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A love spell on the personal thing of a lover or a gift

A powerful love spell on the personal thing chosen

A love spell for a personal thing is a very strong rite that can be performed independently. During a special ritual, a thing may be spoken that is in the personal use of a loved one. You can also speak a new thing that you can later give to your chosen one.

It is important to choose such a subject that a loved one uses it as often as possible.

It is recommended to talk the personal thing of a loved one at midnight during the rising moon.

For an impact to be successful, you need:

  • To conduct the ritual in complete privacy in a separate room;
  • It is advisable to turn off artificial lighting and light candles;
  • The fact of the ceremony should be kept confidential;
  • Carry out a ritual in a positive mood with thoughts of a loved one.

A love spell on the personal thing of a lover or a gift

It is recommended to use a love spell on a personal thing in the following cases:

  • When there is a desire to fill the relationship with a person with love or to strengthen the love feelings of your chosen one towards you;
  • When you want to return a loved one, but at the same time, the time that has passed since the moment of separation should be small;
  • When you feel the insecurity of your chosen one, for all that he sympathizes with you.

Talk personal favorite thing should be, using only white plots. This will avoid any negative consequences.

The plotted thing should get to the chosen one or the chosen one in the shortest time, because this kind of rites has a short-term action. But it, as a rule, is enough to attract attention.

The following icons should be prepared for the ritual:

  • Holy Mother of God;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • His Guardian Angel.

On one of Fridays in the period of the growing moon, you need to retire in a separate room, cover the table with a white new tablecloth and set the above-mentioned icons in front of you. Before the images, you should put the thing that is planned to be spoken in magic words in order to subsequently return or donate your loved one.

And at the sides of the attribute you need to light candles.

After that, you need to focus on the image of a loved one and say the following magic words:

After pronouncing the words, you need to put out the candles and go to bed. The next day, you must return or donate the plotted thing to your loved one.

The rite in which the shoes of the beloved begin to speak is very strong. But all its complexity lies in the fact that it will be necessary to get for a while the shoes of your chosen one. Moreover, it is important that he wore it for some time after the ceremony.

This spell on shoes can be used by both men and women.

If you managed to get shoes, then it reads the following plot:

After reading the plot, you need shoes, as soon as possible to return and try to forget about the rite. It will take a little time and your chosen one or darling will come to you.

Very effective is a love spell on a personal thing, which is presented as a gift. If there is an opportunity to time a gift to any date, you must take advantage of this case.

It is advisable to choose such a gift item so that a loved one uses it as often as possible.

Love spell is very simple. It is necessary on the night before the day when it is planned to present the gift, to retire in a separate room, to pick up the prepared object.

Pressing his chest, say the following magic words:

Such a conspiracy is repeated three times and each time you need to invest all your sincere love in each word.

A love spell on the personal thing of a lover or a gift

There is another variant of conspiracy on the thing. In this case, the ritual will need to use a silver chain.

It is necessary, alone in a separate room, to wrap a gift item with a jewelry accessory.

Next, speak the following magic words:

This love plot conspiracy should be used during the growing moon in one of the women’s days: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

It is very important that the gift is interested in your loved one and that he does not throw it away. In addition, of no small importance are positive emotions when receiving a gift.

That is, your chosen one should rejoice at the gift, and, therefore, it should be useful.

If you use the rituals of white magic, then you can read a plot on a thing several times with a certain frequency. This will only enhance the previously performed impact.

Black love spells on the gift item is not recommended. Since the impact of dark energy on a person for a long time can adversely affect the health of the victim.

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