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An independent strong spell will help to gain reciprocity even in the most difficult situation.

It often happens that everything is fine with us, everything works out at work, we love and are loved, nothing really bothers about health. And it seems that everything is going as it should, and we certainly deserve it and should not be any other way. But one day the world is crumbling.

Your favorite from the other, and you just tried to hint at the wedding. Or even worse, you already have children, but the business and way of life has improved, as the other one came at all.

And how should you be now? You can drag the husband to the reception to the psychologist. But will it help?

After all, he believes that he is doing well! In this situation, only an independent strong spell will help.

In order to help yourself and no harm to anyone, you should use only the tools of white magic. This means that you need to understand the difference between black and white magic and get acquainted with the basics of magical influences.

This approach will help to avoid mistakes and get what you want.

An independent strong spell will help to gain reciprocity even in the most difficult situation.

With the help of an independent strong spell of white magic, you can easily adjust the relationship with your loved one. Such a magical effect can be used when you realize that a loved one is confused.

An independent strong spell will also help if the energy connection between two people is not completely broken and at the subconscious level draws them to each other.

Properly conducted love spell at home will lead to the fact that the bewitched person will look for a reason to meet, and the spree hubby will suddenly realize what a wonderful family he has. White love spell, does not bear any negative consequences for the bewitched person.

He will not have health problems, the business will not suffer and the mood will not deteriorate.

In order to produce an independent strong spell of white magic you will need a church candle. The rite begins in the temple. Buying a candle in the church, you will need to put it near the icon of one of the saints.

It is desirable that the chosen saint was the namesake of the love spell. While the candle is burning, you need to stand by and draw your thoughts to your loved one.

In this case, you need to remember only the good moments of hanging out and present the scenes of the future happy life.

After the candle burns out and turns into a stub, it imperceptibly needs to be removed from the candlestick and carried home. When you come home, you need to retire in a separate room and pour holy water into a new, previously purchased container.

Above it, you need to set fire to a candle candle from the church.

At the same time, utter the following magic words:

After that, you should wash your face with holy water three times, and hide the candle to hide it under the pillow of the bewitched one. He should sleep on it for three nights and not notice such a lining.

An independent strong spell will help to gain reciprocity even in the most difficult situation.

Very strong is an independent spell, which involves the use of photos. The rite is held during the growing moon on Thursday. The ritual is held in solitude with candles lit.

First you need to prepare your own photo and snapshot of your chosen one. The photographs should be written in red ink names: in his picture — the name of a loved one, and vice versa.

For greater effect, you can use your own blood to spell names, puncturing your finger with a carefully disinfected needle. After this, the photos should be folded face up and stitched along the perimeter.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

After the pictures are sewn, the ends of the threads need to be fused with wax candles. Such a plotted attribute must be hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find it.

It should be remembered that the touch of another person to the stitched pictures will lead to a final rupture of the relationship.

After carrying out the love spell on your own at home, it is very important to strive, as often as possible to be close to the chosen one. It is absolutely not necessary to give him any signs of attention; As a rule, a love spell, conducted independently, with the right mood, begins to act very quickly.

The main thing is to believe in your own strength and to have a strong desire to be always with your loved one.

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