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A love spell on candles: how to do it, how quickly it will act, how long the plot lasts, what are the consequences of the ceremony

The strongest love spells on candles: rules of conduct, consequences, efficiency

Candles’ love magic is based on the strength of one of the strongest primistracies — Fire. Without full interaction with the elements, any magical actions lose their meaning, and the result may be the opposite.

The magic of Fire is destructive, however, with the right use of this force and being in tune with it, you can make it work in the right direction. Love spells, made jointly by the magician and the elementals (angels) of Fire, act quickly and have a long action — up to 10 years.

The main condition, without which all efforts when working with Fire will be useless, is the artist’s absolute faith in the power of the elements to which he refers. Before the rite, even if it is a prayer appeal to God through a lighted candle in the temple, you should be spiritually prepared — to withstand a 3-5-day fast, limit reading secular books and watching TV.

Carrying out the bewitching rituals on major Orthodox holidays and on Sundays is excluded.

Love spells for candles, committed in relation to the stronger sex, are held in the «male» days of the week, and for each particular case, you can choose the most suitable day.

Day of the week

Type of character men

The peculiarity of this day’s magic

Proud, arrogant, strong

Day of strong magic, black conspiracies and long-term rites

Smart, persistent, stubborn

Day for conspiracy at a distance, readings for the return or strengthening of love

Day of thin, bright magic, not suppressing the will of the object

The rules to be remembered when asking for help to bewitching magic on the power of Fire:

  • the fortuneteller should feel free and open, so before the ritual she should undress naked and free herself from jewelry and pins;
  • candle holders need to take wooden or glass;
  • no matter how many candles are used in the ritual, only one match taken from the new box is set aside for igniting them;
  • if the first match taken from the box is broken, quickly extinguished or not lit, the ritual is transferred to another day;
  • non-church rites are held between midnight and three in the morning on the growing moon (unless another period is indicated);
  • in the texts of conspiracies are placed the names given to people at baptism;
  • spells and procedure algorithm are memorized in advance;
  • the persistent aroma of rose oil in the room enhances the effect of love magic.

A competent spell on candles is only half of the work, because magic has only a stimulating and provocative effect. Building relationships from scratch or developing them to a harmonious union is beyond the competence of sacred texts and rituals.

A woman, since she chose such an option to influence events, will have to continue to be the initiator of life situations, directing the energy of her chosen one in the right direction.

A love spell on candles: how to do it, how quickly it will act, how long the plot lasts, what are the consequences of the ceremony

Both the color of the candles and the material of their manufacture play a decisive role in the effectiveness of the ceremony. In magic, it is acceptable to use only high quality candle wax and solid color. When cutting the candle, the central part along the wick should be the same shade as the surface.

Valid colors for candles love spell: white, red, black and pink.

The value of the color scheme of candles in bewitching magic:



Suitable for white love spells, enhancing the feelings of spouses, calling for love in the life of a single

Acts as a passion booster and equalizer of dark and light energy.

Works as a subtle message without violence to the will and choice of a person

Stimulates the movement of the heaviest and most powerful energies, serves for “black” love spells and paralyzing the will of the victim

A love spell on candles: how to do it, how quickly it will act, how long the plot lasts, what are the consequences of the ceremony

In order to kindle a former passion for a wife in a partner or to enchant a man through the lustful feelings that flared up in him, a woman needs to buy 2 red candles and, having waited for the day she needs on the growing Moon, conduct an uncomplicated ceremony:

  1. 1. Taking off all his clothes and dismissing his hair, at midnight with a new needle, he scratches his full name on one candle and the name of his chosen one on the other.
  2. 2. Then the woman turns off the lights and lights both candles, holding them together in her left hand.
  3. 3. When the flame is well flared, the candles are held in both hands and, while reading the plot, are alternately burned against each other with fire, so that their sides are softened.
  4. 4. During firing, the following text is pronounced 9 times: “Candles are lit with a bright flame, and the lovers are joined. They burn-inflame, the soul filled with feelings. Like them, we will be together forever. ”
  5. 5. After reading the plot the ninth time, you need to quickly blow out the candles and press them to each other so that they firmly “grab”.

