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After removing the love spell: the behavior of the victim and her feelings

One should not think that after removing the love spell, the person simply and easily returns to its original state. Alien magical effects cause deep psychological trauma to the victim.

Therefore, the condition of the bewitched person after removing the love spell can be very difficult. Therefore, it is important to know how to help him return quickly to a normal lifestyle.

After removing the love spell: the behavior of the victim and her feelings

It is clear that if a love spell was diagnosed with a loved one, then measures should be taken urgently to remove it. And the sooner the alien impact is removed, the better the victim’s condition will be after the love spell is removed.

Using various ways to remove the love spell, you should know what will happen to the victim after this and the most important thing is to understand in time that the love spell is removed.

Removing a love spell you need to understand that the bewitched person does not realize that he is under third-party influence and for him life around seems like a natural process. Therefore, if there are any changes in life, he feels strong discomfort and feels depressed and superfluous in the world around him.

This is also facilitated by the realization that seemingly sincere attachment to another person actually turned out to be a magical thread forcibly imposed on someone else’s will.

If one of the spouses was bewitched, then against the background of severe depression, there comes a terrible repentance for their own betrayal of a loved one.

It is at this moment that you need to show understanding and surround you with the care and affection of a loved one who has been subjected to an energetic attack. Of course, the spouses will have to make a lot of effort to restore the relationship.

In fairness it should be noted that only sincerely loving hearts are capable of it.

The rule of conduct after the removal of the quotation should be the understanding that the love spell needs some time to:

  • Complete rest;
  • Gentle care;
  • Unobtrusive attention.

The fact that the victim feels a love spell in the first approximation can be summarized. The first sensations after removing the bewitching effect are very contradictory and very difficult for any person.

Magic does not immediately release the victim, and very often, amid the awareness of the alien influence, the victim feels a strong attraction to the person who bewitches him. This state of mind can be explained by the merging of hatred and love into one feeling.

Professional magicians claim that during this period there is a struggle for the soul.

At the subconscious level, the person who conducted the bewitching rite feels that he is losing touch with the victim. He is fully aware of all the serious consequences that the reverse wave will bring in case of a successful love spell.

It is important that the victim endured such a strong, but the last psychological breakdown for the last time. Therefore, at this moment the help of close people is always needed.

Otherwise, the person, trying to break free from the spell, may begin to drink or, even worse, become a drug addict.

After removing the love spell: the behavior of the victim and her feelings

It is important not to allow the victim of the love spell to meet the person who conducted the love spell. Moreover, it is desirable to even exclude a possible conversation on the phone.

That is, optimally, after removing the fascion impact, go somewhere else to rest.

It should be prepared that, in addition to psychological attraction to the person who conducted the bewitching rite, there can be a sharp deterioration in the state of health, for unexplained reasons. It is also why one should not leave a person who was subjected to an energetic attack alone.

After all psychological ties are broken, the rehabilitation period begins. And it is also very important to organize it correctly.

As a rule, after the withdrawal of the love stroke, there is always a decline in strength and a depressive state.

An atmosphere of care and love should be created around the person from whom the love spell was successfully removed. He should feel the safety and comfort, as well as the sincere love of people close to him.

It is important that in his environment were only those people who are pleasant to him.

It is necessary to help the victim of the love spell get rid of the memories, and this means that you need to throw away objects that will remind him of life under the influence of others. If this is possible, then such things should be burned, while using the cleansing power of fire.

It is important to fill the life of a loved one who has experienced the energetic influence of positive emotions and sensations. To do this, you must attend various exhibitions, go to the cinema and theaters.

In no case should a person be allowed to dwell on the analysis of recent events and close in on himself.

For many people who have been a victim of a love spell, work becomes a real salvation. After liberation from magical bonds, a person gets the opportunity to work in full force and it is important to support this desire.

In practice, it has been proved that if a woman was a victim of a bewitching influence, then in order to restore emotional balance, she must change her wardrobe. And if you are a loving husband, do not discourage her whims.

During this period of rehabilitation after the bewitching, she simply needs it.

To restore the energy structure of the protective field, it is imperative to attend the temple and attend worship services. For cleansing, you need to stand under the dome of the temple for some time and be sure to put a candle for your health before leaving the church.

It is important not to force things and demand nothing from a person who was a victim of a love spell. Recovery is a long and gradual process. The main thing is to have patience and wait.

And it follows that in each case requires an individual approach, because all people are different.

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