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Zodiac signs: horoscope, accurate predictions

Signs of the Zodiac: Horoscope for the 2018th year of the Dog

Let’s talk about what awaits the signs of the zodiac in the coming year. We will also share what characteristics of each of the signs will manifest themselves in all their glory.

Read a brief but very accurate zodiac horoscope below.

Born leaders and incredible stubborn, Aries, in the coming year will show their qualities in all its glory. The time of cardinal changes and restructuring of life values ​​begins.

And it is thanks to the innate, “mutton” obstinacy of Aries that will achieve incredible success and will withstand all kinds of tests of Fate with honor.

Zodiac signs: horoscope, accurate predictions

People surrounded by Aries should think carefully before each statement. Carelessly abandoned phrase can destroy relationships forever.

And remember that Aries rarely make compromises. There is their opinion and wrong.

This is also taken into account in communication.

Recognize the leadership and dominant position of Aries, give up in small things, and get the most out of it. Showing flexibility and ingenuity you will gain strong support and protection.

But be as honest as possible, this sign will never tolerate deception.

The coming year for Taurus will be very measured, calm, without bright both negative and positive events. But this does not mean that you need to stop in development and just to be.

This is an excellent time for setting global life goals, achieving stability and strengthening positions in business or at work.

Very good and surprisingly easy to make a personal life. Lonely Taurus will find a soul mate, and those who are in a relationship will reach a qualitatively new, happier and more harmonious level.

Gemini’s wild nature is their main enemy in the Year of the Yellow Dog. They just need to learn how to keep emotions under control and say less.

It is extremely difficult for Gemini, the most social and sociable sign. But you need to try, so as not to get problems.

The coming year is the ideal time for intellectual development and unleashing of creative potential. The time has come when you can finally discover the talents in yourself and realize them to the full.

So do not hesitate to look for yourself, engage in self-development and live actively every day, without losing a single opportunity.

Crayfish next year will literally «rise from the ashes.» An enormous period of recovery, reconstruction, and overcoming the crisis will begin for them.

In life, after many difficulties experienced, a bright, happy band will finally come. They will easily solve all problems and reach a qualitatively new, successful standard of living.

Zodiac signs: horoscope, accurate predictions

The 2018th year for the Rakov is a period in which they can enormously improve their social status. They need to strive to use absolutely all the opportunities that fate will send, without losing the slightest chance to change life for the better.

As we all know, the lion nature requires constant admiration for her persona. Nothing changes — Lev still needs to be the center of attention and earn an excellent reputation.

For Lviv, the influence of the Yellow Dog will be especially strong, therefore for them in the horoscope there are separate recommendations:

  • Avoid unpleasant people who are not trusted. They can really substitute at the most inopportune moment and destroy your reputation.
  • At the same time often spend time in the circle of your favorite and loyal friends. You need positive energy to successfully overcome all the difficulties that await in the coming year.
  • Emphasis should not be placed on privacy. Everything goes by itself. Better get involved in work and self-realization, the rest will be decided without your participation.

To sophisticated aesthetes and perfectionists, Virgins, the Year of the Dog prepares tremendous opportunities for success. It remains only to catch a wave of luck and enjoy these incredible chances.

However, so that the white band does not change to black, the Virgos should still get rid of their perfectionism, if it has passed on a huge scale. The pursuit of an ideal order can destroy the relationship with the second half, so be careful in this.

Forever doubting Libra can finally find peace in 2018. The endless search for your favorite job, a man or your destination will end. At the end of the tunnel, the light finally begins to shine: The scales will be able to understand where they are headed.

And defining the goal to choose the right ways to achieve it.

Watch the horoscope video for all zodiac signs:

Passionate, with innate magnetism, the Scorpions will be drawn into a love triangle in 2018. We must try to find the strength to stop the destructive relationship.

Then everything will turn out to be extremely successful and happy.

As for the financial sphere, everything is not smooth here either. To save the available funds, Scorpio will have to try very hard.

Do not make spontaneous large purchases: save money rather than stay in a sad position.

Born lucky Sagittarius and in 2018 will remain a darling of Destiny. The horoscope does not promise him anything bad.

There is no need to wait for any cardinal changes, everything will go on as usual.

Capricorns are by their nature very calm and reasonable. But the Year of the Yellow Dog will turn everything upside down, and they will have to lose their temper more than once.

Zodiac signs: horoscope, accurate predictions

What can be expected: unexpected and extremely unpleasant surprises from a loved one, career changes, unsatisfactory financial situation.

Aquarius in 2017 lived quite hard. And now, finally, the black bar goes into its final stage.

At the end of the year, you will have to seriously strain yourself to finally solve all the problems and close the debts.

But in 2018 you will enter a very free, happy life and joyful person. Already in January, there will be some kind of pleasant event that will radically change your life.


Pisces have to choose: go with the flow or against it. Both options have their advantages.

We must learn to adapt to the circumstances, adjusting our actions depending on them.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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