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Zodiac signs that are relevant in the month of January

What zodiac signs fall in January

January became a haven for two signs of the zodiac — Capricorn and Aquarius. They can rightly be considered one of the most interesting zodiac signs.

Let’s get acquainted closer with people born in the middle of winter and learn about the peculiarities of their character, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the personality.

Zodiac signs that are relevant in the month of January

The main character traits of people born in January

People who celebrate their birthday in January are under the control of Saturn and the patronage of the Sun.

If you were born between January 1 and 19, your sign is Capricorn.

If the date of birth is January 20-31, then you are Aquarius.

Born in the midst of the winter cold, the representatives of these signs have a number of qualities that are sometimes lacking in other signs of the zodiac. Bright features of the January people:

  • Endurance;
  • Strong will;
  • Patience;
  • Perseverance;
  • Determination;

Saturn empowers his players with vigor and ambition. Men born during this period have a well-developed sense of justice, determination and responsibility.

In women, there is a predominantly male character, a tendency to dominate.

Representatives of these signs have an analytical mindset, see the essence of things, strive for truth. Thanks to their perseverance and outstanding intelligence, they can achieve great success in their careers.

Incredible perseverance and irrepressible energy help them achieve everything they want.

But often, seriousness and a career focus prevent these signs from building friendships. As a result, these people often suffer from loneliness and fear of being misunderstood.

As a rule, the January people still have a small circle of close friends on whom they can fully rely.

People born in January are born leaders. They love to take responsibility and demonstrate their success.

They do not tolerate trying to control themselves, and their opinions and principles will be defended to the last.

As a rule, «winter» people are intelligent and tactful and rarely conflict with others. They are distinguished by caring and attentiveness to people, are faithful to their word and will always come to the rescue in difficult times.

But at the same time, people born in January are often too picky and demanding, they love to demonstrate their superiority over others. They constantly analyze what is happening and subject it to harsh criticism.

January people’s health

January people are often prone to melancholia, nervous disorders, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases and intestinal problems. They suffer from depression, nervous breakdowns and irritability.

And the desire to make a career often leads to fatigue and migraines.

To avoid health problems, January people should not forget about a healthy lifestyle, spend more time in the fresh air and periodically relax from work.

Capricorn in January — characterization of the sign

Obstinate, materialistic and serious brainchild of Saturn, striking others with its pragmatism and rationality. Here is a typical representative of the sign Capricorn.

Capricorn is a practical and purposeful person, not inclined to soar in the clouds. Feelings and emotions, he used to subdue the voice of reason.

These people are prone to solitude and continuous work, calculating their plans to the smallest details.

The easiest way to prick Capricorn is to prevent its plans from being realized. Surrounding people consider them proud, complacent and impregnable.

And few people realize that in the depths of their souls they are thin and vulnerable, needing love and support.

Capricorn has a melancholic temperament, and his character is discreet. These people are cold and try not to show their emotions. It is not typical for them to share spiritual experiences even with close people.

This helps them to keep the situation under control and to rely on logic and common sense.

Zodiac signs that are relevant in the month of January

These qualities of character greatly help Capricorn to achieve great success in their careers. Among the representatives of this sign are many successful businessmen.

The main traits of Capricorn’s character:

  • Patience;
  • Severity;
  • Practicality;
  • Calm;
  • Reluctance;

The nature of Capricorns depends largely on what decade of January they were born.

Capricorns of the first decade of January

These include people born from 3 to 12 January. Since childhood, these people are distinguished by purposefulness and seriousness. Instead of chasing the ball in the yard with peers, they spend all their time reading books, playing music or drawing.

They are doomed to life on a schedule and completely devoid of childhood.

Such Capricorns occupy the first places in various competitions and finish school with a gold medal. They can not be met at entertainment events.

Why waste time on entertainment? They do not experience the joy of first love and do not make the mistakes inherent in youth.

But representatives of this type of Capricorns do not waste time and by the end of the university already have a stable income and confidence in the future.

Capricorns of the second decade of January

This group includes people born from 13 to 20 January. These people have a complex character. Inside them, there is always a conflict between the pragmatist and the romantic.

They make excessive demands on others. As a result, constantly experiencing difficulties in communication.

These people are incredibly stubborn and prudent. In childhood, they like to bring loved ones with their tantrums.

And they stop making trouble only after they get what they want.

In their youth, such Capricorns are very in love, but often break off relationships themselves. They are very hard to please.

And love failures are often washed down with alcohol. Moreover, such people never forget their careers and material well-being.

Capricorns of this type often suffer from heart disease, but are in no hurry to consult a doctor.

Prone to late marriage, and their early unions are doomed to break. In adulthood, such people are quite wealthy and reach considerable heights in their careers.

Eccentric Aquarius — the multifaceted zodiac sign of January

January Aquarius includes people who celebrate their birthday from 21 to 31 January. Air is their element, and two planets control the sign at once — Uranus and Saturn.

Aquarius is considered one of the most complex and unpredictable signs of the zodiac.

These people are constantly looking for new experiences and experiences. They initially laid the internal conflict — the desire for freedom and independence, extraordinary actions and ideas.

The influence of two planets at once — Uranus and Saturn leads to the ambiguity and unpredictability of Aquarius. Often in youth, representatives of this sign are dominated by the influence of the freedom-loving and stubborn Uranus.

And in adulthood, the wise and rational Saturn «re-educates» them.

Aquarius is an ideological person with developed intuition. Often have doubts and self-doubt.

As a rule, this is a noble and deeply decent person, who all his life strive for new knowledge and communication with people. They in no case can not indulge their complexes and weaknesses, withdraw into themselves.

Zodiac signs that are relevant in the month of January

At the beginning of communication with Aquarius, he will seem to you a kind, gentle and slightly insecure person. He is always ready to give a helping hand and cherishes friendship.

Aquarius is a born philosopher with a non-standard view of the world. All his life he comprehends the mysteries of life and seeks to find the essence of things.

Aquarius is original in everything — from its ideas to the way of life.

Despite the neglect of material goods and luxurious life, Aquarius still appreciates the comfort and the possibilities that money can give. Sometimes he can be called a spender, but at the same time he is very generous to his loved ones.

But, of course, the fundamental value for Aquarius is freedom of expression and the ideological side of being.

Aquarius do not like to flaunt their virtues, to seem better than they really are. Rather the opposite.

But still love to appreciate their originality.

Quite often Aquarians feel esoteric knowledge, art, they are very artistic.

The weaknesses of Aquarius include:

  • infantilism and inability to complete the begun business to the end;
  • the desire to reject social norms of behavior;
  • demonstration of its uniqueness and dissimilarity to others;
  • diffidence;

Aquarius is fond of all kinds of sports that help develop flexibility. You can meet them in the dance sections or gymnastics club.

In addition, they are endowed with a delicate ear for music and the ability to feel the beauty. Aquarius is not indifferent to beauty — beautiful clothes and interior objects, nature and works of art.

In childhood they try to spend more time with people who are much older than them. They develop very quickly mentally and do well in school.

Quickly converge with people and very loyal friends.

Family Aquarius tries to acquire after 25 years. In family life, he is distinguished by loyalty and at any price seeks to preserve his marriage.

If he feels strong feelings, he is able to sacrifice himself without hesitation and forgive his partner even betrayal.

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