Profitable trade on crypto-currency exchanges 

  • How to choose a crypto-currency exchange. Underwater “stones.”
  • What could be the trouble when the input and output, purchase and exchange of crypto-currency and how to avoid it.
  • Create a trusted crypto-currency wallets for earned crypto-currency.
  • A typical and critical (fatal) error while trading on the crypto-currency exchange. Tips the profitable trade that will help you earn.
In trading on crypto-currency exchanges all the steps is really important, from the choice of the exchange and input method crypto-currency to withdraw money. At any stage you can lose money.


How to choose a crypto-currency exchange. Underwater “stones” 

The situation with crypto-currencies, crypto-currency exchanges, attitudes of our governments and governments where physically are these markets changing as rapidly as our modern world. Therefore, the choice of the exchange is the first and very important step. And if you want to trade large volumes, it is best to divide the funds into two or three exchanges.
What are the selection criteria of the exchange? The main criterion of Reliability. You need to “Google” the situation with the exchanges, it changes every day but monthly.

Factors can be 


  • small exchange, no “history”,
  • bad reviews
  • most likely hacking (e.g., the South Korean stock exchange purposefully hacked the North Korean secret services. Perhaps the money will be returned to you, but when and to what extent?


  • for example, the US can impose sanctions against your country and money if the exchange is to be in the US, you unfortunately, will not return.
  • Or exchange stay on the territory of Russia? Perhaps the law to be adopted governing the crypto-currency business, will make you forget about your crypto-currencies along with closed by the exchange.


You can then select the exchange according to the criteria of work and functionality. 

  • Reviews about crypto-currency exchange that is on the forums. It is not necessary to pay attention to the rankings with affiliate links or stamped reviews on sites;
  • The number of sales pairs;
  • Trading volume or otherwise the liquidity of the exchange depends on the number of trades for the day all the currency pairs;
  • the fee (usually 0.1 to 2.5 %). The smaller, the better);
  • Need verification or not? If Yes, then how many stages of verification. Depends on acceptable terms of cooperation or not. Some South Korean and Chinese stock exchanges are allowed to trade without verification, but the withdrawal of funds only after verification and for verification we need at least a valid phone number, geographically belonging to their country. There are exchanges that to verify the need was, etc.
  • The minimum Deposit if you are going to trade in small amounts;
  • Variability of payment options. The ability to display and enter only in the electronic currency or possibly also in Fiat currency (Euro, dollar it.D.); There are exchanges which take funds only in crypto-currencies or “Fiat” needs verification. There are the largest stock exchanges on which trade in only crypto-currency, Deposit and withdrawal be carried out only in crypto-currency.
  • The functionality of the interface;
  • The presence of your “language” or understand the interface of the site.
  • providing a convenient statistics for the executed commands;
  • The presence of margin trading. The opportunity to receive passive income from loans allocated to the other participants of the exchange. You I would not advise to make use of loans;
  • Availability of graphics and technical analysis tools.
  • Ban this site — exchange in your country. (although to circumvent the ban is not very difficult, just not always convenient, and violates the laws of your country).


What could be the trouble when the input and output, purchase and exchange of crypto-currency and how to avoid it.

The most convenient and reliable option, not to lose when purchasing crypto-currency the money is transferred to the exchange Fiat currency (dollars, euros etc.) at the currency exchange to exchange them for the crypto-currency. Exchange get cheaper and more reliable.
But in practice it suitable for you stock exchange most likely does not accept Fiat money or it needs verification or for verification need to be not a resident of your country. It’s good if you are lucky and you bought bitcoin on the exchange, it is hoped that the laws of your country it is not prohibited and will not be prohibited in the future. When buying crypto-currency on several exchanges, the traces of buying or selling the crypto-currency is here to stay, say it on a smaller part of the exchanges. Track of where and what is left of the funds from your account in your Bank will remain for a few years.I as a law abiding citizen of their country urge you not to violate legislation of your country.
You can buy bitcoin in a safe exchangerand immediately transferred to created on the exchange to you through your chosen crypto-currency. It will be more expensive, but anonymously. Just say a reliable exchanger it is necessary to choose a grasp in the forums, Linden exchangers is more than reliable. There is a reliable exchangers that are closed beyond their circumstances and are very similar to them “mirrors”. Therefore, before each transfer check for any changes in the situation.Before using the selected reliable exchanger, read carefully the exchange rule, and immediately decide you will be able to comply with these rules.Remember the translation of the crypto-currency cannot be undone and return. After I copied the address of your wallet, check this address a few times.
  Mining.Mining crypto currency on your computer. If your computer or laptop is not more than 2 to 3 years, it really is. Earn passive income from your computer , which is dysfunctional and who after 5 years become outdated morally, and in a few years it will be scrap metal. Of course, you’ll need to be connected to any pool (Pool). Mining Bitcoin on such equipment, is simply not possible, but the usual crypto-currency to really get up to around 3 — 5 USD per day. To transfer crypto-currency, you will be directly on the exchange.Once again, information on this subject is changing rapidly, so the names of crypto-currencies, the names of pools and exchanges will not be called. Search for relevant information in Google. After 2 — 4 months you will be able to get enough crypto-currency to begin practice trading on the exchange.


