and go home. On the way, you can not talk to anyone. Immediately you need to go to bed and it is very important to try not to recall the rite.

Black love spell, which uses a cemetery wedding, leads to the formation of a strong connection between two people. Such a magical effect suggests that none of the partners will be happy with another person.

It should be remembered that even a professional magician will not be able to cancel this black spell.

No less sinister power has another black spell. To perform it, you need a ritual doll (volt) in the shape of a heart and five black candles.

At midnight, dressed in black clothes, arrange the candles in the shape of a pentagon.

Then light them and say:

With these words, light the heart from the flame of the candles (be sure to bring it to each) and throw it out between the candles. After this, blow out the candles one by one, and do not touch the smoldering heart until the morning.

Also very popular is the black spell, which is known as the «Black Matchmaker».

To conduct it, you must first prepare:

  • Three candles;
  • Red candle;
  • Three needles;
  • Photo of the victim;
  • White cloth;
  • Paper;
  • Dish.

The ritual is held in a separate room in complete solitude. Initially, the candles are set in the shape of a triangle so that its top is directed to the north.

In the center of the formed figure should be placed a white cloth and a sheet of blank paper. At the top of the created triangle should put a photo of the victim, then clockwise you need to light the candles alternately, starting with the right bottom.

Then a red candle should be lit and melted wax should drip a human silhouette onto white matter. This will be a conventional image of the person to be bewitched.

Start to create a silhouette you need from the head to the right. Three drops of wax should be dripped into the groin area, the heart and the third eye.

After the creation process of the little man is completed the red candle is extinguished by the fingers.

Then the rite is performed directly, which consists of the following actions:

    The first needle joins the third gas region with the words:

After that, you need to set fire to a sheet of paper and wait for the candles to burn out. Ash and remnants of burned candles should be brought to the nearest intersection.

There should be left something, which must be a bottle of vodka and five five-kopeck coins.

Black love spell: strong magic of the dead

Before resorting to any of these charms, think carefully about whether there really is no other way out and whether you are ready for such sacrifices.

After all, ineptly used black magic can lead to negative consequences, the main of which are:

  • Serious health problems;
  • Permanent life failures;
  • Problems in the financial sector;
  • The development of manic tendencies.

Any energetic intervention with the help of black magic threatens, in general, with unpredictable consequences that can destroy life. The decision to use black love spells should always be deliberate. And it is important, conducting rituals, to believe in them.

In the event of doubt and disbelief in the soul, the risk of negative consequences increases significantly.

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