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Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and who you are on it

Today there are a very large number of different horoscopes. Zoroastrian horoscope is not as widely spread as the Zodiac, but it is one of the very first to appear on our planet.

From the material below you can learn what the Zoroastrian horoscope is and how to use it.

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

What is the Zoroastrian horoscope

Zoroastrian horoscope acts as the ancestor of all other similar horoscopes.

It is based on the calendar cycle, which is 32 years old. For each year, a specific symbol is assigned that has a connection with one of the living beings — that is, the totem.

A person born in the year of a certain animal receives the inherent traits of character that it must manifest in itself.

In addition, each totem has its own antitoteme, able to warn about the devilish temptations sent to people born in a particular year.

Knowing your totem of the year of birth, you will understand how to act, so that the highest grace descends on you. And if a person, on the contrary, goes on about his negative characteristics, then the antitoteme will begin to manifest itself in it — which indicates personal degradation.

The more significant is the correspondence of the personality to his totem, the higher is his probability to receive a talisman from evil forces bestowed by the Divine Entities.

According to the Zoroastrian calendar, the beginning of the year falls on March 21, when the Sun is in the constellation Aries. And those individuals who were born in the first or second months of the new year (up to the twentieth number) are influenced by the totem of the previous and next years.

Totems Zoroastrian horoscope with their characteristic

Deer (corresponds to one thousand nine hundred and seventh, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eighth, one thousand nine hundred and seventieth and two thousand and two to the second year)

The Totem of the Stag symbolizes ascension with supreme power. Those who belong to the totem are able to notice evil everywhere, and also to reveal it to those around them, plus they prevent the commission of bad deeds.

It gives a person swiftness, pride, excellent self-esteem, a desire to retire and regular discontent with what is available today.

Ram (corresponds to nineteen seventh, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-ninth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-first and two thousand and third)

Babies born in the indicated years are reliably taken care of by their dead relatives. They have the most significant place in life is given to family values. It is also very important for such individuals to involve a large number of people in their business.

They are distinguished by inner peace and obedience. They are extremely important energy team.

Mongoose (corresponds to the one thousand nine hundred and eighth, one thousand nine hundred and fortieth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy second and two thousand and fourth years)

For people attributed to these years, it is important to systematically maintain creativity in oneself and in one’s environment. They need to strive to show their dexterity, agility, the desire to fight with evil forces and destroy them.

Wolf (corresponds to one thousand nine hundred and ninth, one thousand nine hundred and forty-first, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-third and two thousand and fifth years)

In the indicated years, active people who love extreme sports come into the world, who are not afraid of the dangers, born travelers. Wolf protects the divine Raman, who controls the powerful element of nature.

Raman gives his «ward» enormous power of the volcano and the power of fire.

Stork (corresponds to 1910 th, 1942 th, 1974 th and 2006 th years)

People-storks are travelers, experiencing affection for their neighbors. Although they often travel — they love to go back home. Totem Stork endows the person with silence and faith solely in their abilities.

And such a person is always Monogamous.

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

Spider (corresponds to one thousand nine hundred and eleventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty-third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-fifth and two thousand and seventh years)

The spider symbolizes the absolute. And his paws are the personification of the eight directions of light, whereas the web personifies the universe.

People who saw the world in the year of Spider, characterized by a quiet and modest demeanor. They love to create some kind of grouping — a kind of «web».

Snake (or Already) corresponds to nineteen twelve, one thousand nine hundred and forty fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy sixth and two thousand eighth years

Specified years patronizes Apam-Napata — the deity responsible for the flow of sky, earth and groundwater. The highest charisma of this year is to clean up bad karma and comprehend the great secrets of the world.

The year is intended to remind you that absolutely everything in the world is happening as it should be.

Beaver (corresponds to 1913, 1945, 1977 and 2009)

Beaver people are distinguished by diligence, accuracy, prudence, hospitality, as well as the hardness of their life views. For such personalities, rituals are very important, they are accustomed to equip their surrounding space in accordance with the state of the heavenly world — with beauty and reliability.