 Create a trusted crypto-currency wallets for earned crypto-currency. 

Why will tell you crypto-currency wallet, you can also directly from exchange to exchange for Fiat money? After began to receive debit card bitcoin change bitcoin to Fiat money and not profitable and inconvenient. And bitcoin as an investment is so far the most profitable contribution. It is no secret that the most reliable crypto-currency wallet is a cold wallet. Therefore, crypto-currency, which is not used on the exchange are best stored in their cold wallets. What crypto-currency?From a few hundred crypto-currencies attention may be given to only the top ten for investment and no more.Exactly in six months a list of these “promising” coins has changed almost half. So for me, definitely, but only in bitcoins and only in the wallet of Bitcoin Core. Of course the base of the purse is free at the time of writing, more than 135 Gigabytes, on an average computer base is going to about 8 to 10 days, but it is the most reliable option. Suggest you download the original installation file of the wallet from the official site After the installation of the purse (do not install the base purse and purse on the disk where the operating system is installed, that would be in the event of a failure or “gathering” of the system does not have a problem) and build the base of the purse first and foremost, take a couple of dozen addresses receive, then encrypt the wallet, and then copy the copy of the database wallet and the wallet on removable disk (to failure or emergency shutdown not re assemble the base again). Copies of the wallet, you can do a couple of pieces on different removable disks.If you want to spend bitcoins, print them parts, as required for a bitcoin debit card or Fiat currency. Why not even consider online wallets, multi-currency wallets, etc. to Explain a long and tedious. It will be clearer if you just realize that this business you did not create, and therefore definitely not for you.


A typical and critical (fatal) error while trading on the crypto-currency exchange 

We note immediately that many would not illusions, this cryptocurrency is fully controlled as ever in the world not controlled by another currency, on the one hand and on the other hand, she is not forbidden and are convenient to use, which erases all the territorial problems and solves related issues. No one, including the fiscal authorities of any country will not be able to assign your savings in the currency of “legal” and ” illegal way.


Before I list the major common and critical errors, let’s look at the beginning which determines the rate  of bitcoin (the main crypto-currency). 

  • News from the world’s major economies — the government of one country or another crypto-currency is officially no more. (rare) 
  • The bitcoin division or separation of another crypto-currency (rare) 
  • The demand for bitcoin (constantly abruptly increases).
  • Technical manipulations, dependent on exchange. (not rare, well not very often) 
  • Game of pampero, with large assets can play on a sharp increase, and merge, drastically dropping the price of crypto-currency. Or Vice versa. On exchanges crypto-currency is a frequent phenomenon and can be up to two times in a day. 
  • From the supply and demand in a given time. (Needs constant monitoring).
  • From behind the scenes “Satoshi Nakamoto”. They can derail the exchange rate of bitcoin at the right moment for them for 15 -20%, even with excess of demand over supply at times.
More than almost anything is not affected nor the races of the dollar or the fluctuations of the world economy.


Aboutt what determines the course alithinou (other crypto-currencies)?   

  • Of course bitcoins (Needs constant monitoring).
  • Support for the crypto-currency by its Creator, or groups, or communities promoting these crypto-currency (this depends on the demand for this crypto-currency).
  • Technical manipulations, dependent on exchange. (not rare, well not very often) 
  • Game of pampero with large assets can play on a sharp increase, and merge, drastically dropping the price of crypto-currency. Or Vice versa. On exchanges crypto-currency, this phenomenon is frequent and with aldolase can be up to three or four times per day.
  • From the supply and demand in a given time. (Needs constant monitoring).
From this we can conclude that basically a permanent impact on the exchange rate of bitcoin has
  • demand and offer;
  • game of pampero and major players.

The course altcoins affected

  • the supply and demand
  • game of pampero, major players
  • the exchange rate of bitcoin,
  • the creators of this Alcina,
  • Technical manipulation of the exchange
  • The impact of the news.
There are probably more than a couple of hundred of the trend of technical analysis indicators. In the market of crypto-currencies trend indicators are technical analysis do not work, do not waste your time in vain in studying these indicators, the use of them will not. The market for crypto-currencies breaks all the stereotypes and axioms.


Large (fatal) errors

  • Consider the graph below. With such volatility crypto-currency can be very profitable and quickly all “down”.

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