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A love spell on blood from a finger — black magic which operates for years

Love spells on blood belong to the rites of black magic and are considered very strong. They should be used extremely carefully, because with the slightest mistake they can lead to unpredictable negative consequences and harm not only the victim, but also the customer, who is often the performer. The spell on blood from a finger is very popular, it is also called a pure spell on blood.

The ritual is very simple to perform, so it can be easily performed at home by yourself.

A love spell on blood from a finger - black magic which operates for years

Any love spell on the blood of a finger should be carried out in the period of the growing moon. Rituals in which blood from a finger is added to a drink, which a man should subsequently treat, are in great demand.

So, in a glass of red wine you need to drop an odd number of drops of blood and say the words:

In any soft drink, you can add blood from your finger and read this plot:

You can talk and a piece of sugar, which later will need to add the elect to tea or coffee. The ceremony is held with a lit red candle and involves the following actions:

A love spell on blood from a finger - black magic which operates for years

Carefully pierce the finger with a sterilized needle:

    A droplet of blood is squeezed out and the following words are whispered above it:

It is important to use spelled sugar for two days after the rite.

There are also powerful rites that can be used without the participation of a loved one. That is, it will not need to be fed with a conspired food or enchanted drinks.

One of such strong rites is held before the very full moon.

For him, you must first prepare:

  • A photograph of the chosen one in full growth;
  • A home plant that has grown in your home for at least 3 months;
  • Red candle

Late at night in a separate room you should light a red candle, pick a leaf from the plant and burn it in a candle flame pronouncing at the same time the words:

The ashes need to be collected and put in a cup, he will later incorporate all the negatives from the ceremony. After that, you need to take a snapshot of a loved one in hand and carefully look at the face of your loved one in the picture. At this point, you need to concentrate as much as possible on the ritual and discard all extraneous thoughts.

In a state of complete concentration, you should carefully prick a finger on your left hand and hold it down from the top of the photo, leaving a blood mark on it.

After that, you need to speak again, the previously used plot and burn the photo. The ashes also need to be collected and poured into the cup, where the ashes are from the leaf of the plant. The components should be thoroughly mixed with a wooden stick.

Immediately after the ceremony, half of the mixture should be buried in the pot of the plant that was used for the ceremony, and another part that same night should be planted under the threshold of the chosen one.

Love spell using blood from a finger allows you to perform sexual and love affair. But in fact, the negative consequences of a blood spell on a finger are related to its other peculiarity. The action of all, without exception, rites with blood is aimed at the subordination of man.

Therefore, with the slightest mistake or inaccuracy, the binding works very roughly and the rite leads to the fact that the man turns into an uncomplaining servant.

Often, after such a ceremony, men develop alcohol dependence or addiction to other harmful habits. This is due to the fact that at the subconscious level the victim is aware of his complete dependence on the other person, but cannot change anything in real life.

Consequences of the blood-twitch love are often expressed in the development of aggressiveness. Soft and docile people turn into evil and cruel.

Appears aggressive, most always towards the closest people.

A love spell on blood from a finger - black magic which operates for years

The following manifestations can be considered signs of a love spell, for which blood from a finger was used:

  • The desire and constant traction in the woman who committed the spell, with absolute indifference to other representatives of the opposite sex;
  • Fear of losing a person nearby;
  • Nervous condition on the background of heart palpitations when communicating with a woman who has a spell;
  • Increased suggestibility;
  • A sharp causeless deterioration in general well-being.

Love spell disrupts all life spheres. A man has health problems and often develops chronic diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat by traditional methods.

Very often, a man becomes absent-minded and has trouble at work. This undoubtedly affects welfare in the financial sector.

Consequences of love with blood, as a rule, do not pass without a trace for the customer. If the rite fails for any reason, then the man who dreamed about will not be near, but a weak-willed, broken man. In addition, if you violate the rules of the ceremony, a reverse negative can lead to problems in women’s health, and sometimes to infertility.

Knowing the possible consequences of love spells on blood, before bewitching a person in this way, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.

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