Turtle (corresponds to nineteen fourteen, one thousand nine hundred and forty-sixth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eighth and two thousand and tenth)

The turtle is distinguished by secrecy, sluggishness, self-reliance. He prefers to go the beaten track and feed others with his energy.

Turtles can boast of excellent memory, as well as stunning dedication. If such a person has set a goal, then he will move towards it slowly, but confidently.

Magpie (the totem corresponds to 1915, 1947, 1979, and 2011)

People-Magpies are very fast, have a brisk language, a little insincere. They boldly and decisively deal with various machinations and intrigues, immediately understand the situation correctly and find a reasonable solution for different situations.

Squirrel (This totem corresponds to one thousand nine hundred and sixteenth, one thousand nine hundred and forty eighth, one thousand nine hundred and eightieth and two thousand and twelfth years)

Persons with a totem manifested Squirrels are very lively, intelligent, homely, nimble, incredibly able-bodied. Strive to create a happy family.

But at the same time they have a rather uneven character with possible depressions and nervous breakdowns.

Raven (corresponds to 1917, 1949, 1981 and 2013)

The years of the Raven are related to injustice, rejection, persecution and epidemics.

Persons with a Raven totem are distinguished by their seriousness, severity and isolation. They do not like to be a commander or subordinate, they easily get rid of any care and oppression.

Have the ability to foresee.

Cock (his totem correlates with 1918, 1950, 1982 and 2014)

Year of trial and exposure, are a manifestation of all evil. This is not the Rooster that eastern horoscopes show us, in this case the Rooster acts as a real warrior, a reformer, not used to hiding in the bushes.

It is difficult for him to always complete his undertakings, he often leaves them half way, but the best representatives of this totem manage to find pearls in the dung.

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

Tour (or Bull) the totem corresponds to 1919, 1951, 1983 and 2015

Those who are born at this time are characterized by some passivity. They have the soul of a child, they need much care, a «shepherd» who can lead, that is, an additional impetus for development.

But their selflessness, kindness, gentleness, and patience will certainly bring them a well-deserved reward.

Badger (relates to 1920, 1952, 1984 and 2016)

Badger Years are unique repositories of information about the past, they are very strong and stable. People with the totem of this living creature are by nature zealous hosts, distinguished by frugality and practicality, sufficiently efficient and very secretive.

Camel (The totem corresponds to the 1921st, 1953rd, 1985th and 2017th years)

The camel is a symbol of asceticism, endurance and the ability to enjoy little, because the camel has almost nothing. He carries his entire load with himself, distributing it in a very clever and harmonious way.

Even the Camel is very distrustful, he is used to preparing himself for the worst, he is able to spit on his offenders.

An interesting feature: the more the Camel loves someone, the more he will ridicule the object of his love.

Hedgehog (1922, 1954, 1986 and 2018 are responsible for this totem)

Years Hedgehog are responsible for grace, unpredictability and freedom. The Hedgehog Man used to pierce the World of Darkness with the help of his spines and either defeat her or shake her up.

The hedgehogs are characterized by a magnificent memory (most of all visual), increased meticulousness and a desire to “cling” to insignificant trifles. Also Jerzy very loyal.

Fallow deer (corresponds to 1923, 1955, 1987 and 2019)

Wards Lani distinguishes grace, elegant figure, easy gait, aristocracy and refined manners. And still they are given out by the beautiful eyes having a lead. Fallow deer are innate romantics, very artistic, capricious, capable of feeling and experiencing subtly.

As a rule, the sphere of their activity is art.

Elephant (totem to answer 1924th, 1956th, 1988th and 2020th year)

The personalities patronized by the Elephant Totem are distinguished by their large, massive body and the same limbs. And also with a long nose and short ears.

Elephants have a balanced temperament, they are rather difficult to drive out of themselves, but if they are already angry they are almost impossible to stop.

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

Horse (Corresponds to the 1925th, 1957th, 1989th and 2021th years)

Man-Horse is an independent blacksmith of his own happiness. He is distinguished by honesty, courage, love of nature and wide open spaces, and also travel and sports.

Such a person always strives for order and justice.

Cheetah (Cheetah’s totem meets 1926, 1958, 1990 and 2022)

The cheetah can run fast, rapidly develop large areas, and also survives in dangerous conditions. The client of this totem is always trying to predict possible dangers and carefully calculates everything.

