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Zodiac signs: the distinctive properties of each sign

Zodiac signs: classification, characteristic

The signs of the Zodiac are twelve constellations located along the ecliptic (the annual apparent path of the Sun through the sky). In total, there are such signs of the Zodiac (in order): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

In this article I want to invite you to get acquainted with them, to find out a detailed description of the signs of the Zodiac, their positive and negative sides, as well as many other things.

Zodiac signs: the distinctive properties of each sign

general information

The ecliptic is a base for the systems of celestial coordinates used in astrology. The planets, by analogy with the Sun, move in the plane of the ecliptic with a slight deviation from it (the exceptions are only Mercury and Pluto).

Recently, astrologers are increasingly beginning to talk about the thirteenth «inhabitant» of the Zodiac — Ophiuchus. Indeed, in the middle of the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius there is a small area of ​​Ophiuchus.

But classical astrology does not include it in the list of constellations.

Zodiac signs, used by astrology as symbols, are in fact not zodiac constellations, although they bear their names. So called twelve sectors of 30 degrees each, dividing the ecliptic into equal parts.

The zodiacal circle is a symbol of the rhythm of all processes, starting with the small ones and ending with the large ones. All signs have a certain type of potential energy that is released when a given planet or other sensitive point appears.

In the process of transition from one constellation to another, there is a change of energies one from another and the formation of a certain cycle, which, when completed, begins in a new way. It turns out that in the zodiacal circle both the birth, and life, and death in endless movement are reflected.

Features of the universal cycle

  1. Any process is preceded by initial impulse, an active desire to manifest itself, to show itself, for which the symbol of the restless Aries is responsible. He has tremendous activity, but his energy is not suitable for performing sustainable activities. Aries shows the energy of push: it awakens everything in nature, forcing the shoots of plants to pierce the frozen ground and come to the surface.
  2. Second phase It is the accumulation of vitality, the creation of a material foundation. Here, the initial push becomes a steady effort — this is brought in by a stubborn Taurus. He personifies the giant vitality, perseverance. In nature, there is a decline in the dynamic impulse, calm comes, everything begins to blossom, take root.
  3. Then, at the time of the third phase, we can observe the appearance of the first results of previous actions. We are beginning to ask ourselves about the search for new opportunities, directions for our further development, development of the environment, we actively exchange energy and information flows — which is personified by the omnipresent Gemini. In nature, it is felt that summer will come soon, nature shows all its charms.
  4. At the fourth stage strong roots are being developed, the foundation is laid for subsequent growth. At the same time, the material basis of the future is being actively created — all of the above is carried out by an intuit-Cancer who adapts to the conditions from the outside, builds a home for himself, creates a family. The sun in nature is at its highest point, it is the time of female fertility.
  5. Fifth phase involves the active use of the material collected in the previous stages. The initial push reaches its apogee, and here it is already supported by the accumulated material base, making it sustainable. This is typical of the regal Leo. In nature, comes the hottest time of the year: the fruits begin to ripen, filled with solar energy.
  6. Sixth phase — on it the development has reached its maximum limits. There is the establishment of strong relationships with the outside world, it is time for certainty, sober analysis of what has been done. This is embodied in the life of the practical Virgin. In nature, summer is coming to an end, there comes a period of harvest.
  7. At the seventh stage a new impulse is required, because the initial one was realized, having exhausted its strength. A new push comes from the outside world. Active interaction begins, for which the refined Scales are responsible. The night is lengthening, reminding of the coming dark, the birds are getting ready to fly to warm lands.
  8. Eighth phase suggests further development of the new impulse. Own boundaries change, collective forms of existence are mastered, this is a period of rethinking itself, for which rebellious Scorpio is responsible. He shows his inner stability, ability to interact with other people. In nature, autumn fully reigns.
  9. Phase nine — mastered the new space, there is a need to establish a goal and combine the individual and the collective, is the formation of the worldview. This is the time when the life-loving Sagittarius reigns, striving into the distance and upward, which is known for spiritual values. Nature prepared to meet the winter.
  10. At the tenth stage forms created earlier are completed. The man is looking for his place in the team. At this stage, the ability to achieve goals in the face of serious demands of society is expressed, in which we see the stubbornness of the goal-oriented Capricorn. The sun in this period is at its lowest point.
  11. Eleventh stage — is to find new opportunities. Here a new impulse is born, which is manifested in the subsequent cycle. Aquarius, who adores freedom, brings with him a lot of new unthinkable ideas, teaches us to look at old problems in a new way, otherwise to solve contradictory questions. Winter is now at the peak of its perfection.
  12. Twelfth stage implies a logical end of the cycle. This is the phase when purification takes place, everything old is eliminated, new forces accumulate, prepare for new beginnings.

This is a time of very deep and intense internal processes, however, it is impossible to recognize from the external form what is inside. It is not for nothing that pensive Pisces rule here, more prone to immersion in themselves. In nature, spring begins to approach.

