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Black love spell on the love of a man or a guy at home

Black magic love spell on male love

Quite often, people turn to me with a request to spend a black spell on love. They do this from the desire to achieve the maximum effect from the magical ritual and for a long period to bind to a loved one.

These powers really have a black spell, but I immediately warn you that this is a very dangerous rite — both for the customer himself, and for the magician. Few will take to commit it, as it requires a high level of skill.

The advantages of black love spell

Black love spell on the love of a man or a guy at home

Black love spell is made on the basis of appeal to the forces of evil and black magic. Influencing the spiritual essence of a person, he exerts a violent effect on the psyche of the bewitched, suppresses his real feelings and desires.

A person in respect of whom a black spell has been done, a change in consciousness and his energy level occurs, the aura changes. Changes are waiting for the one who ordered the dark ritual or decided to hold it on his own: he not only binds the desired person to himself, but also binds himself to it, feeling at the same time as the bewitched.

I repeat that the black spell harbors many dangers and consequences, but the result is impressive.

Its advantages are that it:

  • Allows you to achieve one hundred percent result in the shortest possible time. He begins to act on the third or ninth day: the love spell victim begins to feel an incredible force of attraction to the bewitch.
  • Builds relationships from scratch, destroys any connections that a bewitched person had before performing the ritual, imposes a completely new life scenario.
  • Able to cope with all obstacles. It binds very tightly and, most importantly, for a long time: its minimum duration is 10 years.
  • It has a very wide range of varieties.

Varieties of black love spell

Technician commit black love spell there is a fairly large number. I will name the most outstanding ceremonies practiced by many masters:

  1. Black Wedding — love spell acting identically with church wedding. The only difference is that the ceremony is conducted with the appeal to the black forces, either in the cemetery or in the presence of a dark demon. It is carried out only once and calculated forever.
  2. Love spell in the cemetery — carried out using the energy of the afterlife, with recourse to the souls of the dead. One of the strongest, in exchange for the result, requires something. Conducted with the use of protective amulets.
  3. Love spell with a doll — black spell, implying the use of a doll created using a particle of a bewitched person. One of the most simple and effective rites of black magic. Allows the magician to establish an inextricable link between the doll and the victim of the love spell.
    Black love spell on the love of a man or a guy at home
  4. Love spell by photo — done with a photo of the victim.
  5. Egillet — sexual strings. Black love spell, as a result of which the sexual energy of the victim is tied up with the energy of a bewitching or love spell customer. After this ritual, the bewitched cannot enter into intimate relations with anyone except the person who ordered the love spell or performed it. The effect lasts at least a year.
  6. Love spell — a group of black love spells made using the victim’s biomaterial (blood, saliva, hair, etc.)
  7. Besovsky love spell — black ritual, implying recourse to the help of demons or demonic entities. Be sure to require the presence of protection from dark assistants (amulet). It can only be carried out by well-trained masters who are able to establish control over the invoking forces of evil.

The consequences of black love spell

As I have already noted, only a professional should conduct a black spell, and then he puts himself at risk. Jokes with the forces of evil are bad, this rite does not tolerate frivolous attitude and inexperience.

Dark ritual can turn into the most unexpected consequences.

Consequences for the victim

Incorrectly or unprofessionally executed dark spell on the victim may be reflected as follows:

  • Physical health problems: poor health, exacerbation of diseases, fatigue, fever, headaches, weak immunity, frequent diseases.
  • Mental health problems: baseless irritability, frequent mood swings, apathy, tendency to depression, mental exhaustion.
  • The deterioration of relations with others: frequent quarrels and quarrels, misunderstandings.
  • Life failures.

Implications for customer or mage

When making a black love spell, the risk is also taken by the customer himself or the master who has taken on this business. A dark spell with errors can give the opposite result — the used black energy, having increased, will return to the customer. This can lead to tragedies in the life of not only the customer (mage), but also his entourage.

That is why I advise you to entrust the black rites to a professional.

An example of a black love spell

Black love spell on the love of a man or a guy at home

I will give an example of a black love spell from a photo. It is held at midnight, on the growing moon.

Required Attributes:

  • a sheet of paper (blank)
  • photos of the bewitched (fresh, unauthorized),
  • black wax candle.


  1. On a piece of paper write the name of the victim, attach a photo to it, so that it is located directly below the name.
  2. Shoe, light a candle, put a sheet with a photo on the floor, stand on it with your right foot (better with a heel), lower your left foot on your knee and say 6 times: “13 devils, 13 brothers. Come out of darkness, help me. On the east side of the hut stands, in the middle of it, the board lies, and under it — longing. She cries and sobs, she expects the light of white. You go, take a longing, on a slave (name) find her Longing, dig in, eat into the chest, in the heart, in the belly of the slave (name). Grow, spread over all the bones and veins, whining and dry on me, slave (own name), don’t let him go for an hour. Amen».
  3. Candle leave until complete combustion next to the photo.
  4. In the morning, fold the sheet and photo in half, place your left boot on the left, and leave it on the left side of the room that serves as a bedroom.

See another way to black love spell:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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