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A love spell for melancholy with a piece of meat — how to read on their own?

How to read the love spell of the guy or man?

A love spell for melancholy is not a love spell in the full sense of the word. In its effects and ultimate goal, it is more like a drying.

Conspiracies of this nature are mainly used to stimulate a person to take the first step in a relationship, to reconcile after a major quarrel, to return after parting, or to get more attention from him to his person.

A love spell for melancholy with a piece of meat - how to read on their own?

A love spell for melancholy differs from traditional philtreating rituals by the fact that it is characterized by faster action. He lays down a longing program in the victim’s energy field. Under her influence, the bewitched person begins to yearn and miss the performer or customer of the ceremony.

He has an overwhelming desire to see the one who did the ritual, to get in touch with him, his thoughts are occupied only with thoughts about the object of his longing.

In place of the constant feeling of anxiety and all these experiences, peace comes only when the victim is near the person who has bewitched him. This state of the bewitched is very much like a dependency.

What is dangerous love spell on melancholy: the consequences of ritual

Most love spell for longing have a short and mild action. Their impact continues exactly until the goal set by the contractor (or customer) is achieved.

The most benign effect for all participants in the rite is that the love spell on melancholy is characterized when used with the intention:

  • to push the person to the first step at the very beginning of the relationship, subject to the presence of natural sympathy;
  • make up after a major quarrel;
  • to awaken cold feelings in long-term relationships.

The negative consequences of the ritual in the above cases will be minimal, and the rite will work, in general, positively.

It’s another thing if the love spell for sadness is performed out of revenge or hatred, or a very strong ritual is used. Most bewitched will suffer from this. Severe longing for the customer, formed during the rite, often leads the victim to apathy and loss of interest in life, loss of sleep, appetite and peace.

Under the influence of the rite, bewitched can completely break down, addicted to alcohol or drugs, acquire suicidal tendencies.

The broken fate of the victim will not get away with the performer of the ceremony — for his actions, according to the law of karma, he will have to pay. Therefore, the decision to use a powerful love spell for melancholy, especially if a person is overwhelmed by negative emotions, should certainly be deliberately considered.

A strong love spell for melancholy is a magical effect that should be used only as a last resort.

Ways of self-fulfillment of love spell for melancholy

Love spells, causing melancholy, there is quite a lot. For reference, I will cite the most popular rites.

They are carried out, as a predominant part of the love magic, for a growing month.

Love spell on the wind (for melancholy)

A love spell for melancholy with a piece of meat - how to read on their own?

The plot below is pronounced in windy weather. Ideally, this should be done outdoors, in nature, in a field or in a forest.

If this is not possible, you can read the love words at home, with the window open. The text is as follows:

“Earthly winds, strong whirlwinds, you blow and rage, disperse, to God’s servant (name of the bewitched) reach out You shake him, bend and dry him about me (own name) tell me.

So that in a dream he did not get enough sleep, he did not eat enough in food, did not get drunk in drinking, did not reach in walking. So that the servant of God would not walk (name of the bewitched) in bitterness, pined, grieved, grieved for me. My words are accurate and strong, my thoughts are sharp and tenacious.

Desire — the knife is sharper, the pain is stronger. Let it be».

Love spell for longing for couples

This ceremony can take advantage of the wife, if the husband has ceased to pay attention to her, and their relationship is undergoing a stage of cooling.

Before the ritual, the husband must buy a new pair of socks for her husband. This should be done all alone, the presence of other buyers is not desirable. Paying for the goods and receiving it from the seller, you must whisper:

“I am not buying socks, but taming my dear (husband’s name)”.

When you come home, you need to turn the socks inside out and embroider a small cross on each with a thread similar in color to the socks. In the process of embroidering to utter a conspiracy:

“I’m not embroidering crosses, but I sew the heart of God’s servant (the name of my husband) onto my ardent heart”.

When the crosses are embroidered, the socks need to be folded, cover them with your hands and utter another conspiracy:

“Today, tomorrow, forever, for months, for many years, from the cold, your socks will save you, and I will save you from heart-fed flour. I give socks, I give myself.

You take socks from me, and you give yourself to me — not for an hour, but forever. ”

Conspired socks should be presented to the spouse as a gift. It is best to do this on Wednesday or Friday, immediately after the end of the ritual (for this purpose, the ritual itself can be performed on these days of the week).

A love spell for longing for a piece of meat

A love spell for melancholy with a piece of meat - how to read on their own?

The ritual is suitable for girls who dream of falling in love with a guy. To perform it, you need to buy in advance. piece of meat, prepare 3 icons — Savior, Theotokos and St. Nicholas.

The rite is performed alone. Procedure:

  1. Lock yourself in the room, put 3 icons on the table, put a piece of meat in front of them.
  2. Stretch your hands over the meat, while palms should look up.
  3. Enable visualization — to recreate in your thoughts the image of a beloved guy, to present him in as much detail as possible.
  4. When you managed to tune in, utter a conspiracy: “Like a dog chasing a bitch, howling at the stars often, just as a slave(guy’s name) I followed me everywhere and howled from melancholy. The dog barks and the door is closed. So am I, the servant of God (own name), slave heart (guy’s name) I lock, I lock, I bury, I bury. Lips, teeth, key in the sea-ocean. Amen».
  5. After reading the plot, it is necessary to feed the meat stray stray dog.

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