Everything gradually begins to move again, soon a new cycle will come.

Zodiac signs: the distinctive properties of each sign

Zodiac division

As mentioned above, there are a total of 12 zodiac signs. The number twelve, according to ancient Greek mythology, is the number of Jupiter (Lord of the Heavens). Jupiter revolves around the sun for 12 years.

In the school of Pythagoras, «12» is the number of the universe.

If you take the first 12 numbers, twelve of them have the most divisors, thanks to which various combinations are created. In nature, these possibilities are widely used both for the vital activity of organisms and for creating new forms. In astrology, the divisibility of the number 12 by 2 (polarities), by 3 (elements), and by 4 (crosses) is also used.

Another article will tell about this in more detail, and now let’s move on to all the signs of the Zodiac in order. Below you can see a table of zodiac signs.

There is a division into:

  • Positive constellations (called masculine) — represented by signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They have an active, surrendering, outwardly masculine principle. They are typical of great dynamism, mobility, active influence on the surrounding reality, quick response, setting the tone and direction.
  • Negative signs (referred to as feminine) are the constellations of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. They are subject to the passive, accepting, inward-directed feminine principle. Female signs are characterized by high stability, slow change of their attitudes, endurance, flexibility, and a subtle reaction to what is happening.

Zodiac signs: the distinctive properties of each sign

You should also mention the opposite signs of the horoscope (formed by constellations of the same polarity).

  • Aries is opposite to Libra;
  • Taurus — Scorpio;
  • Gemini — Sagittarius;
  • Cancer — Capricorn;
  • Leo — Aquarius;
  • Virgo — Pisces.

Opposite signs are in constant interaction, then attracting, then pushing away from each other. In fact, they represent parts of a whole and complement one another.

For example, an independent Aries loses its meaning in loneliness and finds it only by cooperating with Libra. Creative Leo is impossible without the knowledge of Aquarius.

The fact that Sagittarius discovered, Gemini spread around the world and so on.

Next, I propose to consider a list of signs of the zodiac with an overview of the most basic features inherent in them.

Abbreviated Characteristic Zodiac Signs

Allows you to form an opinion about the person according to her horoscope.

  • Aries — is a male sign, cardinal fire.

Positive: activity, initiative, leadership, impatience, independence, impulsivity.

Negative: hot temper, uncontrollability, boldness, fussiness, rudeness, inability to complete what has begun.

  • Taurus — acts as a female sign, fixed land.

Positive: patience, endurance, practicality, loyalty, conservatism, sensitivity.

Negative: stubbornness, sluggishness, conflict, materialism.

  • Twins — represented by a male sign, mutable air.

Positive: curiosity, dexterity, speed, ingenuity, contact, not conflict.

Negative: impermanence, ingratitude, superficiality, anxiety.

  • Crayfish — is a female sign, cardinal water.

Positive: intuition, economy, restraint, sensitivity, care, sensitivity, excellent memory, qualities of an excellent family man.

Negative: vulnerability, overload with worries, excessive caution, selfishness.

  • a lion — is a male sign of fixed fire.

Positive: pride, creativity, generosity, nobility, optimism, artistry, self-esteem, romance.

Negative: vanity, childishness, boastfulness, pretentiousness, imperiousness.

  • Virgo is a feminine sign, mutable land.

Positive: accuracy, methodicalness, enterprise, accuracy.

Negative: critical, corrosive, greedy, melancholic, scandalous.

Zodiac signs: the distinctive properties of each sign

  • Libra — act as a male sign, the cardinal air.

Positive: friendliness, peace-lovingness, impartiality, diplomacy, sociability, politeness.

Negative: apathy, indecision, eternal fluctuations, ambiguity, susceptibility to intrigue.

  • Scorpio — is a female sign, fixed water.

Positive: courage, determination, curiosity, the spirit of the researcher, passion, insight, diligence.

Negative: vindictiveness, quick excitability, secrecy, sarcastic, jealous, impatient.

  • Sagittarius — acts as a male sign, mutable fire.

Positive: philosophical thinking, straightforwardness, love of freedom, generosity, religiosity, justice, enthusiasm, fun.

Negative: selfishness, talkativeness, tactlessness, self-centeredness.

  • Capricorn — is a female sign of the cardinal land.

Positive: responsibility, practicality, diligence, seriousness, economy, caution, compliance with the laws.

Negative: selfishness, careerism, bureaucracy, fatalism, stubbornness, distrust.

  • Aquarius — represented by a male sign, fixed air.

Positive: independence, innovation, tolerance, friendliness, progressiveness, consistency, intellectuality, humanity.

Negative: unpredictability, unwillingness to delve into the details, sharpness, shyness, eccentricity, impersonality, rebellion.

  • Fish — acts as a female sign, mutable water.

Positive: mercy, compassion, emotionality, intuition.

Negative: pessimism, impracticality, shyness, lethargy, stiffness, love to postpone everything.

At the end of the topic I want to invite you to view a video that reveals even more information about the constellations:

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