He likes the battle, but sometimes he retreats to gain strength and re-attack.

Peacock (The totem corresponds to 1927, 1959, 1991, and 2023)

The person belonging to the Peacock’s totem is distinguished by a cheerful disposition and many-sided nature, and also — unpredictability, love for the game. Such a person seeks to unleash their creative potential and demonstrates their abilities to others.

He does not like to stand still, as he is accustomed to constantly improving himself.

Swan (totem to answer 1928, 1960, 1992 and 2024)

Those who belong to the totem of Swan are distinguished by complete disinterestedness, pride, loyalty to lofty ideals, and also a tendency to go deep into themselves and with love for meditative practices.

Lynx or Nightingale (the given totem corresponds to 1929, 1961, 1993, and 2025)

For individuals belonging to the totem Lynx, characterized by the presence of something feline in his guise. Such people are distinguished by an unpredictable manner of behavior: they can be peaceful and calm, and then suddenly they suddenly become aggressive.

The lynx never strives for order, although it does not forgive like other people.

Donkey (totem to answer 1930th, 1962th, 1994th and 2026th year)

Attitude to the donkey’s totem gives a person a very great capacity for work, endurance, patience, peacefulness, complacency, calmness, ability and desire to create something with the help of his hands, as well as modesty.

For such individuals, a typical rational and balanced attitude to any life situations, and more — a fairly solid character. However, they need to be further stimulated for labor.

Polar bear (this totem corresponds to the 1931st, 1963rd, 1995th and 2027th years)

Polar Bears have a strict, knightly and somewhat unpredictable disposition. They love the game and the game sometimes ends in real ecstasy.

They also love life, they have a wide heart. Such personalities are not mean, not prone to betrayal. They have different large-scale plans and projects that are successfully implemented in life.

They also have organizational skills and carry with them.

Eagle (The totem is answered 1906, 1932, 1964, 1996 and 2028)

Those individuals who belong to the Eagle’s totem have a proud posture, a beautiful, as if chased profile, a well-set voice, and also behave with dignity in any environment.

For them, the team is vital, their family, they are even able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a good goal. More Eagles often have the gift of predicting the future. They defend their state, are not afraid of any obstacles in their path.

In love, Orlov is distinguished by asceticism.

Zoroastrian horoscope: what it is and how to use it

Fox (Totem corresponds to 1901, 1933, 1965 and 1997)

For the most part, in the year of the Fox there appear those people who have a very mysterious, strange and changeable fate, their life is never monotonous. Such personalities are distinguished by dexterity, derisiveness and cunning. However, they are somewhat shy, not inclined to climb on the rampage, prudent and quickly unravel any intrigue.

They can not tolerate meanness, stupidity and arrogance.

Dolphin (the totem is manifested in 1902, 1934, 1966 and 1998)

Dolphins are inspired by idealists, wise and carefully separating the Light from the Darkness, who are always ready to help in difficult times. They are distinguished by devotion to the highest ideal, a philosophical approach to life.

Dolphins are very mysterious and mysterious, they are accustomed to take on even very hard work. They have an amazing ability to receive and transmit thoughts telepathically.

Wild boar (his years are 1903, 1935, 1967 and 1999)

Those born into the world in the Boar Year are very brave, courageous, fearless and determined personalities. They will always repel enemies, strive to be first in everything.

A wild boar correctly assesses its capabilities and never acts aimlessly.

If the situation is peaceful — the Wild boar listens to someone else’s opinion and is distinguished by sufficient patience, especially with regard to its neighbors.

Owl (1904, 1936, 1968 and 2000 correspond to it)

In the years of the Owl, it is necessary to pay increased attention to the shadow side of things, because dark entities begin to actively manifest themselves at this time. Those who belong to the owl’s totem have their own schedule of life: they like to sleep during the day and stay awake at night. They often become visionaries, soothsayers, and also — the organizers of various secret clans.

Owls are closed, have a tendency to everything mystical, very suspicious.

This is how different animals are distributed over the years according to the Zoroastrian horoscope. At the end of this topic we recommend you to watch an interesting video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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