The resulting artifact must be wrapped in a new white napkin and stored in a home cache for eternal storage.

A love spell on candles: how to do it, how quickly it will act, how long the plot lasts, what are the consequences of the ceremony

The ceremony with a candle and a photograph is carried out on the new moon, which is associated with a gradual increase in the effect of the conspiracy. The more the Moon becomes, the stronger the feelings of the bewitched will begin to flare up.

On the day of the ceremony, in the morning you need to go to church for holy water, and on the way home, buy 2 red magic candles.

The ritual begins after midnight:

  1. 1. If in the house of the witch the floors are wooden, then all the attributes are laid out right on the floor boards, and if not — on the table.
  2. 2. A single candle is attached to a wooden surface and set on fire. Before the candle put a photo of the victim.
  3. 3. For several minutes, the fortuneteller looks intently at the image of the guy, then takes a meditation position, closes his eyes and mentally reproduces the desired image in his head.
  4. 4. Having fixed the picture in consciousness, the woman starts the action: lights the second candle from the first candle and waits for the wax to soften a little.
  5. 5. With liquid wax, the fortuneteller covers the man’s chest in the photo and at the same time reads the plot with a muffled whisper: “7 saints enter the heart (the name of the victim), drown the ice of alienation in it, bringing love and passion to this place. His will is now conquered. «
  6. 6. Then, in the same way, the head area in the picture is covered with wax, but the words are pronounced by others: “Thoughts are spinning, thoughts do not stand still, only strong love is thought. Only seek her.
  7. 7. In conclusion, the entire male figure is poured with wax. The last words of the conspiracy are read: “Love and bliss spread through the body. About slave (your name) all thoughts. To her heart tends.

The “sealed” image of a loved one is sprinkled with holy water from an open palm, and the photograph is hidden in a home cache.

It is necessary to remember about the fire safety technique and carefully handle the fire!

On Thursday’s eve, which falls on the growing moon, you need to buy a medium-thick white candle, and the next morning go to the market and choose a large white rose with long spikes. These attributes will be needed for the white love spell on the love of a guy who is very powerful even by an inexperienced person.

Important point: the bewitching guy should be single, otherwise the ritual will not work.

It is better to do a love spell from Thursday to Friday:

  1. 1. Having torn off the longest spike from the stem of a rose, the girl scratches the following words on the candle: “My love come to me.” The phrase is repeated three times.
  2. 2. Then the candle is mounted on the table and lit.
  3. 3. Around the candlestick, the girl lays out all the objects she has that are associated with or associated with her beloved. The most powerful possess joint photos with a guy, his gifts or personal belongings.
  4. 4. Sitting in front of the candle and staring intently at the flame, the girl takes turns picking up the objects on the table and presenting her young man how he touches these things.
  5. 5. The image of a guy must be kept in thoughts until the candle is completely burned.
  6. 6. When the fire goes out, you need to choose some of the most memorable of all the items on the table and wrap it in a white cloth together with the candle. Hide the bundle should be in a place where no one will find it.

This spell is easy to remove, if the result did not meet the expectations of the fortuneteller. In this case, the knot with the ritual attributes, without decoupling, is burned over an open fire.

This ritual has two levels of exposure, which can be adjusted by the color of the candle. To improve the existing relationship — so that the guy does not walk and love more — the white color of wax is suitable, and for the love spell, not based on a real connection, — red.

After midnight, when the light of the full Moon floods the entire room, the girl stands in front of the window and takes the lit candle in her right hand. She needs to carry a candle along her body three times from the level of the feet and to the crown of her head and each time say: “As the candle lights up in fire, so my beloved (name )’s soul is lit up with strong love.

A candle, tell him how beautiful I am, and tie his heart to me forever, so that he sighs from longing and quickly embrace me passionately. ”

Then the candle is carefully attached to the table and give it a burnout before the candle end. This wax fusion needs to be thrown at the young man so that he finds it and holds it in his hands for at least a few seconds.

