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A love spell for a woman — a selection of effective rites

Somehow it is more customary to associate love magic with women. But in fact, the magical directional effects that allow us to solve heart problems attract men, although not as often as women.

In most cases, a love spell for a woman is used if he remains the only way to attract the chosen one to him and to get her feelings back.

A love spell for a woman - a selection of effective rites

A love spell for a woman is not such a difficult event as it may seem at first glance. But it should be understood that the ritual should be treated with full responsibility, because the love spell is, above all, an effect on the thoughts and feelings of a person.

Consequently, if you make a decision to use the spell without a thought, negative and very serious consequences may follow.

It is very important to understand that the bewitched girl will need to pay more attention after the ceremony, because under the influence of the magical bewitching effect she may experience frequent mood swings and even nervous breakdowns. If you do not surround your beloved with attention and care, then it may, after a bewitching rite, become distant.

A man who decided to love a girl should know that a love spell will be effective in case of:

  • Personal communication with the chosen one;
  • The presence of common interests or common acquaintances with a girl;
  • If the girl’s heart is free;
  • If there was sexual contact;
  • If after parting no more than a year has passed;
  • The absence of hostility from the chosen one.

A love spell for a woman - a selection of effective rites

A love spell for a woman is not much different in its principle from a love spell for a man. It involves the promise of energy, which will contribute to the emergence of interest in the performer of the ceremony.

The most common attribute of the ritual is a photo of the chosen one. In addition, you will need to use a couple of candles and a red ribbon.

The rite is held in the late evening or at night during the growing moon. It is necessary to retire in a separate room, and light two red candles.

After that you need to do the following:

  • Sit down at the table and write on the back of the picture the full names: yours and the chosen ones, and enclose them in a painted heart;
  • Then you need to tie a photo of your favorite red ribbon crosswise over a strong knot, while reading the next love spell at this time:

The picture is retracted to a hiding place, and until other people’s hands touch the spell it will act. And the first results will appear in the near future, if the ceremony was conducted with sincere, deep feelings.

A very simple rite is a love spell for a woman with a candy. It is usually used when certain feelings have arisen during a fleeting acquaintance with a woman. The chosen one needs to be treated to a specially conspired candy or chocolate, which you think should please her.

But the love spell will only work if the candy is eaten by your sympathy.

The magic words are as follows:

Coffee beans can also be used as a love attribute. By candlelight, you need to take them in your right hand.

Then speak with these words:

Plotted coffee beans should be poured into a linen bag and always carry with them. This is a very strong rite and allows you to quickly attract the attention of the chosen one.

A love spell for a woman - a selection of effective rites

The magical rite with church candles is simple, but it is also very effective. Its effectiveness is due to the combination of the magical power of the church candle and the flame.

The peculiarity of the ritual is that it allows you to charm a chosen one to you in a very short time. In the ceremony you will need to use three church candles, which must be purchased in advance in the temple.

While attending church, you should light a candle for your health, this will help minimize negative consequences.

At midnight, during the growing moon, you need to retire in a separate room and light the prepared church candles. You should know that all rituals with candles require visualization of the target.

Therefore, for some time you need to sit in silence and present with yourself the image of your beloved one, to whom you intend to direct the love spell.

According to the magicians, a person with a strong energy, having correctly tuned in to the rite, can visualize his beloved almost immediately. But in most cases it takes about 10 minutes.

After that you need to clearly and distinctly speak the following words:

After reading the conspiracy to extinguish the candles and immediately go to bed. The next morning you need candle ends wrapped in a white sheet of paper and put away in a secluded place where no one will ever find them.

After you have conducted a ceremony aimed at attracting the attention of the girl to yourself, you should not sit back. It is very important for a few days after the ceremony to try to get your beloved one in the eye.

You need to organize time so that you, as often as possible, find yourself in common companies. Remember that nature does not allow a girl to take the initiative, and even when an internal attraction arises to you, it does not even occur to her that you are waiting for her with open arms.

Therefore, it is important to help her, and this means that you need to take the first step forward.

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