A love candle for a pink candle will suit both girls who want to draw the attention of their beloved boyfriend carefully and without negative consequences, as well as singles who feel the need for the very feeling of love.

To attract a particular person into your life, you will need a great photo of him, and if the girl does not have a lover, then she should make a detailed description of the future groom’s character on paper (her ideal). Before the ceremony, which is held on Friday night, the girl should take the time to visualize the desired result and speak out her intention aloud (in an arbitrary form).

Exactly at midnight, you need to light a pink candle on the table, sit opposite it and relax, releasing all extraneous thoughts from your head. Looking at a photo of her beloved or pronouncing her message like a mantra, the girl gradually introduces herself to the state when the image of a man in her head comes alive and gives the impression of watching a movie with his participation. At the moment of highest concentration on the object, the plot is read three times:

“Let our love burn brightly, like the flame of this candle. Let it be so! «

After that, you need to “watch the movie” by entering it as a second hero and your person.

When the candle is completely burned, the candle should be wrapped in a paper sheet and removed for three days with a description or a photo under the pillow. After this time, the plot begins to act.

One of the strongest love spells held at home is related to gypsy magic. For the ritual, an unpainted natural wax candle is taken, and an attribute made with your own hands doubles the power of the ceremony.

For seven days before the appointed date, the candle should be on the bedside table at the head of the witch.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday on the growing Moon you need to take a candle in your left hand and with a thick needle mark on the wax side of the division, clearly demarcating the candle stem into 7 equal parts. Starting from that day until the seventh, you need to silently burn it one division every night and immediately go to bed.

On the seventh night before the last time to light a candle, the performer takes a piece of red cotton fabric, wets it in holy water and lays it on her lap. Then the girl lights the wick and calls the name of her beloved, puts fire into her tent-shaped palms and reads the spell: “Ghana, you know all the heartaches of the heart, you control the thoughts of loving people.

Connect the servant of God (name) with me, your slave. Let him hear the words of my sincere love, like the words of a beloved song. ”

After the conspiracy of the hand, it is necessary to warm over the flame for about a minute, and then sharply put out the candle, throwing a damp cloth on it. The candle should be carefully kept in the house all the time, while the feelings of lovers are alive.

The given ceremony on a black candle belongs to the strongest and completely subordinates the will of the object, regardless of his marital status and cordial affection. The plot quickly comes into force and with high magical abilities of the witch can act for about 10 years.

On the eve of the chosen day, a witch should buy on the growing Moon:

  • pack of 30 sewing needles;
  • black esoteric candle;
  • white paper envelope.

In advance you need to find a single photograph of the object of impact.

Exactly at midnight, proceed to action:

  1. 1. On the table, the witch lights a candle, puts a photo behind her, and pours out needles in front of him.
  2. 2. Slowly, in a low voice, uttering a plot, a woman takes needles off the table one by one and chaotically, without any system, inserts them into a candle. With the last word of the spell, the last needle of 30 must be stuck.
  3. 3. As the wax melts, the needles will begin to fall on the table. They immediately need to blow in the direction of the photograph. Hands can not help themselves, as well as to allow the candle to go out from breathing.
  4. 4. When the candle burns out, the spell is recited again, then the needles, the photograph and the candle end are collected in one envelope and stored at home in a dark corner.

The text of the conspiracy: “I will stand, without prayer, step across the field fragrant, through the wood, through a large ocean into an unknown land, where no human foot has gone. There is no sun in that place, animals are not found, birds do not fly, only the wind is walking — everything is inflating.

I will find there a black tower with 30 towers, 30 blueberry sisters will be sitting there, yearning for the bright sun, for people alive, for a sweet piece. It would be so (name) that you would yearn, the wind will carry the melancholy from all 30 sisters

I will be happier than the bright sun, dearer than my own mother, sweeter than overseas treats. «

If the rite is performed on church paraphernalia, it is better to choose unpainted, yellowish candles. They possess the highest plasticity and do not blacken when burning.

When the text of the instruction does not indicate that candles should be purchased on the eve of the ceremony, this procedure is performed on Friday in the morning.

Jerusalem candles have a strong energy, so it is not necessary to tie their purchase to the date of the ceremony — it can be done much earlier. The main thing is to pack a new one.

In addition to the packaging of Jerusalem candles (36 pieces), you will need to take 1 more simple church candle, 9 wooden candlesticks, a splinter, and a photograph of the beloved.

The ceremony is performed at midnight, on the growing Moon, on a major Orthodox holiday:

  1. 1. Dressed in loose clothes of a fortune, he lights a church candle from a torch and fixes it in the center of his desktop.
  2. 2. From the same torch all Jerusalem candles are lit, and the plot immediately reads: “I do not light a candle, but the soul and feelings of God’s servant (name) after the slave (my name) forever and ever. As the candle burns, so does the soul (name) burn by (its name). Amen. Amen. Amen».
  3. 3. With the last word of the conspiracy, all the candles, except the usual church one, are extinguished.
  4. 4. Carefully remove 9 candles from the bundle without damaging them and fix them in a wooden candlestick.
  5. 5. Candlesticks line up in a straight line in front of the performer. The candles are set on fire in this order: the first is from the church, the second from the first, the third from the second, and so on. At the same time, the conspiracy should be read again.
  6. 6. Candles should be allowed to burn to the end and all this time, sitting at the table, look at the photograph of a loved one.

The ceremony is repeated in the next three nights so that all the candles from the bundle are used.

If a loved one does not call to marry, and in a relationship does not hold and does not let go, it is important to push him to take decisive actions to create a family. For these purposes, you will need wedding candles that are already involved in the ritual and have a good history, that is, laid the foundation for a strong marriage relationship.

You can take them from friends, but it must be done by agreement — stolen candles will not bring good.

A week before the new moon, the obtained candles are brought home and are hidden near the bed of the fortuneteller. On the first night of the new moon, they proceed to the first action of the three-day rite:

  1. 1. Exactly at midnight, wedding candles should be fixed next to each other, in one candlestick and lit before the image of the Mother of God.
  2. 2. Kneeling in front of the icon, as much emotionally as possible, asks the soul of the Mother of God for women’s happiness and marriage.
  3. 3. After the prayer, the girl rubs her face with a napkin dipped in holy water and passes around the room with a glowing bundle of dry aromatic herbs to fill the room with incense.
  4. 4. Candles are carefully extinguished and cleaned until the next night.

On the second and the third day, the ritual is repeated, but at the final stage, candle should be drunk to the end, and the candle ends should be wrapped in white cloth and kept at home for 12 months.

Twisted candles symbolize the binding of two human destinies into one whole, therefore this method of enhancing the effect of the ritual is often encountered in the spells. Apply this magic is recommended to strengthen the existing relationship.

Since this is a black version of a conspiracy to love, it will work well in all cases when you need to pull a man into your life.

On the eve of the rite, two thin, well-bending candles are bought in the church to make it easier to twist them. Still need to prepare a mirror and a new box of matches.

The ritual is performed on one of the first days of the rising moon, after the onset of midnight:

  1. 1. You must first hold the candles in your palms so that they warm up and become more plastic, and then quickly but gently twist them movement from the bottom to the top.
  2. 2. Twisted candles are fixed in front of the mirrors installed in the center of the table and ignited by the match.
  3. 3. The fortuneteller sits in such a way that the burning candles and the mirror are in front of her in a straight line, and, looking at the reflection of the flame, emotionally, in a low voice reads the plot: “I do not light a candle, but I disturb my soul (name). Love strong, I implore. Amen».
  4. 4. Then the girl draws her hands in front of herself, leads them over the fire and says: “As this fire burns, so let the heart be lit from love, from feelings to (your name). Love turns, the candle lights up. The wax seal has the word sealed, the church candle has cast a spell. ”
  5. 5. Candles must be burned out, after which the candle end is hidden in a secluded place in the house.
  6. 6. The next morning, the girl goes to the nearest temple and brings a large jar of holy water from there.
  7. 7. The liquid is poured into the basin and for 10 days is removed under the bed of the performer.

After a ten-day period, most of the water should be poured under the tree, away from the house, and a few spoons of liquid should be saved and at the first opportunity you should add it to your sweetheart.

The longest, forty-day spell, despite its high efficiency, refers to the rituals of the neutral type and with proper execution does not entail serious negative consequences.

The first, preparatory day of the ceremony falls on the new moon:

  1. 1. Exactly at midnight you need to get all 40 thin church candles prepared for the whole course from the package at once.
  2. 2. Then, “Our Father” is read to each of them separately, after which all the candles are again assembled in a bun.
  3. 3. The resulting knit is set on fire from one match and shifted to the right hand.
  4. 4. Standing exactly and holding the bundle at the level of her chest, the performer reads the text of the spell once.
  5. 5. Then the candles are extinguished and put away in a paper bag.

The text of the spell: “As these candles burn one after another, the love of a slave (name) for a slave (his name) will arise and grow, as these candles melt one by one, so insults, troubles, coldness, hatred, everything negative emotions of a servant of God (name) to a servant of God (his name), forever. Amen».

Starting from the next day, the 40-day ritual itself begins. Every day you need to perform the same actions:

  1. 1. At night, one candle is removed from the bag and secured on an iron saucer.
  2. 2. Then it lights up, you do not need to read anything.
  3. 3. When the candle burns out, do not touch the candle. The next day, a new candle is fixed directly over the frozen wax.

Only on the 41st day, the whole wax ball should be removed from the plate, wrapped in a white rag and buried under a tree.

A strong white love spell on boyfriend love can be done in church. Church magic is particularly relevant in the absence of witchcraft experience at the fortuneteller, because the temple is a powerful center of power.

Going to church, the first thing a girl buys as many candles as full years turned beloved. It is best to choose the thinnest and shortest. Having found the nominal icon of the guy and having prayed to the saint who is depicted on it, the fortune-teller places all the purchased candles in a candlestick.

Before you set them on fire, you must turn in your own words to the holy namesake of the beloved, asking him for protection in the intended case.

When all the candles light up, the witch reads a conspiracy in the name of the desired guy in a whisper: “Burn, candles, holy, church, burn with bright light. And you are my beloved, the Slave of God (his name) with a passionate love for me, the Slave of God (your name) shed.

Dream about me from evening to dawn. Candles will burn out, and no one will cancel my word.


You need to wait until all her candles are burned out, and then leave the church.

Starting ritual actions, the performer needs to decide in advance about their own capabilities both to act and to defend themselves. Most of the love spells made with the help of the elements of Fire have negative consequences for withers, and with respect to the bewitched face, there will be many such side effects.

A sample list of manifestations of the magic «rollback» on the artist:

  • moral exhaustion, insomnia, hysteria, aggression;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • decreased libido;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • depressed state;
  • a sharp deterioration in the financial and social situation.

If an inexperienced magician who does not have protection at the level of a biofield performs a ritual of black magic, then he runs the risk of being trapped in homing damage, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Love spells for candles usually begin to act already on the third day after the ritual, but the effect does not immediately become obvious, because a man often often resists surging feelings.

There are many moments in which the result does not appear at all:

  • the victim had once been bewitched by another person;
  • on the performer there is a defacement or a strong evil eye;
  • in the life of the object there is a woman destined for him;
  • the personal energy protection of the bewitched is significantly higher than the impact sent;
  • mistakes were made during the execution of the love ritual;
  • the performer is poorly aware of the meaning of ritual actions and does not believe in a happy outcome.

A ritual performed independently by a person who does not practice magic is rarely able to withstand more than three months, but it does not guarantee an appeal to experienced witches either. Regardless of whether it is planned to appeal to the aid of dark or light energy to bewitch an object, it should be remembered that there are situations that cannot be influenced solely by magic alone.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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